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Arete group – we create a localized strategy and action plan suited for each business,  providing access to the right partners and their targeted Chinese consumer

Arete Group  

Arete Group partners with businesses and brand owners to equip them with the know-how,  business tools, and give them step-by step guidance to sell to the Chinese consumers and  ultimately scale their business in China.  

At Arete group, we create a localized strategy and action plan suited for each business while  providing access to the right partners and their targeted Chinese consumer.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business 

Heidi Dugan – Founder & Director of Arete Group Ltd. 

An Australian living in China for over 25 years, Heidi is recognised as a media darling with a  long running popular TV program with over 6 million viewers daily, is a live host of Oriental  Shopping channel completing up to $2 million in sales in one and a half hours, a consultant to  multinational Fortune500 companies and a management consultant and corporate trainer in  negotiation, goal setting, communication and platform skills. Through these roles Heidi has  assisted senior management of both Western and Chinese global organizations to better  understand the local environment, foreign work culture in China and their strategic  placement in the market.

Heidi’s TV appearances brought her to the attention and opportunity of both global brands  and government bodies; subsequently Heidi’s diverse and expansive career expanded into  areas such as social media consulting, emcee to events for international companies such as  

Twining’s and Penfolds, and consulting for government bodies such as California Tourism, UK  Trade, US Trade and Austrade. Heidi was invited by the Australian government to be one of  45 people to share their story at the ‘45th Year Celebration of China/Australia Diplomatic  Relations’, an honorary event that showcased the successful relationship between the two  countries for the past 45 years.

Heidi is currently on the Board of Directors for AustCham Shanghai, and Council member for  University of Southern Queensland. She works with brands to help them import to  successfully enter and scale in the expanding and dynamic China market. The launch of her  TMall store in 2020 was a great success with more and more health and wellness brands  joining her platform as first step to growing in China. Heidi’s success across multiple ventures  is testament of her reputation and relationships with different companies and government  bodies, her celebrity profile in the TV industry and in-depth understanding of Chinese culture,  Chinese people and their lifestyle and habits. To date Heidi has been instrumental in  facilitating deals with Alibaba, Tao Bao Global and large supermarket chains throughout the  country.

With one foot in Australia, and one in China, Heidi’s business skills and strategies are  reinforced by her unique and deep understanding of the cultures in both countries. This  knowledge enables companies working with Heidi strategic advantage to successfully  integrate into the community, build their corporate network and friendships and ultimately  conduct business faster and expand their reach in one of the largest economics markets in  the world 

The challenges the business/market is facing 

I wish everyone had a successful China story. Unfortunately, many companies just don’t have  a strategy that is localized for China, and even more importantly, an implementation plan to  make it happen.  

When you see businesses that do have them, that’s when you see them grow and profit in  China.  

There is no reason why a company can’t thrive in China 

That’s why we are here so we can help you tap into your real potential. My team and I will  work with you to create a strategy that suits your business, your budget, and your goals, and  then help you create an action plan to follow through.  

Our simple business tools and blueprint give you a step-by-step guide to making things  happen and combined with our ecosystem, we can join you with the right partners and the  Chinese consumer.  

We are not just about concepts and ideas; 

We make it happen for you!

The opportunities the business/market is facing 

The past 5 months in China have disrupted businesses and lives in unprecedented ways we  could never imagine. Business owners’ and hundreds of millions of individuals and workers  livelihoods ground to a halt in cities across China with the hard lockdown and no real end in  sight. 

Now, though a sigh of relief has come with the lockdown lifted, and businesses are back to  running again. This is the time where the true opportunity begins. 

A small highlight, Heidi helps one of their clients to resume working during these hard times.  She helps them not just to survive but also to thrive.

Advice to others about business 

In business you may face a lot of challenges but always remember that if there’s a crisis  there’s always an opportunity. 

Many companies just don’t have a strategy that is localized for China, and even more  importantly, an implementation plan to make it happen. When you see businesses that do  have them, that’s when you see them grow and profit in China.  

Entering the Chinese market can be overwhelming, risky, and expensive. To become successful in China, you need to have a commitment, focus and dedication and  sticking to it until it works, we recommend having someone on the ground, that can advise,  especially when the company is not in China. This givesthem real vision of the circumstances  and up to date information. Because China is changing so quickly it’s important that you have someone based in China to represent you.  

Having a strategy that integrates the brand into the life of the Chinese consumer that’s in line  with the company goals and finances, is imperative. 


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