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Maybe I’m not a beautiful woman but I like to be elegant and have my own style.Not everything that is fashionable suits me and that’s when I started to create an online store that sells products by affiliation with other stores.My goal at the beginning was to write well-documented articles, with quality information about different products or services, to be a source of inspiration for people and gentlemen.

My name is David Nina and I am the Founder and unique Editor of the site I did the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest with a profile in Finance, Economic Analysis, Audit and Informatics.After graduating from college I chose to work in the financial field, I worked for over 20 years in this field.Although from school my passion remained computer science, especially creating websites, I still went to work in finance.

In 2011 I was out of work and I tried to make my own site, I made a site with a financial profile that was maintained on the first page in Google for a year.In the meantime I received an offer to work again in financially, the offer that seemed good to me at that moment and so I gradually gave up again the computer science part.

In 2018 I realize that I made a very big mistake and I started learning, so I went back to school again and did the Academy of Computer Science with a specialization in Web Design.Meanwhile, in 2019 I am also running out of work and the disease called Covid begins, which has forced us to stay longer in the house.From this moment on I started to create a site that I called https://www.fashionalways.roInitially I did not know in what profile to be the site, although I have great experience in the financial part I wanted to choose a totally different path.

But because I am a woman and like any woman I like fashion and I want to know how to dress and what to wear, so I started in making the fashion site.In the meantime, because I like everything related to art and sports, I developed the site more, I completed it with two more categories.At the moment the main areas of the business are: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle.I consider that these categories define me, are part of my life and I like to read as much as possible, to research about these categories and others.Because I know WordPress at a medium level I decided to make my site on this platform.The site from its creation on the wodpress platform, to the image, content and SEO is made entirely by me, I have no collaborators at the moment.

To learn as much as possible about how to create my business I started to go to more free and paid courses.


– Personal development;

– SEO courses;

– Online marketing courses;

– Copywriter courses;

– Image courses – Photoshop and Illustrator;

– Business books.

The biggest challenge was to learn to manage my own business from its inception, to its development to its smooth operation.My challenge is to be able to bring the business to page 1 of Google without financial investments, only based on SEO and content.You have to get to know very well the niche in which you operate, in order to be able to face the competition.It’s not easy at all and it was a big challenge for me to start a business from scratch on my own with almost zero costs.We also had many obstacles at the beginning from some people but also from a technical point of view.

Some people have advised me to give up that it is not for me and that the chosen path is totally wrong and that it is a waste of time and better to start working.And from a technical point of view I encountered difficulties because I did not know very well what to do and I did not have the chance to receive advice.

Another challenge is to learn to promote myself as well as possible on different communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others) and to know my competition in the niche of my business and practically to be able to create a brand.

A brand is indispensable for any business.

A Brand is a clear identity for the customer.

I want to be able to create a clear image of my business and the clients to know me by name, logo, colors and slogan, I want to manage to have a unique brand.No one teaches you how to attract customers and how to make your business visible.I had to learn everything myself, permanently and test it myself, only in this way I managed to find the ideal solution for my business.So I developed my business, but I also developed as a person by always reading books by people who succeeded in business.

As every person is unique in life I believe that every business is unique.

Even though there are many businesses in the same field, I think that everyone has their strengths or weaknesses, so there are peculiarities that make the difference.The difference is made by those of us who try to make a business, it depends on everyone’s vision and our perception.I admit that the experience gained in the financial field helped me a lot.Since I have been for a long time in the position of CFO I know how to run a business and what it involves.The market fortunately has great potential, because we all have to eat, get dressed, go on vacation, etc.In conclusion, let’s live and own various things that help us have at least minimal comfort.

After the pandemic – COVID period, internet business began to develop, than making a physical business is easier to make a business online.The limit of the clients of a real – physical business is drawn at the city where it is located. 

An eCommerce business can grow in a global market, without taking into account the physical limitations.Due to the ubiquitous nature of the eCommerce activity, the work schedule and geographical limits of the services are increasing. 

People can connect to an eCommerce business by asking the internet at any time and from any place.

E-commerce companies have reached customers who live around the world. The Internet crosses national borders.

E-commerce offers an opportunity for business people to enjoy customers without problems, without being limited by cultural and national borders.The biggest advantage is that you can be visible in any corner of the country or the world and you can have millions of customers around the world.This higher exposure will lead directly to an increase in turnover and business profit.If we are to talk about the financial side of an online activity compared to a physical business we have many differences.Before we start a business we should also think about what our investment budget is, so let’s think about expenses.

In online business the expenses are much lower than in a physical business:

– Zero expenses with rent for offices;

– Minimum expenses with utilities;

– Small cylinders with telephone services.

I think there are only two types of people in this world. 

On the one hand there are those who only dream of a fulfilled life without doing anything about it… And on the other hand, there are those people who are ready to act when an opportunity arises.

Most of them will tell you that they want to live a fulfilling and carefree life, but we know that there are very few of them who are willing to do something to make it happen. Most of them will continue to dream… instead, those few leftovers who really want to get to where they dream, will act.I believe that there are people who will manage to overcome the fear of failure and will begin to act.

1.First of all I think you have to make a business in a field that you like, otherwise I think along the way you will give up.

2.There is a lot of work behind creating a site, especially if you deal with the whole site (tehinca part, content, image, SEO).

3.When you start a business I don’t think it’s a middle ground, you have to work hard and learn to manage your own business.

4.Even if you get help and recommendations, you will still be the one who decides the path you will follow.

But, what do you do when your patience is on the ground? 

When do you feel that you have worked so hard for your dream, that of having your own business and just depending on anyone?

But is there always something that prevents you from progressing? 

What do you do, give up?

Or are you looking for solutions to climb to the top and get to where you dreamed? 

So that you can prove first to yourself that anything is possible, then to those who did not trust you and sabotaged you psychologically.

Because the moment your business will work and you start to have decent income you will be satisfied and quiet, you will be proud of your achievements.