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Design and create custom made exclusive original jewelry – Pia Amat

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Pia Amat was born in Barcelona in December 1978. From her childhood she plays and creates with sea stones and other materials. “My grandmother was my first teacher, she loved her rings, she told me their stories and taught me how to see the deep beauty of the stones.”

Her social vocation of justice and peace lead her to study law, mediation, psychology, ayurveda and practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

In 2000 being a custom jeweler become her full time profession and she opened her first jewelry atelier in Barcelona, in Gràcia district, and since 2012 the main Boutique Atelier is at street Verdi,3.

Currently she combines her two passions: Design and create custom made exclusive original jewelry and same time contribute to build a better world as sponsor and coach/consultant in a wide variety of social projects around the world. 

The bohemian style of Pia artisanal design jewelry is characterized by irregular and organic textures inspired by nature, ethnic sacred jewelry, Wabi Sabi aesthetics and the art nouveau Catalan and French. She uses high quality gemstones from fair trade whenever possible, and recycling silver and gold through melting techniques.

 The opportunities the business/market is facing

Our main objective as a brand is to grow digitally. Currently, our main sales channel is our physical shop. For artisan businesses, it is very difficult to grow due to the complexity and high costs of the digital environment. In order to reach a larger number of customers, it is necessary to have a very powerful web positioning, for this reason our main strategy in the coming years will be focused on our technological improvement and advertising.

Thanks to social media, small businesses can show the essence of their business. On these platforms, the customer can observe how they create, develop and grow their product. It is an opportunity to make themselves known and reach a wider audience.

 The challenges the business/market is facing

Currently, one of the main problems for local businesses is the increase in the cost of materials, transport and basic supplies for the development of the business. This increase in costs implies an extra effort to compete with big brands, as they don’t have the same resources or taxes, and they are constantly reinventing themselves in order not to be left behind.

Advice to others about business

As aspects to enhance we believe that it is increasingly important to provide personalised attention and customer service, with a more handcrafted and unique design.

With regard to new trends, this year Rose Quartz will be the protagonist, giving our looks a casual touch.

Charlotte Cremers