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ClassiCharms – fashionable and stylish jewelry for the contemporary woman

Starting a business is never an easy thing. But when it comes from love, from a hobby that can turn into a career choice and path, it is an even bigger motivation to succeed. Especially in the fashion market, the challenge and the competitiveness are huge. Although the fashion industry carries many different branches, the jewelry department is the one that can be defined as separate and always needed and present.

Even though the jewelry market can present as a quite saturated one, there is always a space and place for those who are bringing something new, original, and creative. In a challenging world, with different political, sociological, economic, and health issues, one can never know when the right time might be to start their own business story. Especially if it is in the time of a global pandemic, the success might be put under a question mark. One business story that has surpassed the challenges of society is the foundation of the jewelry brand ClassiCharms.

ClassiCharms – a jewelry brand for the stylish and contemporary woman

ClassiCharms is a jewelry brand that truly and most accurately depicts the modern and stylish woman living today. The carefully chosen designs and the materials come together in the most unique and extraordinary jewelry pieces that can be worn by all those with an acquired fashion taste. Looking at the jewelry pieces and the varied selection,ClassiCharms is the brand that delicately but with great appeal blends the classic lines with the modern and fashionable trends. The clean lines and design are perfectly blended with the right touch of modernity and style, completely suitable for the contemporary and fashionable woman who wants to make an impression with her style.

The brand offers a wild selection of trendy and must-have pieces, such as, chain necklacs, hopp earrings and stacking rings. The variety of options is what defines the colorfulness and the fabulous choices of all different kinds of jewelry. Whether it is for yourself or a gift, ClassiCharms is the option that will satisfy even the one with the pickiest taste. Made out of the highest quality materials, the jewelry pieces are premium-quality items that will sustain the test of time.

What also adds to these extraordinary pieces are the details that make the jewelry even more attractive and eye-catching. The addition of pearls, zirconia, colored stones, etc. creates jewelry pieces that are a wonderful mixture of the classic and modern. The combination of metal and pearls that delivers ultra feminine touch and exudes timeless elegance and high fashion. The shaped stones are super vivid, filled with color and authenticity that will make everywoman’s personal character stand out.  Wearing ClassiCharms means standing out in the most extraordinary way. Its designs are romantic and stylish, infused with a dose of classicism and elegance that will remain forever timeless and trendy.

Meet Emma – the founder of ClassiCharms

 ClassiCharms was born out of love and interest in art, fashion, and particularly in designing jewelry. Being an artist herself, the founder Emma was always a fashion lover. She was fond of everything that was connected to fashion and the art of fashion. During her time at the university, one of her teachers suggested that she should focus on fashion. Her talent was more than obvious, but, she choose to go in another direction and explore the magnificent world of architecture. Although it may come as a surprise for many, when you combine a particular skill set, love, and interest into something specific, a successful brand can come out of it. And the proof of that is ClassiCharms.

The brand was not built with a strong idea and determination that her desires will be transformed into something that will make a profit. On the contrary, it was something that happened by coincidence.  All of that was happening during the time of the pandemic, when everyone was stuck and locked at home, without the possibility to go out and socialize. During that time, Emma admits that she was almost addicted to internet shopping. She would order tons of things, among which was jewelry too. But, with every package, the jewelry did not meet her expectations. She was never satisfied with what she would receive. That predominantly meant that it was either too expensive with an old-fashioned design, or it was affordable but with very poor quality. So, the only solution that would satisfy her taste was to start making her own jewelry.

Her time working in a consulting firm, which she founded with her partners, was more than enough inspiration and challenge to try herself into the entrepreneurship area. The love for fashion as well as the creative perspective she had was just the right motivation to found a business of her own. Her idea was that it would be a brand that will capture the essence of the woman. It will focus on femininity, beauty, and the confidence of the woman. It would blend high-quality and extraordinary designs into pieces that will come at a reasonable and affordable price. By thinking about what her experience has been so far with the jewelry choices, taking matters into her hands would have meant rethinking the entire jewelry market. That would require doing market research, looking at the trends, the supply, and the demand, as well as having an input of what new is there now so that it would make a boom on the market. The balance between design, price, and quality was the essential starting point of the business idea.

The take on her jewelry line and the collection were to think about all those pieces as part of one woman’s personality. They would not be only pieces that you would gift someone or gift yourself with it on a special occasion. The vision was to curate a jewelry brand that speaks out for women and treat them everyday luxury and have exquisite jewelry without over spent. The idea behind the brand was to build and establish Classicharms as fashion jewelry as well as semi- fine jewelry.

Starting a new business is definitely not an easy thing. It requires a lot of thinking, dedication, exploring, and researching the market. That is exactly what Emma did when she was set on founding her jewelry business. During the pandemic, she spent the entire 2020 thinking about this idea. When everything was well thought off, she was ready to launch her brand, which happened in January 2021. She invested all her savings into this new business venture. And not just that, she became the operator, the designer, and the photographer of the brand ClassiCharms. To make the brand even better, she also invited two more designers to join the team. They come as highly experienced in the fashion industry and with great skills and talent for design.

Another important vision that Emma the founder had with the creation and the designs of the jewelry was the theme of the woman. Designed by a woman, for women, the feminine theme is dominant and leads across the variety of designs that come divided into various collections. The charming elements of each piece are delicate, feminine, soft, and gentle. They are the true representation of a woman’s beauty and graciousness. This brand through its jewelry pieces is promoting the empowerment of the woman.

The challenges the jewelry market is facing today

Just like with any other business and business endeavor, the secret to success is surviving in the highly dense and saturated market. The jewelry market in particular is quite different and varied, but there is a lot of competition among businesses that is good and productive. The challenge to achieving certain status and becoming successful is to offer something different and unique. Something that other brands do not offer, something creative, fresh, and new. With the rising pollution in the world, as well as all the different environmental challenges, ClassiCharms was founded and works on the grounds to be a sustainable brand. Sustainable jewelry is not a trend, it is a necessity that will lead to a better tomorrow. That is why, ClassiCharms can proudly say that it is brand that is ethical, and conscious and uses only sustainable sources for the materials. These materials are sourced from ethical providers. That way, there is personal and guaranteed care that the environment will be protected. Moreover, the final result – the jewelry pieces, are made to last. All of that together builds a legacy that comes back to one important value that sustainability stands for – buying less but buying better.

ClassiCharms – from idea to realization

Founding a business, with all the accompanying things it comes with surely is not an easy thing. There is no certain formula that can help build a successful brand that will be competitive in the market and last for a long time. Everything requires a lot of thinking, determination and always being one step ahead of the trends. Every day the market is filled with hundreds of new brands and companies that are starting the same way as others. But, the entire package you present to the audience and the consumers is what will shape the business into a successful and productive brand. As the founder explains herself, it is highly time-consuming and quite straightforward direction. But, with the right motivation, vision, mission, and idea, everything is possible.

Charlotte Cremers