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Crunchy Mama Box – eco-friendly marketplace selling carefully curated products that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

interview with Wanda Malhotra, Founder of Crunchy Mama Box

What is the business name and what does the company do/offer?

I founded Crunchy Mama Box in 2019 as an eco-friendly marketplace selling carefully curated products that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. All items are vetted by a team of wellness experts whereby ingredients are reviewed and products tested thoroughly for effectiveness. Additionally, all brands carried on the site are reviewed for charitable initiatives, manufacturing processes and sustainable packaging to ensure they align with our brand standards of excellence. From beauty to family and mother-and-child, healthy eats, home and wellness, the companies selected for our site are businesses with a focus on clean, eco-friendly living. 

What opportunities is the business/market facing?

The primary goal for Crunchy Mama Box at its inception was, and still is, to help small businesses and artisans from all over the world sell their products and have global exposure. I  created a US-based marketplace in which vendors can choose which countries they would like to or can ship to. The platform is user-friendly, it allows brands to create a storefront, add videos and relevant information they choose to share about their business. The opportunity we face in an otherwise cluttered e-commerce world is this: I give small businesses a place for exposure, sales and growth plus offer marketing support to generate awareness where otherwise they may not be able to succeed. 

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

My name is Wanda Malhotra and I am the Founder of Crunchy Mama Box as well as a certified health coach and mother of three. I was born and raised in the fertile lands of Brazil, where I learned about botanicals, holistic healing and Ayurveda at a young age which fostered my “crunchy lifestyle”. Prior to starting Crunchy Mama Box, I spent over 20 years in the natural cosmetic industry creating vegan and organic skincare and henna and plant-based hair products, developing corporate wellness events and conducting hands-on cooking classes with an emphasis on plant-based eating. 

Today, I use my healthy living experience to cut through the clutter of the wellness industry and provide consumers with only consciously curated brands that truly promote a sustainable lifestyle. I have created not only a successful online marketplace for those seeking the best-of-the-best eco-friendly products but also a core community of families looking to learn, cultivate and grow their commitments to better living. I love connecting with others about food, health and wellness, which led me to pursue my Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For me, living a healthy lifestyle means I consider the foods I eat, the ways I move, and what I feed my mind, body and soul. What you put on your body is equally important as what you put inside your body. The journey to living a healthy lifestyle begins with clean and wholesome ingredients, and that is what I look for when testing products before listing them on the Crunchy Mama Box Marketplace.

The challenges the business/market is facing

The primary challenge with running any business is ensuring a healthy bottom line while also continuing to provide excellent products and/or service to consumers. Any Founder will tell you that it’s important to view the landscape and adapt to change, as necessary, in order to remain nimble and successful. 

With social media at the forefront of the game, I created a community of crunchy families online that are on a mission to spread love, support, and encouragement as we aim collectively to live a healthy and sustainable life. Our Facebook group called Crunchy Mama Strong is a space where families can feel connected and find support as they navigate parenthood. This allows my customers to share moments of joy, sadness, frustration, confusion, hope, anger, and triumphs as parents, while also asking questions about ingredients, safe products and healthier alternatives. I am using this platform to grow my Instagram presence as well and bring well curated content as well as wellness resources to followers. 

Advice to others about business

My advice to business owners is simple: trust your gut. I take care to always stick to my values, think outside the box and do what is right for you, your family and your business.