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Can You Have Lip Fillers When Pregnant?

Aesthetic injections on the lips may not be medically appropriate when pregnant. Pregnancy requires precaution when choosing cosmetic procedures. This article explains if one can have lip fillers when pregnant.

Pregnancy requires you to exercise caution inyour sex life, diet, cosmetic practices, and overalllifestyle. Aesthetic treatment likelip fillers involvesthe introduction of substances like hyaluronic acid into the body. Pregnancy is a delicate period, and every little thingoneintroduces into the body matters. Sure, one will experience emotional and physical challengesduring thegestational period. However, new treatmentsand beauty products underneath the skin or on the skin’s surface might make one experience morehealth issues or side effects.If one ispregnant and thinking about lip fillertreatment, one might beconcerned with what theyare signing in for.

Can Pregnant Women Get Lip Fillers?

It’s notsafe to get lipfillersif one ispregnant. According to Li &Tang (2020), manypregnant women are eager to determine whether lip injectables might harm their babies. Dermal fillers, including lip fillers, are not acceptablefor pregnant women. Don’t be discouraged, though. Lipinjections are not the only way toimprove your lip’s appearance and get your desired plumpness and softness. Different natural ways make your lips feel better and look better. If getting lip fillers was the next goalyou badly needed to achieve, but you can’t, know it’s worth it due to pregnancy. One can postpone the lip enhancement treatment until you havedelivered your baby, the baby is old enough, and after an aesthetic doctor confirms it’s safe to push through with the procedure. Not getting lip fillers is not a losing battle. Rather, it’s a sign of pure love to your unborn child and partner, who will be proud of an unselfish mother. You will also have inner peace and self-satisfaction knowing you did not risk your baby’s health by pursuing a cosmetic procedure.

Why Are Pregnant Women Discouraged from Getting Lip Fillers?

Lip fillertreatment is a highly demanded cosmetic treatment. Most of the patients seeking this injection are ladiesof childbearing age. As a woman, feeling good may be one of your greatest motivationsfor seeking lip fillertreatment. Probably you have already pictured yourself looking beautiful with rolled, plumped, well-defined lips in your baby bump photo shoot. Then, unfortunately, you are discouraged by your aesthetic doctor not to getthe treatment.

Spiegel et al. (2019)statedthat injectables’ impact on the lips’ tissues or muscles is not yet known.More research is still taking place, and surveys are carried out to confirm the safety of lip fillers on pregnant women. So far, no research proves the total damage cosmetic treatment on the lips can do. There is also no investigation proving that getting lip fillers while pregnant is safe. Avoiding the fillers will be the most courageous and wise decision.

What If My Lips Changes During Pregnancy?

Skin changes happen to many pregnant women. Constantine(2014) explainedpregnancy comes with many hormonal alterations. Most mothers-to-be complain about sudden changes in their complexionor skin thickness. Some ladies may experience skin perfection during pregnancy, but some may notice new or unpleasant skin issues in their facial area or other body parts. According to Biesman et al. (2019), one might notice dry skin, volume loss, or a dislikeable texture on your lips. When these symptomsoccur, one may be tempted totry options like lip fillers and give the lips theirold attractive appearance. Some dermal filleringredients may be related to poor fetal impact. So, insteadof getting stressed over your lip appearance, embrace your pregnancy period, and accept the bad, the good, and the body and skin changes that come with it. After all, these lip skin changes will disappear once your body regains its old body hormonal state. The journey itselfis beautiful, and the product of it is always precious and treasured.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

What Happens If You Get Lip Fillers Without Knowing You Are Pregnant?

Chances are, you will be fine. You can let it pass and wait for the fillers on your lips to fade. Or, if you are scared of any side effects and complications, have the fillers dissolved by a well-trained aesthetic doctor. Deciding on what to domay be difficult at this point. That’s why consultation sessions with a cosmetic doctor areimportant to help youdetermine if getting the lip fillers dissolved is a better option than letting them go away on their own. If dissolving the lip injectables is approved, the qualified aestheticianwill gently inject hyaluronidase protein enzyme into the exact areas on your lips where you got your first treatment. This soluble substance breaks the bonds holding the hyaluronic acid and encouragesthe lip’s natural cellular processes to continue and the tissues to regenerate.

WhatOther Lip Treatment Should You Be Cautious Of During Pregnancy?

Many cosmetic procedures canhelp you achieve the results that lip fillers provide. However, not all are safe. Micro-needling, a preferred alternative to lip fillers, can make your lips smoother and firmer. It will also give your lips more toned skin. Some cosmetic doctors are against this option. One is advised toskip this procedure until they deliver to avoid unknown side effects.


Getting lip fillers when you are expectant is not recommended. Its understandableone maywant to make facial improvementsusing cosmetic procedures like lip injections; avoid them. Aestheticians can help you find natural ways to address your beauty concerns. Consult them and ask for safe and medically-approved alternatives. Pregnancy is a special period for any lady. So, make this journey safe, unstressful, and joyful by avoiding unsafe treatment.


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