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Alemanni Sub sas Manufacturers of arbaleti rollers and sports equipment

Our History

Company founded in 2010 by Alemanni Itio and his wife who are spearfishing enthusiasts and have always loved the underwater world.

In 2019 their son Andrea joined, giving new life to the ever-evolving projects and ensuring a future for the company.

The passion of building and optimizing spoearfishing equipment became a job after the family fashion business closed. From this experience we retained a passion for beauty that is reflected in the aesthetics of each of our products.

Founder Alemanni Itio had already been modifying equipment for personal use for several years, and we began to believe that nothing similar existed in the market.

What we concretely did was to makeefficent  the roller system on the Arbalet.

This system already existed but had not been applied and developed properly, we applied it differently and achieved excellent results.

After us, many other competitors started to do the same things and so we became a benchmark.

The challenges we faced.

The market didn’t  immediately accept this innovation.

The focus was to give a service that others were not giving.

Taking care of each customer and each individual item was our winning approach.

The craftsmanship of each product and the knowledge that each item must be tested and verified before delivery made us reach levels not possible in the industrial processes of all competitors. 

The personal use of the items themselves has always directed the proper development of each item, helping us not to pursue only commercial logic that would inevitably limit our development.


The challenges we will face.

The challenge is to maintain the level achieved, to increase after-sales service, which is fundamental in this field. That is why we have built an indoor pool where we test products daily and where customers are invited to try out equipment before purchase if they wish.

We don’t get tired of developing and improving even items already produced, and we improve them whenever possible.

Continuous discussion with loyal customers and their feedback helps us improve every day.

Collaborations with professional fishermen or freedivers have multiplied over time, and their input helps to develop ideas as a team and to take into account individual diversity, which in this sport is crucial.

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