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Brilliant Cakes – love of freshly baked goodies at Home

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

It all Started in Parktown Johannesburg South Africa . Parktown at Queen Gate Flat . It was officially Established and Registered in 2010 . We were operating privately though since 2003 .Brilliant Sikhathele Ngwenya and Bekitemba Ngwenya are the Founders and owners .Inspiration was the love of freshly  baked goodies at Home . Then it grew to public demand starting from family to community , church friends etcWe do all kinds of Custom made Birthday Cakes like 3D Cakes , edible image cakes , Baby shower cakes, Bridal shower cakes, Valentine CakesWedding Cakes and all kinds of Corporate Cakes

The challenges the business/market is facing

From 2010 till COVID 19 in 2020 we had employed one Admin and 4 workers who assisted in both Domestic work and cake baking and general work. But COVID 19 reduced the Business to only two main workers Bekie and Brilliant . The Business is slowly recovering with the newchallenges of loadshedding. We look forward to an end of all these so we progress even more.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

As Brilliant Cakes We value your health To serve people of new era with a different and the most competitivestyle. We want to help those people who could not spend time in theirbusy schedule to take healthy Cakes eg Diabetic Cakes, Vegan Cakes , Eggless Cakes , Gluten free Cakes. by the list of the following Wedding, Birthday, anniversary,Valentine,and anytime Cakes. Carrot cake, vanilla cake,red velvet,black forest,rich fruit cake, chocolatecakes, chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse,chocolate brownies,custard cake,Cheese Cake, icecream cakes,muffins, scones,cupcakes, We aim tobe leader in providing quality cakes that fit into into current and latest cake Designs and taste . To provide delicious tastes of cakes that the customers have never tasted before.

. Advice to others about business.

One needs to always keep motivated to stay above all challenges. You start small as you aim for bigger opportunities. Dont aim too Higher than what you are capable . Have a unuque and abrapt strategy on breaking new ground . Research how your competitors succed and strive to be above the Croud. That is the only way to achieve exellence

Tatyana Dyachenko