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BreezyScroll is here to change how you consume news online

With the internet becoming synonymous with availability, it’s easy to drown in the surplus. There’s an overdose of entertainment, infotainment, sports, politics, and whatnot. It’s now all the more important to feed users with content that’s genuine and responsible. BreezyScroll, a 2021-founded USA-based global content platform, aims to do just that in the news arena – not overwhelm the end user with content while ensuring that they don’t miss the latest happenings. The users of BreezyScroll are saved from jarring articles and given just the right amount of information. 

The modus operandi is simple and productive. BreezyScroll skims news from the overabundant headlines, tweaks it so it can stand the test of time, and delivers it to users in a format that’s digestible. There’s something for every news aficionado as the categories range from world news to sports, entertainment to business, lifestyle, technology, etc. The website also has a category titled Achievers for those who have overcome extraordinary battles and turned themselves into an inspiration for many. The category Breezy Explainers breaks down the most important events for the reader, leaving them more knowledgeable and less confused about the said topic. 

BreezyScroll began its journey in April 2021 and has amassed over 10 million users globally in a short span of time. It is one of the fastest-growing content companies in the States as over 60% of its users are based in the US. A bootstrapped entity, BreezyScroll managed to generate revenue in merely four months after starting operations, i.e. in August 2021, and by November 2021 it was operationally profitable. The unique number of users that BreezyScroll boasts of helped it get advertisers to quickly translate it into a thriving organization. This is clearly no mean feat.

Nikhil Singh, Founder, CEO – BreezyScroll

Founded by Nikhil Singh, a veteran in the media industry, BreezyScroll was built with the idea to give a pleasant experience to users. Singh has employed his learnings from rich stints to BreezyScroll and has been a firm believer in decluttering headlines and giving an experience to users that compels them to remember the source of their news consumption for a long time. Singh is not only focussed on users but hopes to create a company culture that is a memorable experience too. 

Beyond the numbers, BreezyScroll has also managed to make a mark on the ground. In February, its story headlined “US Army to let go of soldiers refusing COVID-19 vaccination” was quoted in a debate in the US Congress. Its articles make it to top Twitter trends often, implying that it gains quite the attention of social media users. BreezyScroll is also read and shared by several celebrities and influencers including Hollywood stars, top journalists, politicians, and policymakers.

Furthermore, the portal’s story titled  “Jeff Bezos to dismantle 1927 Dutch bridge to let his $500-million superyacht pass” was quoted by Dutch politicians at the peak of this controversy in February 2022. Staunch protests against this reported move by Bezos led to the yacht being towed away in August 2022. BreezyScroll was one of the first global organizations to bring attention to this development and inadvertently became a catalyst in the movement. 

Keeping up with the trend, BreezyScroll has also launched web stories. The full-screen content stories, on the lines of Instagram, are visually rich and loaded with information. In the near future, BreezyScroll plans to expand its audience base in the US and in other nations like the UK, Canada, several European countries, and Australia. Notably, UK and Canada are already contributing to BreezyScroll’s users’ tally. 

Singh also has an ambitious goal – he wants a media company to be a part of the transactional chain. Asked to elaborate on this, he said, “We once wrote an expansive article on the benefits of running, and two months later, a user emailed me saying the tips and tricks helped him get on with it. Now, BreezyScroll definitely added value to his life, it made his lifestyle more holistic, but in terms of monetary returns, this change wouldn’t benefit us. I wish to crack this wherein a media company earns, if not as much, at least a little after inculcating life-changing habits in individuals. I strongly believe that media companies do not earn as much as they create value for their consumers. Our goal at Breezy is to create immense value through our content and be a part of that value transactional chain.”

BreezyScroll also understands its responsibility and steers clear from publishing news items that aren’t verified by the team. Fake news is one of the biggest obstacles plaguing the media industry and the company plans to do its bit to fight it. It’s also pertinent to highlight that in a highly-polarised world, BreezyScroll has no political leanings. Even while covering political news, it’s careful to just report facts without clouding the judgment of the reader. 

In the technology department, BreezyScroll plans to develop AI-based tools with an eye on generating more content, at no additional investment and consecutively getting more revenue. This model would pave a new path in the media industry globally. The website runs on a robust frame to handle the traffic. “We have a robust and highly scalable technology stack to support growth and engage users across regions on our platform. BreezyScroll focuses on delivering relevant content and information to users basis their preferences and geographics. To scale our digital content user base, we have the flexibility to support any platform to feed our content in real-time,” says Abhishek Kumar, the company’s CTO. 

With the right minds and intentions, BreezyScroll is bound to soon join the league of established media houses. The motive is simple –  give users the best of breezy reads while they casually scroll through the internet.