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BEST PRATICE is a Startup that offers digital services

BEST PRATICE is a Startup that offers digital services, it is based in France. For more than 7 years, we have been helping entrepreneurs and project leaders achieve their goals, thanks to the power of digital.

Our Services: GROWTH Marketing, UX/UI Design, Creation of 100% tailor-made and Mobile-Friendly professional websites, Creation of mobile applications.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business?

                                       Young entrepreneur of 34 years of Ivorian origin.

The story begins When the idea of ​​creating an educational application for children and teenagers was born. Unfortunately, large companies required a lot of financial means and in addition would take a lot of time. So, turning to startups or freelancers was the best option. Unfortunately, sure skills were rare. After several disappointments, money spent, and deadline not met. We thought that like us, several people should be in the same situation. And also, to prevent other people from suffering this situation. It was necessary to create a credible and reliable structure, capable of taking into account the digital needs of entrepreneurs and project leaders in order to help them achieve their objectives as well as possible. 

The challenges the business/market is facing?

The challenges are enormous. Some entrepreneurs and leaders are reluctant to change for various reasons often based on precepts: Skills, costs, and deadlines. They still work with less optimal methods. Which is a mistake that could kill their own business.

There are also other entrepreneurs who do not take action because they are hesitant.

Not only are our services not expensive, but they bring you much more benefits.

The opportunities the business/market is facing?

The greatest opportunity of digital is that it is essential for everyone today, and at all levels. Whether personal or professional. It is at all levels. And that’s the whole point. Putting all this strength at the service of your business, or to launch your activity.

Advice to others about business

The first message is to encourage a culture of innovation and excellence. Adapt as well as possible to the times to offer the best experience to customers.

Being able to rely on digital to launch or develop your business is a sustainable path. Because anyone who is not able to adapt to the era of time is doomed to disappear.

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