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Crypto trading, teaching courses on trading crypto- Jeroen, founder of The Blockchain Today

The story behind The Blockchain Today

Crypto trading, teaching courses on trading crypto, managing websites and having his own YouTube channel these are all daily activities for Jeroen, founder of The Blockchain Today. Jeroen is mainly concerned with conveying different profitable trading strategies and all the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrencies. In fact, Jeroen is someone who focuses on all aspects surrounding the crypto market. Nevertheless, he wants to keep growing in this business and focusing on what’s more to come in the never ending crypto market.

Currently, Jeroen is mainly focusing on his latest project and website, Whaleportal. Whaleportal is a trading dashboard where you can find different types of information about the bitcoin market, such as funding rates, crypto fear and greed index, taker buy/sell ratio and much more. The funding rates that you can find on The Whaleportal are very usefull. The funding rates are periodic payments made by traders with an open position, long or short. The funding rates are a great reflection of traders sentiment and therefore we can use this metric into our trading strategy. If there is an extreme reading in the funding rates it often indicates caution for the opposite direction. For example, if the funding rates is extremely negative, it wouldn’t be a great moment to open a short position but rather look for evidence in the chart to check for a long position. We often see a quick bounce after an extreme reading of negative funding rates in the short term to restore the balance. Very useful information for traders in Bitcoin and this information is free!

The Whaleportal dashboard is especially designed for traders in bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) to use and follow what is happening behind the scenes in the market. This dashboard ensures that traders can find everything on one platform to monitor and study activity on certain statistics. Whaleportal is particularly unique because of its simple user interface that makes navigation across the platform very easy. In addition, the information on the platform is detailed with correct and accurate data. In this way, for an experienced but also a novice trader, they will understand a lot better what is happening in the crypto market and what is going on behind the scenes. You can use this information for various trading strategies and techniques.

His business strategy is actually quite simple but definitely efficient. Each and every day, he posts a video on YouTube for The Blockchain Today. The Blockchain Today is his own YouTube channel which he has started in 2018. Meanwhile, the YouTube channel has reached 17.9K subscribers and his videos are being watched daily by traders all around the world. These videos are focusing on bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies and the technology & financial aspects behind it. They explain in detail, step by step, exactly what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are, how to trade in these crypto currencies, how to do the technical analysis on the charts and the market analysis. Jeroen believes that bitcoin is going to change the world and to be honest, it already does. If you got interested in his videos you can always have a look at them on Youtube – The Blockchain Today.

In addition to these videos, The Blockchain Today also provides courses which can help you grow as a trader. Currently, you can take the “Crypto Trading” course given by Jeroen. If you are unknowledgeable about trading cryptocurrencies, you can easily lose thousands of euros without the right expertise. The Blockchain Today offers an understandable course that is suitable for both new traders and traders with who are more experienced. This course covers all the facets you need to explore to make yourself a successful trader. Besides video lessons, you will also get access to The Blockchain Today community. This is an excellent way to be networking, to held discussions and sharing strategies with other traders. You will learn all about various trading strategies and techniques and how to apply them. In a nutshell: everything you need to know to become a profitable trader in cryptocurrencies.

On The Blockchain Today website, in addition to all the information about trading in Bitcoins, you will also find information about Bybit. Bybit is one of the best-known platforms for trading in Bitcoin. This popularity is related to liquidity. This is the most important factor of a platform, because if there is no or little liquidity to fill trades, traders will have a bad experience. Bybit is one of the platforms with the highest amounts of liquidity, and therefore incredibly popular among traders in Cryptocurrencies. Wondering how Bybit works and how you can start trading Bitcoin on this platform? Then take a look at the Bybit Tutorial.

What made you decide to start The Blockchain Today?

The most important reason for me was that in 2018, I was currently living in Bali, Indonesia and was very much engaged with the thoughts that I did not want to be in any way constrained to work at a location any longer. I did want to be able to make money but not necessarily be tied to the Netherlands in the process. I wanted to be free in where I was and at the same time also have the opportunity to earn money. In this context, one immediately thinks of a business of his own which he can practice online. The rebellious image of crypto has always been appealing to me and so I became quite interested. Therefore, I continued to delve deeper into it and started to taste the opportunities of the crypto market. I tend to be someone who likes to push up against the system. The entire crypto market gave me the possibility of not being location bound, going up against the system and at the same time being able to generate money. I found everything that I wanted and got really excited.

Are there any particular challenges that your clients need to consider?

Absolutely, there are most definitely some challenges that either customers or any other traders need to be aware of in this industry. The emotions in crypto are extremely powerful. By this I do mean that episodes can alternate strongly. Therefore, these emotions are immediately the biggest challenge that people have to take into consideration. In bitcoin, there are a number of cycles that keep on alternating. You can view these cycles as being like different seasons. There are certain seasons when it is going very well but there are also seasons when it is really going less promising. The important thing is to be aware of this and to have a good idea of which cycle, or season, the current market is in. If you have a good insight into these conditions, you will discover that the margin you make will continue to grow. Thus, these cycles are something you have to be aware of anytime.

How about the opportunities regarding the crypto market?

As per what I believe, the opportunities of the crypto market are all very high. This is due to the fact that this market is a new breed of market where there are many opportunities for both young and the old. While the younger generation may be in the lead because they have grown up with the technology and are therefore more familiar with the crypto market. However, the older generation can benefit from this very well. By knowing where your weak spots are, you can actually get a tremendous benefit from all of this. Thus, for any generation, from any place in the world, there are opportunities in this market. It is important to know how to tackle such opportunities. I’m willing to help these people to get the maximum benefit out of your crypto trading.

What’s your best advice to anyone who wants to start crypto or their own self-business?

This is something that I think applies to all home-based undertakings; You just got to have to do it. That’s the most important thing I actually want to pass on to people. Looking back at the first few videos that I created, for instance, I can’t say I was such a great analyst myself. Nevertheless, this is something you have to master by just simply doing it. Along the way one learns and that way you will continuously improve and innovate your own work. Looking back at where I began and where I stand now, I am actually very proud of these achievements that I’ve made during the years.

And are you interested in crypto trading? Then sign up for the Crypto trading course. You will learn all about different profitable trading strategies and techniques and how to apply them. In short: everything you need to know to become a profitable trader in Cryptocurrencies.  Wondering how to create a profitable trading strategy while learning all the ins and outs of trading Cryptocurrencies? Read on The Blockchain Today how you can develop yourself and secure your future by learning to take advantage of trends in the market.

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