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Diverse Trends Hair and Lash Studio

Diverse Trends Hair and Lash Studio (

Diverse Trends Hair and Lash Studio is a private appointment-only studio located in Lexington, SC. I offer a slew of services including braided styles, blowouts, relaxers, extensions including braided and braidless sew-ins, bonded and tape-in extensions, crochets, ponytails, natural hairstyles, brow shaping, brow tinting, lash lifts and tints and lash extensions. 

I specialize in traditional sew-ins, braided styles, and classic lash extensions. 

What sets me apart from others is my the atmosphere I create in my studio, my level of professionalism, customer service, and knowledge of services. 

I am extremely proud of my reputation for classic lashes. I have managed to retain a large clientele with great success. Some clients I’ve serviced for years and they have healthy growing lashes and have not experienced any damage or traction alopecia. 

I take pride in my work and appreciate each and every client regardless if they are repeat clients or one-time clients. Good customer service to me is one of the most important possessions to have in a business. This could be the difference between a good/bad review and/or a repeated/one-time client. We all make mistakes and will continue to make mistakes because no one is perfect. Good customer service allows one to acknowledge an issue and fix it which in turn reflects the integrity of you as a professional and your business. 


The passion, talent, and love for hair and the beauty industry started when I was a child. Growing up I had the opportunity to shadow and observe several family members who were cosmetologists and salon owners. From there, I started practicing how to braid, and by the time I was 11, I perfected the skill enough to charge for services. I started braiding my brother’s hair and he became my walking canvas and advertisement. Being in middle school, I just charged $10 for my brother’s friends to get their hair braided. By the time I was in high school I had steady clientele. When I entered high school, I applied for the Cosmetology

program and graduated high school with my diploma and Cosmetology license. However, I didn’t go straight into the beauty industry. Once I graduated, I went off to college and worked as a social worker for 6+ years while doing hair part-time. 

Eventually, I started to get burned out and I started to lean more toward doing hair. I had a new desire of wanting a big family which sparked an interest in making more money. I knew being a social worker was not conducive to the life I dreamed of living. This is when the mindset shift happened. I eventually transitioned into the beauty industry full-time, however, the transition was not easy. The vision of Diverse Trends Hair and Lash Studio came about in 2018 while still working as a social worker. During this time, I had no clue about where or even how I would transition into doing hair full time when I barely had a part-time clientele. I would be lying if I said it was because of strategic planning that I was able to get to where I am today. Instead, it required a lot of faith and direction from God. When I quit my full-time job, I was nervous but excited. It wasn’t until I decided to quit that doors started to open. I eventually worked part-time as a social worker and full-time building my brand. Shortly after the transition, I was hired at a private spa in the vista and did exceptionally well there until I was terminated which forced me to open my own location. This is when Diverse Trends Hair and Lash Studio was born. 


It was not a smooth road at all. Transitioning from Social Work into the beauty industry was a task. Just mustering up the faith to step out in a completely different field was a struggle in itself. Once I did step out on faith everything started to fall in line, but there were obstacles that discouraged me and at the same time lit a fire in me where I refused to accept anything less than success. 

For instance, when I decided to quit my current social work job and continue in the private sector of social work where I worked PRN/part-time I was given the opportunity to work in a private spa. I did exceptionally well there, however, there came a time when things started to change with the owner and I was no longer granted access to the booking cite and was eventually terminated, through text on a Sunday, without any notice. Because of this, I had no access to the clients I serviced and was forced to start completely over. When I sensed things were

changing, I started looking for studio spaces anticipating something would happen and I’m grateful I did. Shortly after I was terminated, I was able to open my own studio on February 12th, 2020 and Covid shut me down in March 2020 which, as we all know, was an obstacle in itself and continued to be through the next year and currently. Because of Covid and the now economical inflation of things, many people cut out the “extras”, and are more cautious and fugal with spending. This is one of the biggest challenges in the industry today. You can be swamped one week and deserted the next. 


On the flip side, the aftermath of COvid has given much of society a new evolving perspective of self-care and self-love. This has caused those in the beauty/health industry to weather the storm. More people are budgeting in things like lashes, hair, nails, massages etc because it’s something they value with self-care. Covid has also allowed many in the beauty industry to step out of the box and utilize their social media. This has allowed many online businesses to be birthed and flourish. Diverse Beauty Collection is one of them.

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