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An artist, innovator and passionate creative instructor – Dawn Crothers

An artist, innovator and passionate creative instructor, Dawn Crothers has many strands to her entrepreneurial life. However, it is ultimately rooted in a love of the arts and a desire to share her passion and inspire others to experience the joy of creativity. 

With her vibrant, immersive artwork instantly recognisable, Dawn has a distinctive style which has captured the imagination of people throughout Northern Ireland and indeed, around the world. From her popular snail paintings and animal art, to her kaleidoscopic depictions of locations within the province, everything she produces has its own particular joie de vivre, which is reflective of all that Dawn does.

One of Northern Ireland’s most innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs, Dawn has not only been creating exciting new work for more than a decade, she has also shared her passion and expertise through various classes, workshops and talks. This strong community involvement subsequently shone through when the pandemic hit in 2020, with lockdown restrictions forcing Dawn, like many others, to close.  

Ever the innovator, Dawn diversified and quickly adapted to the challenges of working through lockdown by launching a series of online Zoom classes. Their subsequent success was much more than she had anticipated and, with thousands of children and adults eager to take part, she soon found herself busier than ever. One of her online classes alone saw 1,500 children participate and these grew steadily more popular as the pandemic continued.

With people Zooming in from Northern Ireland and all around the world, Dawn discovered an enthusiasm for this new format of her classes which she is now keen to continue. Indeed, although she has since returned to in-person events in Northern Ireland, she plans to expand her online offering to meet the demand both locally and globally.

During lockdown, Dawn also produced an original painting in honour of the NHS, entitled ‘Home is where the heart is,’ before going on to work with the NHS, delivering online mental health and wellbeing classes – something she continues to do.  

Combined with her passion for art and creativity, Dawn’s pioneering spirit is the driving force behind all of her work, which ultimately has people at its heart. Keen to inspire others to discover the joy of painting and creativity, Dawn’s enthusiasm spills over into everything she does and this draws people back to her time and again. Friendly and approachable, she makes every event personable and fun, tailoring classes to suit the needs of those attending.

Always at the forefront of her craft, Dawn is continually planning exciting new ventures for her business to benefit people across the community. Having won a number of contracts with local companies, she is now also expanding into the hospitality sector, with experience-driven events planned in hotels across the province. These will offer even more immersive experiences, with workshops incorporating food and drink, along with musical and other elements. 

Unique in her approach as a creative entrepreneur, Dawn is always looking ahead to the next venture…

Tatyana Dyachenko