Business Name and what it does

Serendipity Marketing, a London-based full-service digital marketing agency

Serendipity Marketing is a London-based full-service digital marketing agency which is specialised in conversion rate optimisation applied to any digital platform and currently working with clients in the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia.

This agency works with an innovative methodology – the UTS© – thanks to which they get to empower marketing strategies with psychology science for higher outreach, engagement, and retention which consequently leads to sales growth.

The UTS© allows Serendipity Marketing to uncover and map any business target audience’s inner purchase motivations and driving emotions and then use this data to create the perfect digital marketing experience for higher results across any digital platform from websites to social media, email marketing, digital advertising, and more.

Their mission is to give access to high performing digital marketing to any business by making it more empathetic and engaging with the benefit of delivering real results despite the high online competition that’s nowadays in almost any business industry.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Serendipity Marketing was founded by Stefano Fracchiolla and Maria Lafuente, who are currently covering the role of joint CEOs at the agency, in 2019.

Stefano is from Italy while Maria is from Spain and both, after gaining experience working in a different country, wanted to embrace an entrepreneurial journey, offering an innovative solution that could keep the pace of the rapid market changes and give higher results than the competition.

On top of this, as foreigners living away from their families, they both wanted to find a way to get the freedom to move back to their families with higher frequency without the need to ask for permission or have any issues.

These were the motivations that took them to want to mix their knowledge and start a digital business that could give them the possibility of working from any place in the world and that could deliver its services worldwide.

Maria and Stefano met in London in 2018, a city where they were both working for other companies and making a living like a lot of other people moving to the English capital from different countries do.

When she first moved to England at 19 years of age, Maria was taking it more as an adventure. A cool experience to see the world from a different angle and learn a new language. At that time, she wasn’t almost speaking a word in English, but that didn’t stop her. So, she first started working as a waitress in East London and as she was making new connections and learning the language, she decided to stay longer in the city. An adventure that should have lasted for 6-12 months took her to live abroad for now more than 10 years. And as she learned the new language well, she managed to start working in the field that she loves and studied for; digital marketing.

At the time she met with Stefano in 2018, Maria was working as a digital marketing manager for an automotive company first and a sports centre afterwards. In both places, she was in charge of the whole marketing strategy and actions, while managing a team of marketing specialists. Mainly here it’s where she developed high experience and knowledge in dealing with multi-million companies and managing their marketing budget for a higher return on investment. She was also attending business shows around the world, from the UK to the USA, Emirates, Europe, and South America, to deal with high-level business people in the representation of these brands.

For Stefano instead, things have gone slightly different. He made a career in physiotherapy in Italy, getting to work for a first league professional football team for a few years. At that time, he started to open up to the world of psychology for the treatment of chronic pain and got to study psychology, hypnosis, and non-verbal communication. And the more he was opening up to these new perspectives, the more a desire for new experiences was growing in him.

This was what motivated him to move to London in 2016 and start working as a physiotherapist there. Over the years, he never stopped studying psychology-based approaches and he got to conduct his studies at the National College of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy where he gained even more knowledge about psychology and human behaviour. And the more he was deepening his studies and practices, the more he understood the role of emotions in our everyday life. Our emotions are the main force of influence on our daily decisions and behaviours. We all decide to do or not to do things based on the way we feel about those specific things at that specific time. We all conduct and create our lives based on our emotions linked to past experiences that may create biases and consequently stop us from moving towards our real desires in life.

And this still stands at the core of Stefano’s motivations to leave the job he had and embrace the entrepreneurial journey, working on what he is passionate about and having as a purpose his ultimate happiness. And that’s when he met Maria.

When they met, they started their relationship as partners in their personal life. And the more they were growing their relationship and getting to know each other, the more they were seeing that they had the same goals not just in their personal life but in their professional life as well.

Maria comes from a family that owns a small business in Spain and has always wanted to follow her parents’ steps and have a business on her own.

These were the perfect ingredients for them to create something unique that could represent them both and could provide a solution to a big pain point others have. That’s how they created their innovative methodology the Ultimate Triumph System (UTS©), the methodology that stands at the core of their company – Serendipity Marketing. A unique methodology that makes them the only agency able to uncover and map with precision any business target audience’s inner motivations and driving emotions to then use this data to create the digital marketing experiences able to make the right emotional impact for higher results.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Due to the digital market saturation, having lots of businesses marketing their products and services online and fighting for similar audiences, digital marketing is becoming more and more competitive and costly. Using the same strategies and techniques that were working until a couple of years ago isn’t working anymore. Using the same strategies and techniques that everyone else is doing isn’t working anymore. People are getting overwhelmed by continuously seeing ads and content that is purely promotional or with the same message as other similar businesses.

In this scenario, companies are continuously trying to digitalise and use the online world to their advantage but, of course, the results are getting poorer. And this generates the need for something different to stand out from the competition and generate higher results.

Still, most businesses and marketers plan their marketing strategies based on their target audience’s age, sex, geolocation, and sometimes their problems and behaviour. But the fact is that even with all this data, they are just scratching the surface of the reason why their potential customers behave the way they do. Still, they are missing the reason why they would be induced to engage with their brand or bounce back.

And here is where Serendipity Marketing and their UTS© methodology find a place.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

It’s kind of obvious that the market in almost any industry is shifting more and more to the digital world. The online world opens to infinite possibilities for business growth to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. Even with this high competition, the digital world can deliver incredible results to anyone. The key is to use these powerful platforms correctly and optimise approaches to get to do what not many others are doing.

That’s how it’s still possible to stand out and grow online. Old-fashioned and overcrowded approaches are not working anymore. People are shown to engage more with brands that show a more personal side of them, rather than just a corporative image. That’s because people need to feel close to the brands they follow to make sure they can trust them to fix their problems.

It’s all about empathy and personal connections. And how could a brand achieve this at best? By deeply knowing their target audience; their problems, challenges, desires, behaviour, and driving forces that make them behave the way they do. Getting to know their psychology and driving emotions is what can help brands to empathise more and generate deeper connections with their potential clients and induce them to take action.

Serendipity Marketing is the agency that is fulfilling this need and is also committed to teaching how to use psychology in digital marketing to young entrepreneurs and marketers with their UT Academy.

Advice to others about business

Business has to be done to help others. That’s the main goal. It isn’t about how good someone is and how awesome a product or service can be. It’s about people and how the business can help them fix their problems and overcome their challenges.

So, find a big pain point that no one else is providing a solution for in your industry and offer something that can do it. And if someone else is doing it already – it’s important that there are not already thousands of different solutions to the problem you want to help others fix – find a new and innovative way to help people with that problem. A solution that no one else is offering and that will help others fix that issue in a quicker and easier way.

That’s the best and quickest way to grow a business.

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