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Blowball – Art & Events

Pablo Picasso 

The idea of Blowball ( ) was born by Anastasia almost 10 years ago for  creating handmade decorative objects and ornaments. From macramé and decoupage to  decorative big pebbles with paintings she started to experiment with many techniques,  materials and styles trying to find what suits her best. 

Four years ago the idea of Blowball had a major update with the opening of a physical shop  about Wedding and Baptism Art & Events. Since then Anastasia designs and creates many  different elements for wedding & baptism. 

Custom made wedding and baptism favors with confetti, and special decoration. Anastasia  treats every occasion differently trying to fulfill customer’s needs.  

For baptism, she creates special elements depending on the theme. Some of them are The  Unicorn, The Little fisherman, Rainbow, etc. Also painted baby’s suitcase for the clothes and  candles decorated with macramé elements. Baptism certificates (The Greek word is  “μαρτυρικά” – martyrika) is another product and Blowball offers a large range starting with  simple designs with string with a small cross up to very elegant items made with resin and  metallic elements.

One of the most successful product is favor with small pot containing succulents. The pots  are cast by Blowball based on it’s unique molds. The materials used are super white cast  material that looks like porcelain and grey cement with special ingredients. Last year Chris  has joined the business and he is responsible for the casting section. 


Pots are available for wholesale also, and can be used as decoration on tables at Hotels,  restaurants, café shops, etc. 

Two months ago, Blowball has started a co-operation with Thalatta Jewelry ( ) as a retailer of Thalatta’s handmade jewels from resin with sand and  pebbles from Greek beaches. The jewels are available at the e-shop of Blowball.

Blowball faces many challenges in the areas in which it operates. Due to the circumstances,  many competitors offer lower quality services with the lure of low prices. Our course of  actions is to insist on offering high quality products and services at the corresponding price. It is a solid decision that brings excellent results since all customers are satisfied and highly  recommend it. Our main advantage is that we are constantly working on new ideas to be  able to produce something different from the existing ones.

We are currently working on the concept of recycled materials. Our aim is to be able to  utilize in our next designs materials that we thought had closed their cycle and that the  waste bin was their only destination. A second chance in materials that can be processed,  has been our thought for many years and probably the time has come for it to take shape.  Decorations, clothing accessories, jewelry and seasonal products (Christmas, Easter, etc) are  first on our list and we believe we will have samples before the end of this year. If we can  now combine this expectation of ours with our great love for the place we live in and what it  richly offers to us and those who visit it, it will be our ultimate goal. Anything that reminds of  Greece, that reflects places and habits that we and our travelers love, we want to be  included in our collections that will be displayed by our team. At the moment, we are  hosting Thalatta and we are open to new ideas, ours or new partners who would like to join  our company.

Ksenia Sobchak