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Frammy – Designer Brand


  • Business Strategies
  • Unique designs, Inspired by cultures, colors, music, lifestyles, and local to global

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

My name is Gulsah Hamurcu, I’m based in Istanbul /Turkey. I have worked in the fashion industry for eight years as a stylist, costume designer, and brand consultant. I started to draw illustrations When I was living in Thailand on the little island of Koh Lipe. This journey let me discover myself. Then I moved the Berlin to visit artists & designers friends. They liked my illustrations and artwork and they motivated to me start my own fashion brand business. I launched “Frammy ” in Berlin in 2017. I develop “Frammy Land” with Harajuku Kawaii culture, rave music festival culture, and colorful maximalist styles. In 2022, I made cooperation with an American company (Valet Seller) and launched “Frammy Life” (Home & lifestyle) brand in the American retailer e-commerce market, such as Sears, Belk, and Kmart. Still running my business and keeping to develop it. My biggest motivation is to discover cultures.

The challenges the business/market is facing

Every market has challenges inside. Just challenge types are changing according to markets. My biggest challenge is being based in Turkey. “Frammy Land”; my designs, illustrations artworks are maximalist. I’m trying to involve the maximalist fashion styles culture like Tokyo, Berlin, London, and USA markets.

“Frammy Life”; I’m trying to involve the biggest department store chains like Walmart.

That’s why I build up my business plan, with a “impossible is nothing ” motto. And now “Frammy Life” products are manufactured in USA and sales domestically in the USA market.

“Frammy Land” products are manufactured in China & USA and shipping to worldwide.

Currently, my business model is online. In the future, I want to develop “Frammy Land” offline in USA and global music festival vendor marketplaces. “Frammy Life” goal is to involve retailer stores’ shelves.

I know these markets have big competition and big operations, but If you can not dream and take a risk for your business you can not grow up.

  • The opportunities the business/market is facing
  • I believe every business can make own opportune. The main point is you need to match the right markets with your business model. It’s all about the ring the right doorbell.

The best way to understand this is to know your brand’s DNA very well.

And then, you should analyze your sales strategy in the market according to the competition and follow a path accordingly. At the same time, you should protect your brand DNA and build up customer loyalty.

We convey this importance to the brands at the FNAD agency, where I am a part of the team.

  •  Advice to others about business

Go beyond, know your brand DNA, research a lot, and take a risk.

  • Lessons learned from running  this business
  • If you failed one step, go back one step and look at your step, and try to understand why you failed. And your next step will be stronger than your past step. Then you will see, in the future, you can run.
Marie Salbuvik