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Both raspberries and blackberries are nutritious fruits. Although they have some similarities, there are not the same thing. These fruits have distinguishable characteristics when observed keenly.

If you’re a berry sweetheart, do you have a specific type of berry that you love? Is it raspberry, mulberry, currants, elderberry, or boysenberry? These kinds are easy to differentiate. The problem comes when it’s time to choose between black raspberry and blackberry. All berries are healthy and tasty. Black raspberry and blackberry are very close in appearance, and it’s somewhat difficult to tell them apart. However, you cannot use one to replace the other. So, what are the differences between these two, or are they the same? Let’s find out.

What’s a black raspberry?

Black raspberries are highly available during summer seasons. These fruits have round stems covered with tiny whitish surface blooms and nearly invisible hairs. A touch of red sometimes accompanies their strong deep purple-black pigmentation. Compared to other colored raspberries, they’re smaller and have a conical shape. They’re often tart and less sweet and have a slightly earthy flavor when it comes to taste. When ripe, they have a very perishable shelf-life.

Nutritional facts of 1 cup of black raspberry

  • Calories-70
  • Proteins-2 grams
  • Fat-1 gram
  • Carbs-16grams
  • Fiber-9grams
  • Vitamin C-35mg

Applications of black raspberries

Black raspberry is often used interchangeably with blackberries and red raspberries. It’s so sweet as other raspberry varieties; thus, some of its recipes may need certain adjustments. Most ice creams taste great when added black raspberries. Also, it does very well in desserts like pies and cobblers. Due to its high acidity levels, it’s an ideal option for preserving and canning. Like other berries varieties, black raspberry can also be cooked into syrup or added to savory sauces, cocktails, and marinades. Its complementary pairings are honey, nuts, creamy cheeses, chocolate, coconut, and herbs.

What’s a blackberry?

Identifying a blackberry will not be so hard if you know its basic characteristics. It’s an aggregate fruit with a fleshy berry that has multiple drupes. When the berries start to ripe, they turn from white to red and then deep purple-black when fully ripe. It has a white core at the top.

Nutritional facts of a blackberry

  • Calories-62
  • Protein-2grams
  • Fat-1gram
  • Carbs-14grams
  • Fiber-8grams
  • Vitamin C-30mg

Applications of blackberry

Blackberries’ sweet-tart flavor makes them a great deal for savory applications. Its moderate-high acidity slurps on rich flavors of fatty meats and creamy cheeses. Blackberries are usually added to ice creams, baked goods, and jams. Also, they make a great pair with salad greens, nuts, leafy herbs, and figs.

How do you differentiate black raspberry and blackberry?

Physical description

Black raspberry is a small and black-colored raspberry with small white hairs. When it comes from berry bush, it’s not accompanied by any plug, making it hollow inside. Its individual cells of the berry are tiny and protrude very close from the core,

Blackberry is a large berry with small single cells bulging more than cells in black raspberries. Unlike a black raspberry which is without a plug, blackberry has a visible plug which is the attachment between the stem and the berry. Blackberry lacks a hollow center. Instead, it has a solid and edible core. With blackberry, its berry appears glossy compared to black raspberry, and this is due to its bigger protective hairs.


Black raspberry‘s taste is more fruitish and less tart. It has low sugar content and a distinguishable taste that is not so common in other berries.

Blackberry is much sweeter and has earthy undertones. If you were to choose between the two, you’d probably pick blackberry over the other due to its better taste.


Black raspberries are one of the healthiest types of berries existing on the planet. Due to low sugar content and high amounts of fiber, your body will benefit a lot from each bite. Also, they have high amounts of anthocyanins, and their levels of antioxidants are triple the amount you’ll find in blackberries. Research shows they’re useful berries in cancer prevention.

Blackberries, too, are healthy in their own defense. However, they do not contain as many anthocyanins and antioxidants. Their high levels of natural sugars make them pleasant to eat but may cause health issues to some people. Despite these differences, you can be sure both fruits will help you boost your health.


Black raspberries occur natively only in North America, especially in coastal areas along the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Their existence is marked by trailing vines and straight-growing bushes. You’ll find them in abundance in Eastern United States, specifically in Southern Gulf States.   

Blackberries, on the other hand, have a broader lineage. They naturally occur in different continents like Europe, Asia, South, and North America. These fruits are available in various species in different parts of the world. Blackberries grow well in a temperate climate and mild and humid weather.



A quick sight of black raspberry and blackberry, and you’ll think they’re the same fruit. They both have a dark purple color with a bumpy texture not seen in other berries varieties.


Although these two have different tastes, they’re both sweet. That’s why they’re common ingredients in ice creams, cakes, and other desserts.


Both blackberry and black raspberry are nutritious. An individual who consumes one of them is equally healthy as a person eating the other. The only difference is that these people will have different nutrition levels, but they both will obtain health benefits.


Is blackberry your favorite, or is it black raspberry? Well, people have preferences when it comes to fruits. Although black raspberry and blackberry may look similar, they’re not entirely alike. Their taste, history, health benefits, and physical description differ. Still, they’re both nutritious fruits that will help your body in various ways. We cannot verdict which one is the best, but what we know is that your body needs both blackberry and black raspberry.