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What if clothing could be more than a way to look beautiful? What if the fashion we choose could bring our Essence to life through the feeling and movement? What if there is a way to transmit an experience of something new and yet familiar, authentic, yet elevating just by creating a garment that fits just so? What if a piece of clothing could touch the body, heart and soul in a way that we wanted to be touched, yet weren’t? Divine Yoniverse and its creatrix Sunshine AuroRa answer with an emphatic “There Is such a way!” 

How, you wonder? Divine Yoniverse creates clothing that transports a person into a timeless, magical realm – the realm of goddesses, sorcerers, the realm of effervescent beauty, divine elegance and authentic power. Each garment is a gateway into an experience – for the one who wears and those who witness. Each piece is a way of being in life – with oneself and others. A way of moving through life. How, you wonder? Our bodies have a way of moving naturally, and Divine Yoniverse clothing honors that, empowers, embellishes and plays with it. This feeling is in the touch of the soft natural fabric on the skin, caressing and embracing the curves of our bodies, it is in the swirl of the exotic sleeves that have their own way of moving as we dance through life. This unique clothing calls us into remembrance of our true nature as authentic, playful, graceful beings who have the innate ability to source their life. It is a remembrance of our inherent divinity. 

How was such an idea born? It was a gift of a spiritual initiation. Sunshine AuroRa attended a white tantra immersion in India where she discovered the beauty of the “Ten Wisdom Goddesses” from the Vedic teachings through sacred ritual and dance and “becoming” each of these faces of the Divine Mother. At the last ceremony around the fire in the mystical hills above Mc.Leod Ganj, at the foothills of the Himalaya, a stark, clear vision came to her. A Temple of the Goddess in modern time. A Temple of remembrance that would call to the hearts of women with every element of it. A Temple of the womb wisdom and sisterhood – where women come together around beauty. She saw the blueprints of the Temple and the name Divine Yoniverse came to her. She knew the Temple would include fashion, accessories and body products that would bring out the feminine essence in all who entered it. 

Shortly after, Sunshine went for a month~long traditional ayurvedic body purification – “panchakarma.” As the experience of the Ten Wisdom Goddesses integrated into her purifying body, she began to receive sketches of clothing, one after another, until an entire collection “downloaded” onto paper! Sunshine knew nothing of clothing design nor of the Indian fashion~making industry. However, she knew that if Mother Goddess truly wanted this to happen, all resources would be provided and trusted this knowing. And, miraculously, they were! 

She contacted many factories and was willing to travel to any part of India to make this dream a reality. And, magically, a factory within five kilometres of her hotel near Delhi responded that they could create her quite exotic designs and could begin the next day! For the next two months, Sunshine immersed herself fully in the most fascinating art creation of her life – sculpting goddess archetypes out of fabric. She sampled her way through the bustling, sparkling markets of Delhi in search of the right fabrics, sequins and laces, delighting in the luxurious silks and chiffon. The team who helped her create the clothing taught her much about this fascinating process of taking a dream on paper to a reality on the person. Some designs were modified up to 10 times – Sunshine was so grateful for the kindness and patience of the team as she birthed her new baby Yoniverse into existence. 

Excited, she arrived to her home on the island of Koh Phangan in the Golden Kingdom of Thailand – a crystal island on which a global community of freedom~loving dancers comes together. Within two weeks of arrival, Sunshine called her sisterhood together for a fashion show that to this day may have been the most colourful event of the beautiful bay she called home. A giant Yoni {a Sanskrit word that means “Sacred Gate,” that is used for part of the woman’s body that births life} was built between two palm trees and women emerged onto the catwalk as an aspect of the Goddess herself, rebirthing themselves as they stepped through the Sacred Gate. The show became an opportunity for the women to see themselves and each other new. Divine Yoniverse made such sacred fashion shows a yearly tradition that continues to inspire many hearts. 

Very quickly Sunshine discovered that the sparkling, synthetic fabrics she chose for the first collection for their luxurious feel and glamour were completely impractical for the hot and humid Thailand. So she re-tailored the collection in the local natural fabrics – gauze cotton, linen and handmade organic cotton, and that touched the sweet spot for the islanders and tourists. Divine Yoniverse clothes are made in the ancient city of Chiang Mai that sources many arts and crafts for the Golden Kingdom of Thailand. 

As the word of the new ultra~feminine fashion spread, the men of the island began to ask Sunshine to make a line for them that matched in quality and authentic essence of the women’s line, yet accentuated the divine masculine instead. So she created a ShivAwear clothing line of natural clothing for the “royal rogue” within each man. “Shiva” in the Vedic tradition is synonymous with “divine masculine.”The clothes were thoroughly tested by the martial artists and dancers of the island for full freedom of movement and durability – the two qualities so important to many men. ShivAwear “Royal Rogue” collection honors the 4 core masculine archetypes of the King, Sorcerer, Warrior and Lover. Watch the “Divine Yoniverse meets ShivAwear” fashion show here:

With time, Divine Yoniverse acquired an alchemical dimension, now also creating an exquisite monoatomic gold serum called Aurmus. This incredible youthing serum {which can also be taken internally for spiritual awakening} has been known to Humanity for over 7000 years. It has been known by many ancient names since the time of Sumeria such as Cleopatra’s Milk, Manna, Shemanna, Philosopher’s Stone and Powder of Projection. In modern days, it is known generically as Ormus, brought back into the public eye by David Hudson. Aurmus deserves an article of its own, as some institutes of advanced technologies recognize it as “the most exotic matter currently known.” Here, it suffices to say that it has been known as Cleopatra’s main beauty secret – she used to bathe in Ormus every day, as she considered it to be an elixir of youth. It can be thought of as a super~electrolyte or liquid life force, composed of 7 monoatomic elements of Platinum group, including Gold, Platinum and Iridium. To discover more, please visit: https://Aurmus.IS 

The current challenge that Divine Yoniverse is facing is that it is a paradigm-shifting startup and, as such, does not have traction in mainstream yet, which has an impact on scaling and startup funding access, as signficantly more investment capital is directed towards the mainstream ventures. It is not a “business” derived from the word “busy.” It is a sacred enterprise – a company that puts beauty, quality and human dignity over productivity and focuses on a holistic approach, in a feminine way. 

Another challenge, which is also an opportunity, is the myth propagated by the modern culture that the feminine beauty is externally-defined. This “external validation” view has been further exacerbated by the social media instant-validation “like” culture of the past decade as well as by the youthfulness focus. Divine Yoniverse is here to dispel this myth. How? This clothing enhances the look of a woman of virtually any age and shape. This full~spectrum paradigm may be the way of the future, as it allows us to embrace the fullness of our humanity instead of idealizing just a tiny sliver of it that has a particular shape and look. Most designs convert effortlessly between 3-4 different ways of wearing that gracefully enhance a unique shape of each being, conveying a feeling of unconditional acceptance. What would a world look like if women knew their inner beauty and radiated it externally, feeling loved and accepted as they are? Just imagine that world for a moment. That is the world Divine Yoniverse is here to create. If the right angel investor aligned with the Yoniversal vision would choose to support this creation, it could make a difference for so many more women who are hungry for the Beauty Way. 

There is an incredible market opportunity here – inner~beauty sacred enterprise niche. With most beauty companies focused on external validation and sexual appeal, internal experience of the person often gets overlooked. Yet, that is where most miracles happen. Within. Clothing that honors the feeling while also celebrating the look is a unique market niche that addresses our humanity and our life experience. 

Most beings currently have “spiritual” and “business” niches in two separate compartments in their minds. Yet, what if our enterprises were informed by the higher aspect – the spirit and the heart – instead of the over-emphasized mind of the modern culture? The spirit and the heart have much more concern with the well-being of the whole, while the mind tends to focus on the individual experience, creating a narcissistic undercurrent to the modern western culture. The Me zeitgeist. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where the well-being of the whole was built into every enterprise venture, by design. The “Me as a part of We” zeitgeist. Divine Yoniverse is here as a stand for such a world. 

It has been a profound journey building this visionary enterprise – filled with both inspiration and challenge – quite a bit like raising a child. It has been so clear what challenges a new paradigm enterprise faces at this time – from startup funding to specialized marketing and bridging the new paradigm to the mainstream. When asked what advice would Sunshine give to the budding entrepreneurs, she said this: “Stay true to your heart. If it doesn’t excited you to the tippy-toes and scare you at least a bit – it’s probably not a big enough vision. The vision MUST pull you forward with excitement and inspiration to overcome the inevitable startup challenges. In the current state of the planet, it is the visions that benefit the whole that gain traction – so ask yourself: how will this idea improve the world? We are transcending the competition paradigm and entering the paradigm of co-creation. Find out who else is answering a similar call – they may be your allies.” 

Divine Yoniverse Temple

Barbara Santini