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Francisco Segarra, much more than a furniture firm… A way of making your dreams a reality

Francisco Segarra is a vintage furniture company located in Spain that has been in business since 2010. Francisco Segarra is also the name of its founder, who has always been looking for singularity in all his projects.

The company has grown and evolved over the years thanks to the passion, effort and faith placed in it. Nowadays Francisco Segarra is a respected and well-known name both in Spain and abroad.

The company is active in the manufacturing, processing and selling of contract furniture, but it also has an interior design department, which has made really wonderful and outstanding restaurant design projects.

Francisco Segarra as a businessman decided to start with this new business after years working in the real estate industry. He realized the market was reaching its saturation point, what made him give a major change. He wanted to make a difference through unprecedented collections. He fell in love with vintage style and can be defined as the pioneer of this style in Spain.

He is curious, enthusiastic, indomitable, resilient. An optimistic man and an entrepreneur. He was born in Castellón and has always proud of his origins, but what most has encouraged him to carry out all his projects has been his travels to India. A place where he always finds inspiration.

This referent of talent understands interior design as something full of emotions, and a place is only complete when we can feel its soul. This is how Francisco Segarra’s team works and the reason of all the successful results.

Francisco Segarra has installations in Castellón and Madrid. The first one has more than 3000 m2 of exhibition and the second one has 175 m2. Two stunning showrooms where visitors can experience at first hand that uniqueness of which this brand can boast. It is a place that is worth to visit with time, no rushing.

Despite the beginnings linked to the vintage style, Francisco Segarra has explored more styles, but always bringing them to its own terrain. Industrial, retro, rustic… even there is a collection of wabi-sabi furniture, an aesthetic that has gained a good place within the catalogue of products.

One of the unique features of Francisco Segarra is its own vision of interior design. There is an intention to create spaces with much more strength and personality, where we can give free rein to imagination and achieve bold designs. Francisco Segarra puts at your disposal those furniture and décor accessories to make it a reality.

It is also worth of stressing the great collection of antiques. They arrive from different parts of the world where he has travelled. So, the showroom is also a place full of authentic things: doors, display cases, tables, benches… and also mirrors, chests and pieces full of history that can be used as props.

Most of the décor and interior design projects developed by Francisco Segarra’s interior designers are restaurants, because the founder has been always passionate about them, but we can find hotels, coffee shops, stores and even house designs. For this reason, in the showroom located in Castellón, there is an area for the visitors to imagine their future project. Six different spaces designed and decorated as surprising concepts.

You can also discover at the web a special section called 100%FS projects, which gathers those works developed by Francisco Segarra’s interior design team and with FS furniture.

Whether you are looking to design a new project or simply to add some style to your business or home, Francisco Segarra’s furniture and works will delight you.

Challenges. Daring to be different…

Francisco Segarra is a company with a unique blend of creativity, ability and passion that has become it a reference one in an ever-evolving industry.

Despite its popularity, it has faced several challenges throughout its life. First and foremost, it was difficult to work its own way in a moment when serial production was the most extended. Francisco Segarra was looking for something different, out of common and he had to work hard in order to make headway in the market.

Being aware of the importance of the new technologies and to make known the brand, Francisco Segarra webpage was born with it. In the beginning it was only in Spanish, but with the increasing popularity in other countries made it a trilingual website. Nowadays it is a complete site where you will find the full catalogue of products, beautiful projects, interesting news and press publications.

Francisco Segarra is a brand characterized by its singularity and because it offers a wealth of unique pieces. It can be seen as a challenge, because the search for new pieces never stops. It can also be seen as an opportunity of being different and discovering what is behind each piece.

Consumers and the way we consume has been changing in the last years. Today, when people enters a restaurant for example, they not only look for a tasteful menu and a good service, they also want to find a new experience. It is what Francisco Segarra has been working in. The most important in an interior design project is to achieve an atmosphere that awakens emotions and creates a wonderful experience.

Another challenge the company had to suffer was the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a difficult period that affected all over the world. Specially restaurants were conditioned by this situation, and it was essential to look for new ways of reinventing themselves.

Francisco Segarra reaffirmed its unswerving support to the hospitality sector. Outdoor spaces took on prominence, and therefore outdoor furniture became one of the most important in any catalogue of furniture. Francisco Segarra every year presents new collections of outdoor chairs and tables.

Another challenge facing the furniture market is the increasing competition. Francisco Segarra has always thought the best way of evolving and staying in the market is trying to be different and when the situation gets worst, we must reinvent ourselves. New collections, new styles, new perspectives… Being faithful to one’s essence but always looking at the future.

A window of opportunities. Francisco Segarra, always looking ahead.

Despite these challenges, there are always many opportunities we must take into account. Francisco Segarra’s furniture reflects the brand’s main goal, that is strengthening the trend towards personalization and singularity. Consumers are looking for unique designs, and it has led to a rise in this type of works.

The showroom has been on many occasions the chosen space to make shootings for magazines. Much more than a furniture store, it is a real interior design project to enjoy and share.

It has also been the space for the recording of some films, with an active participation in the development of the settings, like “The Ultimate Hideaway”, a teaser by Juan J. Bargues for Netflix.

Another opportunity for the expansion of this furniture store has been the collaboration made with some popular TV programmes, such as “La Voz” (the Spanish version of “The Voice”), “MasterChef” and “Maestros de la Costura” (the Spanih version of “The Great British Sewing Bee”). Vintage and industrial pieces from Francisco Segarra’s catalogue have recreated in several editions, artistic spaces for these TV programmes.

It is also worth to tell the collaboration in which some pieces of furniture were used to create special spaces in the movie A Monster Calls, directed by Jaun Antonio Bayona.

There is also a tile collection designed by Francisco Segarra in collaboration with a well-known Spanish tile factory, Peronda Group. An opportunity and a wonderful combination between creativity, technical knowledge and talent.

This has also been a reason to design stands in fairs and events for the ceramic tile industry.

Over these 13 years, the company has been opened to explore new fields, and that’s why it has increased its popularity.

Francisco Segarra, passion for design, passion for one’s work.

Francisco Segarra has always defended the importance of being unique and faithful to one’s essence and that’s the best advice he could give to new business owners, but it is also important to stay up to date with the latest trends and constantly to look for new ways to improve your products and services. This means you must keep abreast of changes in consumer preferences.

Developing a strong brand identity is also an aspect they should take into account. It must represent the values and the philosophy you want to convey.

The key to success also includes having a strong online presence. Francisco Segarra has a strong website, constantly updated. More and more consumers use Internet to research and purchase products, so this is particularly important if you want to adapt to current times.

Overall, it is clear that any business can be successful if they work hard, put effort and love what they do. The secret to Francisco Segarra’s success is a combination of passion for design and a great spirit of overcoming.

If you want to learn more about this brand, you can visit the website and delve into Francisco Segarra’s style. A collection of pieces with details that provide character and an original touch that confers exclusivity.

The book NEW FURNITURE & INTERIOR DESIGN VINTAGE is maybe the best window to define the brand. A book about some of the best projects that is a real reference manual to charge your inspiration thinking about the future.

Barbara Santini