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Adaptive Patented Front Fastening underwear for women

 It negates the need to bend or stretch. It can be worn sitting , standing or lying down. Ideal for the elderly , disabled and post surgery recuperation.

At the age of 35, I suffered a severe stroke. Leaving me with reduced mobility, I couldn’t walk, it was extremely painful to bend down, and getting dressed felt like a constant everyday battle.

 Our two babies were both born prematurely, due to preeclampsia. What I didn’t immediately know was that the second bout of preeclampsia would have a long lasting impact on my future health.

On the eve of our second baby’s naming ceremony, just seven days after her birth, I developed a serious headache that paracetamol could not shift.  Later that night, a sharp pain woke me from my sleep and I in turn woke my husband for help.  It was then that I had a stroke, followed by a serious bleed on the brain.

We arrived at St Thomas’s Hospital, in central London, to discover that there was no neurosurgeon on duty because it was the weekend.   I was critically ill and while the hospital staff were conducting a CT scan, my heart stopped ..  My family was informed that I had little chance of survival and even if I did manage to survive, it was likely that I would be disabled for life.

Luckily for me, I was later moved to the Atkinson Morley Hospital near Wimbledon, which had become one of the most advanced brain surgery centres in the world, and I did survive!

I eventually started a rehabilitation process, which I found to be very difficult and strenuous. Eventually I was talking, walking and using my right hand which enabled me to return to family life.

Like many stroke victims, I went on to experience a further serious health issue when I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure in 2007. Once again, grace of God was shining upon me as I managed to have a successful transplant in 2011 and used my past experiences to recover, continuing to live as full a life as possible and to bring Clip Knix to market for the benefit of those, who like me, live with limited mobility.

It was then that began to formulate an idea that could fill a gaping hole in the market, which would eventually become a business.

From this seed of an idea, Clip Knix was eventually launched as a product in 2018 and I am proud to be able to assist others who are also unable to bend or stretch when dressing.

  I observed the difficulties people with limited mobility experienced when dressing and I knew I could create a solution to make their lives easier. With determination and a drive to help, research began.

Providing the solutions to daily problems, I designed, tested, and tested again a solution that came in the form of clip-on underwear. Underwear that can transform the lives of millions.

As the first-ever supplier of this form of fashion item (front fastening underwear) globally, this adaptive design is certainly unique. Helping to support independence and making everyday jobs as easy as they should be. This underwear is revolutionary in the market.

 Clip-Knix makes attractive, patented, award-winning front-fastening underwear that can be put on easily without the need to bend or stretch or balance on one leg. Clip-Knix underwear reduces the risk of injury and allows wearers to be independent. Manufactured with soft, aesthetically pleasing stretch fabric for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort, simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip! Or button.

 The range is a triumph which will revolutionize the lives of many people by:

Offering stylish underwear that is easy to use

Ø  Preserving independence

Ø  Maintaining dignity

Ø  Reducing the risk of injury

This product is designed for making living simple.

Product Description

This practical and stylish high-quality underwear range is not only durable but offers a truly ergonomic solution for those who don’t have the physical ability to bend or stretch to put on their underwear – just clip in place.

Intelligent and Empathic Design

In collaboration with Innovate Product Design based in Salisbury, Clip-Knix focused on designing and manufacturing a practical yet fashionable underwear solution for women that negated the need to bend or stretch when dressing.

Also ideal for pregnant women, campers, and travellers who may find themselves in closed or confined spaces, aeroplane toilets, people recovering from surgery.


 Records show that 18%  of the population England and Wales has disability in 2011 ONS . The same Office of National statistics says there is nearly 1 in 5 people in England and Wales reported that some form of disability affects their daily activities. (ONS 13/05/2015) . It would have increased now due to good medical care and people are living longer. On 31/01/2020, it was reported by the ONS that a total of 11 million female where over 60 that lived in England and Wales. 1 in 8 in the world and elderly population is growing.

In 2019/20, the charity Scope reported that there are 14.1 million people in the UK living with a disability,  1 in 4 and 1.3 billion people worldwide, making the availability and range of suitable fashion that supports those with limited mobility vital. Supporting this movement towards more adaptive designs in fashion, supporting people’s independence, and giving people back their dignity is precisely what I set out to do when I developed Clip-Knix.


A big problem is funding, the banks are not willing to be patient with a new start-up.  As it is a new product and a new brand,  sales are just picking up.  Sales will have to improve drastically or I find someone to invest in the company. 

Then there came Covid as we were locking down, it was the last order out of Shanghai. There so much uncertainty in the country. After Covid was suppressed  through vaccination, the next challenge the business is facing is the cost of living crisis. My passion to help others kept me going.

Clip-knix is currently on 10 Amazon marketplaces, eBay, Etsy, Faire and Ankostore. It is trading in Australia through Recovwear and in America.

The Future

Our new range is going to be magnets with the existing fasteners. We are adding period pants and incontinence pants that is magnetic making it even simpler for the wearer.


I will advise new entrepreneurs that a strong passion for the service or product will be needed to carry them through the tough days. Believe in what you do, celebrate yourself, and let others celebrate you, that would give you confidence that you are o the right path.

About the Company

Clip-Knix works with manufacturers in 2 continents that has experience of producing very good quality lingerie. The designs and the trademark are registered in the UK.. Company Registration: 11573533. It has been patented and worn corporate wire award for London and the South East, specialist Clothing of 2020/2021. F:entrepreneur #ialso 2023, Smallbizz 100 2022 and  finalist Sheinspires.


I have a BSc in Economics from University of Ilorin and an MSc in Analysis, Management of Information Systems (ADMIS) from London School of Economics and Political Science. I gained Prince2 practitioner in 2005 re-registered in 2012 and worked in the Civil Service for 10 years. I gained vast experience in administration of wills , executive customer relationships and project management. I am a trustee for Royal free hospital kidney patient association, an advisor for billion -strong and a member of meaningful business.  I have had the opportunity of working in Africa, Europe and Asia. I am  British born of Nigerian Heritage.

Crystal Kadir