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Bro Brick: High Quality Handmade Soap from Alberta, Canada

 Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, the Bro Brick Company creates a range of exclusive, manly and boozy scented, soaps. Their belief is that in this fast paced world, the li2le things ma2er and taking a shower should be an experience that leaves you fresh and ready to face the day. Using only high quality natural ingredients, their products create a unique bathing experience that leaves you not only squeaky clean but refreshed and rejuvenated with a smile on your face. Bro Brick products are all mild on skin and environmentally friendly. So, where did this invenHve and spirited liIle company find its origins to grow its brand?

 MacKenzie Proudlove, the owner and founder of the Bro Brick, was trained as a graphic designer and worked for several companies, before eventually opening his own design firm. AOer five years of freelance work, he decided to create his own product as a way to show clients a personal example of what strong branding can do for a company. This original idea, led to creaHon of several products, and many late night discussions, siPng around the campfire, with family and friends. First, MacKenzie created a line of men’s scented candles called “ComMANdles.” Later, in keeping with this theme and design, came a line of soap for men. WanHng to keep things light and fun, MacKenzie called his soap “Bro Bricks” and created the tag line “Smack the Filth Off.” Soap designed for men was an idea that had legs; everyone seemed to love the inital line of soaps. Scents such as Rum & Cola, Mountain Man, Rye & Ginger and Sandalwood & Vanilla, really seemed to strike a chord with everyone in the community (to view the full line of soap scents visit their website at 

Making soap is fairly straight forward, but perfecHng a dynamite recipe takes Hme and trial and error. Mackenzie creates his soap using a fantasHc blend of sustainably sourced palm, coconut, canola and sunflower oil. He then mixes this with sodium hydroxide and either water, coffee or beer. Next, he adds the scent and colourant. AOerwards, he places this mixture in custom molds that set up overnight. The next day, he takes them out of the molds and cuts them on a custom made cuIer. Finally, he stamps them with the logo and the soap then cures on shelves for two weeks before being boxed up and shipped.

 Mackenzie has found that adverHsing can be one of the biggest challenges facing his small company. Mackenzie has relied on his background as a graphic designer to help overcome this challenge. Over the past several years MacKenzie has explored many different adverHsing venues both online and off. Not surprisingly some of the the most successful adverHsing simply comes from having an excellent product. The most consistent and effecHve adverHsing for the Bro Brick soap company comes from appearing at local markets. Having a well designed stand that iniHally pulls costumers into the stall is crucial. Scent is a tricky thing to portray across the printed page and markets allow the customers to experience the product. The user can feel and smell the scents before they take them home. This also allows local businesses to sample the product before they stock their own shelves with it. 

The Bro Brick soap company does their best to keep up with social media as well and uses it to keep their fans updated on anything new they are doing. This might include new scents that have come out and markets they will be aIending. MacKenzie even has a couple of videos meant to entertain his users. If you were ever curious about what it might take to cut through a 14kg bar of soap, check online at OOen, coming up with new content is tricky since there is only so much you can do with a bar of soap. If anyone has any quesHons or ideas the Bro Brick soap company is always looking for ways to interact with their customers. 

Since Bro Brick’s debut in 2015, Mackenzie has had the opportunity to be featured in several media outlets ranging from local TV and radio staHons to naHonal and internaHonal magazines. In keeping with his original idea of demonstraHng the power of well developed branding, he has used each of these opportuniHes to further develop and grow his company. Bro Brick has been featured in magazines such as ‘GiOed: Edmonton Made GiO Catalogue,’ ‘Avenue,’ ‘BriHsh GQ,’ ‘Ignite’ and ‘Edmonton Where’. Mackenzie has completed interviews with Global News and CTV and has also been talked about and menHoned in many online blogs such as ‘NaHonal Geographic,’ ‘Men’s Health,’ ‘YEG Fitness,’ ‘Make Something Edmonton,’ and ‘Alberta Arts Council.’ Along with being personally graHfying, the conHnuous support of local media has helped to solidify a key foundaHonal understanding of the Bro Brick soap company. The success of Bro Brick is due in large part to the deliberate efforts made to build and maintain relaHonships within the local community. From parHcipaHng in local craO fairs to showcasing other local companies, MacKenzie understands that building up community and connecHons is a key factor in the success of a small business.

The Bro Brick soap company understands that working together and building each other up enables all of us to be stronger. To this end they have teamed up with local business’ to create truly exclusive bars of soap. Two fantasHc partnerships that they have acquired are with the local breweries, Raven Wolf Brewery ( and Rapid Ascent Brewery ( These awesome businesses provide the Bro Brick soap company with the liquid gold they need to make their famous beer bricks. Some of the scents that have developed out of this partnership include Sorcerer Raspberry Ale, Cedar & Beer and Oatmeal Stout. The Bro Brick soap company also understands the importance of giving back to the community and has donated soap and parHcipated in fundraising opportuniHes with many businesses across Edmonton such as the Zebra child ProtecHon centre.

 MacKenzie’s advice to any budding entrepreneurs would be “If you have an idea, run with it and see if it gets any tracHon because you never know where life will take you.” He never set out to own a successful soap company he just wanted to grow more design clients; however, now, 8 years aOer its incepHon the Bro Brick soap company is going strong and conHnues to grow. Mackenzie also states, “It is also important to grow your branding, listen to what the customer wants and be prepared to adapt over Hme. Owning your own company is a lot of work, but it is fun to see the company grow. And it’s completely saHsfying to hear how much people love the product that you invented.”

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