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Ernestine Touon Szabo – Living the American Dream

Written by:  Loretta Klein

Impulse Novelties Inc. is the home of innovative, high quality adult toys that entice and excite.  The award-winning designs are bold and beautiful shapes that are as unique as you are.  Our ergonomic, unique designs are the most elegant and fun products the adult industry has seen in years.  We dare to be adventurous and cutting edge while providing great quality and performance.  We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sexual experience, and our products are designed to help make that happen.   Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your relationship or you’re exploring your sexuality for the first time, we have the perfect toy for you.  Our products are made from the highest quality silicone, ABS materials and are built to last.  We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.  Impulse Novelties Inc. is more than just a business; we’re a community of people who believe in sexual exploration and self-expression. Impulse products have been featured in major adult industry publications, as well as in mainstream media, television, and film including Playboy TV, Neighbors 2, and Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

Awards & Accolades

AVN Awards – Two-time winner – Outstanding Power Product & Medium Size Manufacturer

X-BIZ Awards- Two-time Nominee – Pleasure Product Co.& Innovative Sex Toy Design of the ye

Come explore with us!

Ernestine Touon Szabo was born in Douala Cameroon and was #5 in her parents 10 children.  The Cameroon tribe is called Banen.  She lived for 10 years in Switzerland and she speaks French and English.  In 2002 she came to America and in 2017 she became an American citizen fulfilling a lifelong dream.  She went to the University of Minnesota to pursue her Education.   In 2012 she founded Impulse Novelties in Chatsworth, California.  Like most women, Ernestine keeps her pleasure toys tucked away in the back of her closet near her shoe collection.  One day, as she reached for her trusted vibes, she thought to herself, “Why aren’t sex toys as stylish and fashionable as I am?” Ernestine realized that most existing products on the market were not up to her standards of style and quality.   Armed with her personal style and desire for luxury, she started designing what would become The Closet Collection.  Now two decades later we have The Black Door, Amie, Amie Encore, and The BFF Collection.  These products are all designed with both function and fashion in mind and they have become some of the most popular sex toys on the market.  Ernestine is committed to providing quality products and services, and she strives to provide a positive experience for her customers. Ernestine is proud to be able to offer her customers a unique selection of Vibrator products, and she is confident that they will find something that they love.  

Ernestine quickly learned the many challenges of this industry.  It’s still an uphill battle, often, banks and payment processing services that refuse to do business with any adult-oriented business.  Even as recent as a couple months ago I was told our payment processing company would not do business with us anymore because of what we sell.  I think it’s true to say most companies have their share of ups and downs and we are no different.  Through them Ernestine has remained committed to her vision. Ernestine never lets any of the challenges discourage her, she simply says find someone who will process our payments.   It has been important to her that her designs were created by a woman for a woman.   She sees nothing as negative and refuses to even think about it for a second.  Simply move forward, never mention what you can’t do only what you can do. 

Ernestine is very passionate about the example she can be to women. Her constant goal of empowering women through sexual liberation, is as much as a priority as it was on her first day of business. She realized she had the ability to empower women by teaching them that by owning their own pleasure by taking a journey in self-discovery they will learn what feels good to them, putting pleasure first, to be totally mindful of their bodies as that source of pleasure. The best way to learn what they want is through solo sex or self-pleasure.   When a woman is able to learn what fuels her desire, arousal and what her body enjoys on the journey to climax it becomes much more pleasurable building self-confidence and self-worth. This new-found confidence can carry over into all areas of their lives giving them a sense of empowerment like never before.  When we feel entitled to sexual pleasure we speak up for it.  This leads to better sex and better health.  It also can lead to a tighter bond with their partner.  The benefits of sexual satisfaction effect every aspect of living a healthy life. Ernestine’s goal is to help as many women as possible liberate themselves sexually so they can live a life where women can be financially independent and self-sufficient, living their best life.  Ernestine is dedicated to helping women succeed in business.  She believes together we can create a world where all women can feel confident and free to be anything they want to be.

The sex toy business has come a long way in recent years and there are now more opportunities than ever before to reach new customers and grow our business. Social media is increasingly becoming the go-to place for people to find out about new products and brands, so it’s important for us to make sure we have a strong presence on the platforms our target audience is using. By creating informative blog posts, sharing relevant industry news, and running targeted ads, we can connect with potential customers and increase sales.   With the right mix of engaging content and targeted advertising, we can reach a whole new group of potential customers and take our business to the next level.  At the same time, we must not forget the customers that have brought us to here for the past 2 decades.  Our B2B sales are very important.  Their loyalty and continued support are always appreciated.  Currently we have one inside sales representative who has 40 years in this industry working every day to ensure all their needs are met.  It is said that today the adult industry is worth approximately 15 billion dollars and will exceed 50 billion by 2025. This is one of the few industries that actually continued making money during the pandemic. We knew that the market was growing and that there are opportunities for us to capitalize on.  And so far, we’ve been successful. But we also know that the landscape is constantly changing, creating a social media strategy is essential for any business in the modern age, and the sex toy industry is no exception.  With the right approach, we can reach a whole new group of potential customers and grow our business significantly. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with our customers and promote our products. Our aim is to make buying sexual wellbeing products easy, enjoyable and discreet, without compromising on quality or service. Whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook, we know that these platforms are a fantastic tool for educating and empowering our customers.  We at Impulse stand committed to designing high quality and safe intimate products that help our customers continue to bring pleasure and romance in their relationships.  We will also continue to empower women with self-confidence, self-esteem and wellness, teaching them they are worthy to have all their dreams come true.  

Ernestine’s advice for anyone considering going into business for themselves is to be prepared for the ups and downs. “There will be times when you feel like you’re on top of the world, and times when you feel like giving up,” she says. “But if you believe in your vision, persist through the tough times and stay true to your values, you can achieve success.”  It’s also not a bad idea to really make sure there is a need for what you plan to sell.  Check out who your competitors are and what they’re doing.  Most of all make its your passion, work hard & never give up!


Founder of Impulse Novelties Inc. 

Ernestine Touon Szabo

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