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Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC

Sterile Space Infection Defense, LLC

Sterile Space exponentially reduces the accumulation of infectious organisms on the surfaces, furniture, fixtures, equipment and items in your work or residential location and thereby reduces the opportunity for cross contamination infection.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business:

I am the son of a Dermatologist and learned a bit about medicine and good health from my father. After high school I studied business at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I then transferred to Bergen Community college where I studied Law Enforcement for two years. I finally finished my college education at Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in graphic arts and printing science. I worked in the printing industry full time for approximately twenty years.  It was at this time that I became involved in medical instrumentation catalog printing as well as surgical instrument sales, where I worked for the next twenty years. In 2010, after the market had fallen into a recession and my surgical instrument business suffered, I went to work for an ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturer where I was introduced by a colleague to the concept of public infection control. After vetting the idea for about five months, I made a bold move and started Sterile Space Infection Defense LLC – THE GERM POLICE in 2013. 

The challenges the business/market is facing:

As with most businesses since the pandemic hit, finding people to work is extremely difficult. Many businesses have closed not due to lack of business, but lack of employees to keep these establishments open. Fortunately, I have a work crew that is second to none. No one has ever quit working for me (in any of my businesses over the decades) since I started Sterile Space. It may have something to do with the fact that my crew is paid at the end of every job (day), they are fed on the job (breakfast, lunch and dinner if needed (and coffee breaks) and the fact that pre-pandemic, I held BBQs at my home for the whole crew and their families several times a year, plus an X-Mas party.

Since the economy had been shuttered during the pandemic, business owners really have had a hard time trying to cover the costs even when closed.  When lack of employees is added to the mix, several good companies are being killed. Many surviving businesses have issues with cashflow and are hoping to regain marketshare. Additionally, the supply chain issue is still causing problems with products unavailability. 

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Opportunities, wouldn’t it be nice if there actually were opportunities other than scams. Since the pandemic began, there have been several companies that have popped up and said they can provide similar services, but they do not have the science and testing behind them.  I refer to them as ‘pandemic profiteers.

Advice to others about business

It’s always better to have a business that fills a want or a need. Want are things we’d like to have, and needs are things we need to have to live. Once again, you need to keep in mind that the supply chain issues are making product availability a real problem. If you’re thinking of opening a new business, it should be something people need. Case in point, my daughter-in-law, a trained and licensed veterinary surgical technician, assistant vet groomer and human eye surgery assistant surgical technician was thinking of opening a business but wasn’t sure about what to do. She lives in Northeastern PA with my son and two kids and realized that many of the people in that area were looking for someone to walk their dogs. She started doing that and then began receiving requests for a good mobile groomer since groomers in that area only handled small dogs (it’s an area where most people owned much larger dogs.)

I helped her find a grooming van and within two weeks she received so many inquiries about her service that she is now working 6 days a week within a twenty-mile radius of her home. It just exploded. So my advice is find a niche that’s not being filled and fill it. Get trained and licensed if necessary and get out there and stand on a tall soap box and tell people how your service can help them.