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Fahrenheit- Underwear & Socks

My name is Monica and YES I am a woman.  I have spent most of my career in the menswear fashion industry with 13 years heading the Men’s and Women’s Footwear and Accessories Division at Brooks Brothers as the product line builder and buyer for all retail and outlet shops around the world.  During my time at Brooks Brothers, I came to realize that all products which look classic on the exterior but had a fun pattern as a lining or a hidden detail always performed the best and were customer favorites.   A few years ago, I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea and created a line of novelty men’s underwear and socks with 2 formal colleagues from Brooks Brothers William Cooksley and Vita Carucci.  William was on my team and headed Men’s accessories and Vita is based in Italy and is an incredible liaison with all factories.  After our departure from the company, we had stayed in touch and always dreamed of working together again.  Each one of us has unique talents and experiences which together form the perfect team.  So voila, we joined forces and created Fahrenheit Underwear & Socks.  The idea was to wholesale and offer a collection online of great quality underwear made in Europe at a reasonable price and exceptional quality that would stand out and be superior to what was available in the market.

We realized that the vast majority of guys out there are wearing very cheap quality underwear and that most of the more elevated brands offer synthetics as an option.  We wanted to create a line of underwear made of natural fibers, eco-friendly and high quality with fun and stylish prints which is different from what was sold in the market.  Most of the printed underwear we found being sold seemed to have juvenile prints and patterns which did not align with a more elegant but fun vision we had in mind.  To give an example, I struggled to understand why anyone would want to wear underwear with pizza slices printed on the fabric.

As a brand, we have a commitment to creating product and partnering with factories that feel that they have a responsibility towards our environment and above all to the fair treatment of their employees and their communities. Throughout the years I have visited and seen many factories overseas which do not adhere to these standards.  This is why we have made it our mission to only partner with those who align with our values.

When we launched at the end of 2019 it was our strategy to offer our product to the US wholesale market as a main focus and have an online presence.  Of course, a few months later the world shut down due to COVID 19 and we had to figure out how to adapt to the new global reality.  Since then, we have shifted to growing our online presence and in 2022 picked up our wholesale initiative by participating in trade shows and offering our product to retailers around the country. 

We offer a 100% Guarantee online and accept all exchanges and returns for full credit as well as free shipping for all orders over $10.

At Fahrenheit we have an incredibly loyal following online with a very high returning customer rate.  Our Wayne Briefs have become customer favorites and reviews indicate that they are the most comfortable and stylish briefs on the market.  Initially we offered briefs as one of our silhouettes and quickly realized that the majority of our customers were looking for an alternative to the classic tighty whities that were their only option.  We have realized that there are more customers choosing briefs vs boxer briefs than we had originally thought. 

We are planning to expand into larger sizes.  When we originally launched, we offered sizing Small through X-Large, but have recently expanded into XX-Large sizing and are working on developing a Big & Tall program in order to fill the gap in the customer needs.

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