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Anakarina Arguello, Founder of Clean Beauty by AnaK, Blending Business with Philanthropy Naturally

It’s no surprise that clean beauty has been taking the world by storm, with brands advocating the importance of healthy ingredients in skin care products for their consumers. Why is clean beauty important? Clean beauty products are to support health instead of compromising it. We know sometimes it may be difficult to understand what kind of ingredients are in your product, but it is always a good idea to Google the ingredient or send an email to the company asking for more information ( 

Clean Beauty by Anak is home to Anak Cosmetics, it is here you can purchase products for skincare—from serums to moisturizers, toners and cleansers. You can find your skincare routine from start to finish. What started as an idea quickly flourished into something far greater. As a teenager, born and raised in Nicaragua, founder and CEO, Anakarina Arguello was so passionate about beauty that she would spend hours creating different recipes from natural ingredients for herself, her family and friends. 

After finishing her studies in Art History in Florence, Italy, Ana had the calling to focus on her true dream, to add value to the beauty industry. She then moved to Los Angeles to make it happen. It was there that she had the distinct pleasure to work alongside cosmetic gurus from world-renowned beauty brands such as Estée Lauder, Chanel, and Forever Living Products. She also had the opportunity to work at the exclusive Thibiant Spa in Beverly Hills where she had first-hand experience beautifying different skin conditions. 

The beauty industry is flooded with new and innovative products from both skilled and unskilled entrepreneurs. This can make things difficult as you shop and look for a brand that you can trust. The most important thing is doing your due diligence in finding a brand owner that is not self-proclaimed in the niche but comes with an extensive amount of experience. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so it would be prudent to meticulously search for a brand that understands skincare as a whole. This can be challenging for many as women like Anakarina work hard to stand out in the crowd, but it is her expertise that makes her qualified to not only sell beauty products but offer consultations to clients as well. As the industry continues to grow, consumers are left with tough decisions to make.

However, there are many opportunities here as well. The business is welcoming of new ideas that can range from reusable packaging to tools best suited for removing products, to the packaging being far more sustainable and safer for the environment. Another benefit is education. More skincare companies are making it their mission to educate consumers on a plethora of things. At Clean Beauty by AnaK clients can expect to see a new blog each week detailing information to help them make better choices in choosing their skincare products. Anakarina tackles topics such as dating with acne scars, how to get rid of dry skin around the nose, does oily skin need to be moisturized, and much more. 

Anakarina is also philanthropic, allowing customers to donate with every purchase to give back to organizations such as One Tree Planted and Lifewire. One Tree Planted and are proud of their ongoing partnership. While many other companies advise their efforts to go green, it is only a select few who work alongside organizations to take their efforts a few steps further, and Anakarina is one of them. Whether it is a tree planted or a woman saved from domestic abuse, Clean Beauty is more than just a name, it is a movement. Together with customers can see their purchases make a change in the world. 

It comes as no surprise that the main problem with finding good skincare is just a lack of awareness of those that exist. With their efforts, Clean Beauty by Anak is not only helping consumers find a home but also providing a fun way to learn. Recently, Clean Beauty discussed prebiotic skincare products. Prebiotics are the good bacteria in and on the body that keep our bodies balanced and healthy. Having both prebiotics and probiotics are fundamental to being healthy and youthful ( They further go on to explain, “On top of our skin’s physical barrier is a natural bacterium tier that assists and advances healthy skin function. Washing your face in excess, ruthless exfoliation, and even chemical peels can diminish our skin’s probiotic state, causing acne, extremely dry, flakey skin, and even rosacea, the development of inflammation. The number one factor of aging skin.” This kind of information readily available from a skincare expert is rare. But it is a necessity. It is a way of informing readers what is good, what is bad, and why certain things are necessary. Anakarina also includes in each blog an item from her store that relates to the ingredients or information found in the blogs. This makes shopping both easy and fun. 

Anakarina welcomes new customers. You can connect with her anytime by scheduling a virtual consultation.