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Amy Taylor – exclusive model and companion, available worldwide by appointment

 What is your business name, and what do you do?  

 Hi there!  My name is Amy Taylor.  I’m an exclusive model and companion, available worldwide by appointment.

 What is your founder/owner’s story and what motivated you to start the business?

I was born in New England but moved to Northern California as a child, where I stayed until I graduated from college with a degree in molecular biology from UC Berkeley.  I worked as a bench scientist in a research lab for a couple of years, and then moved to Los Angeles to do my MBA.  After I finished graduate school, I worked for an oil company headquartered in Houston, for several years.  During this time, I became very interested in aviation, flying planes as a hobby.  I then decided to do it professionally in 2010, and have done so on and off, part-time since.

I have a varied set of hobbies and interests.  I grew up skiing in Lake Tahoe and Europe, and I still spend several days every winter hitting the slopes either in Utah, Colorado, Canada (heli-skiing is my favorite!), or elsewhere.  I also enjoy SCUBA diving (I’ve been undersea all over the world; Rangiroa has been my favorite, but Fiji is still on the bucket list), marksmanship (I’m a decent shot but need to practice more; these days my Glock 17 hasn’t seen the range enough), aviation as I said (I’m a commercially licensed flight instructor, and am currently working on getting my aerobatic rating; wish me luck!), polo (I’m terrible at horse hockey but absolutely love it), surfing (similarly bad at it but it’s such fun), golf (also terrible but also love it), tennis (I was on my childhood country club’s tennis team!), and all the general yoga, fitness, pilates, gym stuff that everyone does.  I love and spend considerable time with my family (I feel so lucky to be close to them; they love and do not judge me, which is a gift of grace I don’t deserve), and I hang out a lot with my tiny Brussels-Griffon furbaby (there’s no more faithful friend than a dog, right?).

Where does modeling fit in?  Part time, ever since I was 14 years old and was scouted in a mall by a photographer and modeling agency owner.  It’s just something that found me, and that I could do for extra fun and income, around other work and/or school.  He put me on local runway fashion shows around town, and in catalogs and on tags for small clothing brands.  Sadly, I didn’t keep growing taller, so the runway stuff ended.  I did pageants (don’t laugh at me, I know it’s silly), and even won my state as a teenager!  As strange as the pageant world was, I’m grateful for it for the education in poise, etiquette, manners, and presentation.  It sure cured my stage fright!  I’ve done editorial, fitness, glamour modeling and even Playboy…I enjoy being in front of the camera and seeing what creative crews can create.  And the wardrobe and makeup…what girl doesn’t love seeing how much more beautiful professionals can make her look?  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s fun and educational, in the realm of beauty, health, skincare, fashion and self-care.  I’ve been on the covers of several major men’s, fitness, and fashion magazines around the world, and I’m proud of the beautiful shots and videos we’ve created for the public to enjoy.  It took a lot of hard work and discipline!

Similarly:  where does companionship fit in?  Well, I absolutely love romance.  Dating is such fun; who doesn’t love dressing up for one another, engaging in scintillating conversation over great food and wine, and then retiring together if things go well?  That’ what makes life worth living. I love powerful, wealthy men (they’re fascinating and fun to date) and I feel most alive when I’m in a beneficial relationship with a masculine man who enjoys protecting and providing for me.  I’m quite traditional and feminine in this way; nothing against 50-50 relationships, but I’m not that sort of woman.  Besides, being beautiful is expensive, so in my opinion, women are also providing financially for men indirectly, when we spend so much of our incomes on our beauty, which they get to enjoy.  In my estimation, because we spend money on them in this way, they are to provide for us.  It’s what’s fair, and it’s what has always been (and will always be, despite some folks’ anger over it it’s actually just logical).  Additionally, II adore elegance and tradition, and I’m an absolutely fantastic, loyal, attentive, beautiful girlfriend (the sort of men who want the best in life, have always agreed that I’m of high quality in every way).  So much like modeling, it just fit with who I am and how I like to live.  As a well-mannered, beautiful, loyal woman, I’ve been on the arm of a generous and wealthy man since I was 18 years old.  I can’t imagine living any other way.  It’s quite common, and it found me (rich men like me, haha, and less wealthy men don’t).  I suppose it’s just who I was designed to be?  It’s not rare; most beautiful models date and/or marry men who provide.  It’s what works, in certain circles.  

 What are the challenges the business/market is facing?

 The challenges of being a companion are, above all, the hate and envy of the world of men who cannot afford to date women like me, and the women who cannot be a woman like me.  Envy causes a lot of problems, because my world is the world of beautiful women and wealthy men (and everyone wants to be either of those two things).  It’s a hassle indeed, but I realize it’s just borne of pain and anger.  I ignore it all these days; in the beginning it bothered me a bit.  There are those who infantilize women like me, saying that we do not know our own minds and should be forced to live differently than we do…that’s simply someone’s desire for control over beautiful women (the desire to possess and control beautiful women, particularly when we are young, is a sickness that pervades the world…I’m not sure why this exists, but it’s indeed frightening).  I suppose because beautiful women have a lot of power and value, many people would like to decide for us what we’re allowed to do.  When it’s governments, it brings us a lot of harm…sadly, some states don’t even think women own our own bodies or should be allowed to decide what we want to do with them.  Can you imagine, the insanity?  As if women are property of the state.  Yikes indeed.  Thankfully, I live in a slightly freer (albeit still imperfect) country.  For women, where I live isn’t ideal, but it’s probably the best there is.  And it sure is better than it was for my mother’s generation.  Traditions evolve, and I have faith that chivalry and gentlemanly protection of women can survive without sexist abuse of women.  The two needn’t be linked together, as they sadly are in some parts of the world and have been for too much of human history.  I suppose we’ll see, what the future brings, eh?

 What are the opportunities the business/market is facing?

 There is always opportunity here; my world will always exist.  Men and women in high demand will always find one another, and nothing will ever change that.  As life changes, men and women often don’t do this anymore…it depends where life takes them and what they want.  But it will never cease to exist; successful men and attractive women will always end up together if they want to.  The methods they use to find one another may change depending upon lifestyles and technology, but this truism will always be.

 – Advice to others about business.

Sorry, but I cannot ethically advise another woman to choose the path I have.  Why?  Because the world’s hate and envy makes it very difficult, even given the fun and glamour it may also yield her if she is lucky and finds a good man.  The fact that most of the world will hate her, will cause her so much stigma and danger, I can’t ethically suggest this as a choice.  It’s the life I built and stayed in, and some of it has been enjoyable, but it has also harmed me (policies toward women like me hurt us a lot, because society envies and hates us).  So in the end, because we must exist in the societies that control our lives, I’d advise she gives in to the pressure and avoids a maverick existence like mine, haha.  Unless, like me, she finds being oppressed anathema, in which case, I wish her all the luck, care and safety in the world.  To each her own path, I suppose!  

Whatever way you choose to live, whatever sort of business you work in or run, what I do know is that kindness wins.  I’ve had a wonderful life so far because in the end, I am nice.  Sure, I’m also smart, hard-working, beautiful and ethical, but what brought me success was avoiding mean people and never being one.  If I could advise anyone on anything, it would be to be polite, and to avoid anyone who isn’t.  Nothing matters more than this world than the way you treat others, and the way you allow others to treat you.  Whatever tribe you want to be around (for me, it’s successful and powerful men who enjoy femininity and tradition, but for you it may be different), ensure that it’s feeding your soul and making you smile.  And then, contribute to your tribe by being good to them.  In that way, this world slowly gets better and more loving.  Manners will always win.

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