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Eventbinge – The ever elusive one stop shop for events

Business name – is coming to reality dream of a one stop shop for any events related stuff.

Why was it created / founded – Founders, like many-many other folks am sure, have often wondered where to go on off days with their little kids. And it has been challenging to find right events, festivals or the likes to go to. There seems to be a need for a one stop shop where people can find such information, search based on their requirements which could be for specific dates, for specific geography, for specific facilities like parking or food. Having been defeated in their pursuit many times to find a good option the urge increased to have something where one can get this much coveted information. And then stuck the realization that there can be more similar situations in form of job fairs, tradeshows and launches which any like us would like to find and know about. Which seeded the idea of the website Eventbinge and with technology background began the interesting journey.

What It does – Basically, a virtual entity in form of a website. Is essentially a free and easy way to increase visibility to the 

  • Events
  • Tradeshows 
  • Product launches
  • Roadshows 
  • Event marketing  

and such things one hosts or conduct promotions of such. It’s almost effortless advertisement in a quest to reach a bigger audience.

It’s completely free and always will be. Though yes you need to create an account with minimum inputs no personal information. (Essentially just Username and password- nothing else).

The platform intends to marry the needs of an “organizer” and “attendees”. 

Helping “Organizer” achieve more and more footfall.

Helping “Attendees” to go to the right place at right time.

Helping “Vendors” to pursue right opportunity for them to sell.

Helping “Friends” to help friends to get to more events.

Helping to gather momentum for the events.

Idea to create this was to help organizers as well as public / seekers to find the right event to go to. A platform that makes sharing and finding events easy and seamless. A platform which people can rely on to reach masses and masses can rely to find the right fit for them.

Challenges everyone is facing in today’s world to list a few

  1. If you want an outing with family then it’s a struggle to find the right event 
  2. If you looking job then it’s difficult to find right job fair.
  3. If you want more and more people to be informed and attending the shows and launches as organizer, how do you do it.
  4. If you looking for reminders to be there in timely manner so you can plan the visit better.

There is a total lack of facility to search for events and likes based on geography (Zip Code based), genre, dates, other factors like food availability in event, or parking available at event.

Challenges Eventbinge is facing – The breakthrough, the first event organizer, the first enrollee, this first signup, the first patron, the first is perhaps the most difficult. With the hope for it to grow the next immediate challenge coming up will be to ensure scaling up properly, that is technically speaking. Ensuring some form of fresh aspects come in regularly, some new features or factors being introduced or some things keep improving, to keep active engagement for all our patrons ensuring they continuously get what they came looking for originally.

Another challenge eventbinge is facing is how to reach out to the event organizers in a meaningful way, so the effort doesn’t look like spam, to be able to help them creating accounts and publicize their events and in turn help and get more attendees.

Opportunities in today’s world 🡪 Platform provides us all an opportunity to address above challenges. End of the day individuals or families or groups would end up where they wanted to be. It also helps you helping your friends by allowing you to share event details in emails or otherwise marking event as loved on platform adding a socializing angle to it. Which in turn also helps organizers to make the event more successful.

It perhaps can also be good platform for other service providers to get in touch with Organizers in order to pursue providing their services. Here friends can connect to each other, Service providers can connect to organizers, seekers can connect to organizers. One can search for events happening thousands of miles away, days in advance before travelling and add more perfection to their plans. Imagine being able to plan everything from searching to reminding to interacting with friends or organizers from the same place. Imagine the kind of efficiency one would gain.

Nothing like having meaningful day, be it having fun and relaxing or for more serious purpose like searching jobs. The platform can fulfill all.

The future: Idea is to make the experience more and more fluid and flowing. Though is to add more features as we move along in the journey, to exemplify, There very well can be ticketed events hence, hence plans are to gradually enhance functionality to enable tickets sell / purchase, again to make it a one stop shop with a seamless experience. Also are the plans to take the platform to mobile platform to have even more effortless experience.

No harm no foul having another avenue of reaching masses. Looking forward to grow together and have fun together.

Word of advice to others 

  1. Startup needs a lot of dedicated time – You might start something up as side gig but if you want it to grow and become a serious thing then it will need your dedicated time. It perhaps is a even a good idea to do that.
  2. Be ready to be bold – Difficult decisions will have to be made and you will have to be bold about them, you will and should feel scared but don’t back out of something because of that. Have a plan to tackle it.
  3. Socialize – Always socialize and keep selling yourself/product, never be shy. It’s your business to perform business and your business to sell your business. 
  4. You will get stuck – Not once but many times you will get stuck. But keep in mind that not every problem can be solved then and thee how so ever hard you think, sometimes you need to walkaway foe some time. Solutions strike suddenly as a light bulb moment more often than we realize. Though doesn’t mean we stop thinking about solution altogether.
  5. Be truthful to yourself – In respect of judging something don’t be biased. If you need help somewhere, try getting it, of course if affordable, don’t try to lie yourself that you can do it right. You might be able to do it but not to the satisfaction. 
  6. Truthful market research – Don’t lie to yourself about the need of your product in market, one tends to be biased given the hard work they put in for the product they have. Figure out the tweaks or adjustment that ae needed, sooner the better also sometimes better late than never.
  7. One more time – Just do things one more time when you are about to give, problem though is you will have to repeat same exercise again.
Crystal Kadir