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Claudia Armani, Health Coach and founder of The Healthy Gourmet, a blog dedicated to healthy eating and lifestyle tips and coaching


Claudia is a health coach and the founder of The Healthy Gourmet, a healthy lifestyle blog that focus on healthy eating and wellness advice.

She is the recipient of several blogging and business awards including Best Health & Wellbeing Transformation Blog 2022 – London, and has been ranked among UK TOP 10 health coach to follow for 5 years running, from 2018 to 2022.

Claudia helps people transform their relationship with food and achieve more balance in their life, through small, incremental changes. Her approach is holistic, taking into consideration different dimensions of wellness and lifestyle, like life satisfaction, stress and sleep management, sense of purpose, social connections, exercise and food.


On her blog, The Healthy Gourmet, she proposes delicious and healthy Mediterranean recipes inspired by her Italian heritage, that are quick and easy to make, perfect for those with busy lifestyles.

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Claudia also offers individual one-to-one health coaching programs, recipe ebooks and online courses.

Her signature programme is a 12-week evidence-based Emotional Eating Coaching program, which combining tools from CBT, neuroscience, nutritional education and mindfulness will help you to break the habit loop, let go of shame and guilt, and develop stress management and self-care tools.

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This program is transformational, setting you free from diets and obsessing about calories, and  helping you develop a more attuned and mindful relationship with food. The program, is for those who have a difficult relationship with food, those who struggle with serial dieting and yo-yo weight, those who restrict food during the days and binge at night,  those who are addicted to sugar, or simply those  use food to soothe difficult emotions like sadness, anxiety, stress or boredom. 


Claudia’s passion for a healthy lifestyle and food started at a young age. After a childhood spent on a very strict diet on doctor’s orders, she developed a passion for creating healthy but tasty food, so she didn’t need to be on a diet anymore.

As a teenager suffering from low energy and fatigue, she used nutrition, yoga and Pilates to regain strength and health.

After a few years spent in London working in the fashion industry, she went back to her passion for wellness, and retrained as a Pilates teacher, working as a private teacher for a high profile clientele. After another bout of ill health, she refocused on nutrition and launched her first food blog, where she was sharing healthy recipes that she created for herself.

A passion was re-ignited and she then went to take further training in nutrition and health, qualifying as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2017, and then launching The Healthy Gourmet a blog and website that united her passion for the healing power of food and culinary medicine with her health coaching business.

Since then, Claudia has worked with many clients all over the world, and has been an in-demand wellness expert with articles and recipes published on many international online publications. She is the recipient of several business and blogging awards and has been featured on prestigious magazines.

During the pandemic, she recognized that emotional eating and addiction to sugary foods, was one of the main lifestyle threats to people’s health and wellbeing and launched her first online course: How to Beat Sugar Addiction.

She then moved her in interest to emotional and disordered eating and launched her signature  Emotional Eating recovery program.


The wellness industry is a trillion dollars global market and it is forecasted to grow. More and more people are looking for ways to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing, especially after the pandemic, so the opportunities are huge.

The industry has grown a lot in the past few years, and has become very competitive.  In this landscape, the main opportunities are entrepreneurs and brands with a creative approach and that speak values quality, sustainability, and authenticity.


The wellness industry is a crowded space, but there is always room for new concepts and products.  My advice to new wellness entrepreneurs is to find something that they are really passionate about, and develop from there.

Do your research, get some professional help and training if you need to, and create your vison. Keep it flexible and fluid at the beginning so to that you can adapt to the market needs and the feedback you receive.

Less is more. Don’t overstretch yourself, keep it sustainable for you, and grow gradually within your vision. The same is valid for your social media marketing: you don’t need to be on all social channels, at the same time, especially at the beginning. Simply focus on a couple you feel confident with and grow from there.

In my role as a mentor for other health coached and wellness professionals, I find that the biggest challenge is to “sell” the product or services. You can have the best concept or skills, but you might not be the best person to communicate this to your ideal client. 

My advice is simply to delegate to other professionals the areas of marketing you don’t feel comfortable with, so you that you can focus on what you do best, move your business forward and get clients. 

Last but not least, take time for yourself. Establish a structure in your business, so you can have some separation between work and life. Self-care if fundamental for success!

Claudia is also a mentor to other health coaches and wellness professionals, helping them establishing their brand and businesses. You can find her at The Healthy Gourmet.

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