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Allstar Fitness Gear Express is an online fitness business that partners with fitness brands specializing in strength training and home gym equipment

Allstar Fitness Gear Express is an online fitness business that partners with fitness brands specializing in strength training, home gym equipment and supplements for the fitness enthusiast. 

Founded in 2022, Allstar Fitness Gear Express’s mission is to supply fitness lovers, healthy-goers, and those wanting to begin a healthier lifestyle at home or at the gym, the equipment and supplements they may need along the way. At Allstar Fitness, we understand the importance of health and wellness. No matter if you are experienced or just starting your fitness journey, we want to help you succeed. 

Though most of the products on the company’s site is for strength training, there’s something for everyone. Some items currently on the company site are weights, home gym systems, protein powder, multivitamins, protein bars, and so much more.  

Founders’ Story & Motivation

Founders Jezebel & Samantha Fernandez-Porter have always had some connection with fitness and sports. Jezebel, from the Philippines, was a Track athlete while in school. Samantha has a love of basketball and wants to learn how to body build. Though their relationship with fitness is different because of their upbringing and body type, they both understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle because of their family’s medical histories.

The primary reason for starting the business was to create a one-stop-shop for those wanting to do strength training and/or wanting a home gym setup. Supplements were added later because most fitness people use them before, during and after workouts. The founders want to eventually have a home gym themselves, but they currently don’t have the space for it. The thought was, “If we can’t have one, let’s help others create one.”

Lastly, the most important reason for creating the business was because of self-worth. Jezebel and Samantha are currently working jobs where they feel unappreciated and are overworked. Feeling stressed and mostly angry, they decided to pursue creating a business, in hopes of leaving their jobs and becoming financially independent. Samantha and Jezebel both have learned that working for others can be pointless, if you are not enjoying the job and isn’t happy doing it.

The Challenges the Business is Facing

There are many challenges that Allstar Fitness Gear Express is currently dealing with. The main challenge is not having prior business experience. It is definitely a huge learning curve when it comes to business. Samantha and Jezebel have had to learn about things they’ve never thought of as regular working citizens. They have to learn about business taxes, business funding and its processes, finances, running ads and so much more that it becomes overwhelming. And imagine doing this with a full-time job. It’s insane at times…well, all the time. There’s really no down time because they’re constantly digesting information.

Another challenge is shining through the competition. There are many fitness sites on the internet that are already established and are more recognized than Allstar Fitness Gear Express. And being a new business, it’s still in the process of getting customers’ trust. Customers will buy with whom they are familiar with and that’s a hurdle the company has been facing—how to get customers not only to look at the items on the online store, but also to purchase.

Additionally, funding is a big issue. The founders are finding that in order to get funding, they must leverage personal credit, have high business credit, or the business must produce large amounts of cash flow to get approved for capital, lines of credit, loans, or credit cards. Samantha and Jezebel have been able to get some credit cards, but the limits are minimal. And they’ve only had one order in the six months since starting the business. They’ve been using a lot of personal money to keep the business afloat and that’s challenging with other household bills.

Lastly, time has been a constant issue. Being a new business with little working capital, the owners are still working their full-time jobs. Having to work from morning to the evening at times, it is very difficult to focus entirely on the business. This is a problem because running a business requires a lot of time to ensure things are running smoothly, ads are run to gain traffic, and to be available for calls and orders. At the moment, only a few hours a day, and at times once or twice a week, is the only allotted time to do all the necessary tasks needing to be completed. That is not enough time. Time management is key and the owners at this time, have no time.

The Opportunities the Business is Facing

Even with all the challenges the business is facing, there is always room for growth. COVID has boosted online sales by large numbers. And with a lot of people working from home, or just staying home in general, more people are working out at home as well. With that being the case, it gives Allstar Fitness Gear Express the opportunity to reach more people. Fitness and weight loss is also a lifestyle or a problem for most people, so it will always be relevant.

Another great opportunity is that there are numerous suppliers at the owner’s disposal. Samantha and Jezebel are finding that it is easy to partner with big and well-known brands. The best part about it is that they are local. Shipping items from abroad to the United States can cause a lot of problems and delays, which means unsatisfied customers. At Allstar Fitness Gear Express, the owners want to minimize complaints. It’s really awesome that even as a startup company, lots of companies are giving the company an opportunity to work with them. There are lots of benefits, such as, faster shipping, reduced and/or discounted pricing on products, some companies will ship items for you, and so much more. It’s a win-win.

Our Advice to Others About Business

Don’t settle for jobs you don’t enjoy. Most people are settling for jobs that simply make you miserable. It’s understood that we have to do what we need to for ourselves and our families, but at what cost? Create a business, do side hustles like YouTube, things that can be scaled so that you can leave your job and live a life you are happy with.

Don’t be afraid to start a new business because of funds. These days, it doesn’t cost much to start a business. Incorporating isn’t even necessary. You can start a business as a Sole Proprietor and make more money than at your regular job. But it does take time and effort. You can’t be one leg in and one leg out. You may even have to lose sleep or stay up late, but know you are creating something special.

Don’t be afraid to start a business even without business experience. There are so many things to learn when starting a business, but don’t be discouraged because of it. Google and YouTube are your friends! There is so much knowledge on the internet that you will be an expert in no time. And if you can, get a mentor. It really helps to have someone who can coach and guide you through everything.

Most importantly, don’t give up! When starting a business, anything goes. You could start a business and get sales right away, but there’s also the possibility of not making any sales for months. This is something that Samantha and Jezebel are facing at the moment. Seeing this consistently is quite discouraging. It would be for anyone doing business, but in order to succeed, you must persist. You’ll never know what results will come out of this if you quit prematurely. That’s why even with only one sale in six months of business, Samantha and Jezebel continue to try and make this work. They want that happily ever after, knowing they created it on their own. And you can do the same.

Be strong and stay motivated. Keep focused on the primary reason or goal that made you want to start a business in the first place—and make sure it is always at the forefront of your mind. Cheers to your success!