Beauty wellness and fitness appointments at home. WE COME TO YOU

Beauty, wellness and fitness appointments at home. WE COME TO YOU

Glow Concierge is a booking system for beauty, wellness and fitness self employed professionals. All of the appointments happen at the customer’s home, hotel or office. 

I decided to start the company because after the birth of my first child, finding myself at home with very little time, I still didn’t want to miss out on beauty and spa appointments. I came up with the idea of a beauty concierge that organizes appointments at your own home, easily booked through a website or app. Currently operating in Switzerland, I have big dreams of launching in the US, UK, Dubai and across Europe.

When I first started, I literally had no idea what I was doing, there was a lot of trial and error. That being said, I did previously work in the finance world where I read a lot of business plans and saw a lot of how companies are run, so I wasn’t completely clueless, I’d just never done it myself.I do get to test every provider to make sure they are of a good standard which is obviously a nice perk!I had a very clear idea of what I wanted the end product to be but when you’re doing it yourself, you always miss things and make mistakes. If I was to do it all over again, I would be so much more efficient, probably save a small fortune and change so many things! The biggest change would be that I would buy the software instead of building it. 

At the beginning, I was first my only and best customer, now we have more than 500 active customers across several cities in Switzerland. When we get to 1,000 customers I will have a little celebration!

The thing I find hardest is never ever switching off unless I’m having a massage. Holidays and weekends don’t make a difference, if something needs doing then I have to do it, I don’t have the luxury of waiting until Monday, if I don’t do it then no one else will. Sometimes I really wonder if it’s all worth it, I recently had surgery and had to rest and found it pretty stressful still having to work and not just be able to sleep all day, then I’ll have a really good day and I get such a high when something great happens like having a record month or some great new providers to test, and I’ll realise it is worth it. Of course it’s not easy, if it were then everyone would be doing it!

I’ve come to realise that having a massage is not a treat, it’s a necessity, it’s genuinely the only time my mind is calm and I switch off. Even when I sleep, I’m often dreaming about work so being able to switch off during a massage is a necessity for me. I have to say, I also don’t think of it as a luxury, something that is so good for both your mental and physical wellbeing should be a priority. If I could afford it, I would have one every day! After my massage, just being able to put on a bathrobe and run a bath rather than putting clothes on top of oily skin and then go back outside and have to get home is so much more relaxing!  The whole point is to relax and all that relaxation is ruined when you have a massage at a salon/spa. Finish the massage, get dressed, pay, go outside, drive, get stuck in traffic or usually in my case have a parking ticket! Now I don’t worry about any of these things.

People often ask how Covid-19 affected business. We were incredibly lucky in Switzerland that we only had a very short lockdown so we were only closed for 4 weeks in spring 2020, since then we have been operating as normal,  I think in fact a lot of people were happier to have one person in their home rather than going to a busy salon. Of course we have been particularly vigilant about cleanliness and adhering to any rules regarding masks.

If I could give advice to anyone thinking of starting their own company, I would say, don’t be put off by others’ negativity, often it’s just jealousy, but equally don’t underestimate the amount of work you’ll be doing! Admittedly it doesn’t always feel like work because if you’re starting a company, it should be because you’re passionate about it. If you have an idea of something that you think is great, chances are, others will think it’s great too! When I chose the products for the online shop, I chose products that I really love myself. I figured that if I love them then others will do. I find myself buying things daily!

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