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Frenchies Inc – French Flocked Non-Slip U-Shaped Hairpins

Frenchies Inc is a company originated in California. We manufacture and sell Patented Frenchies – French Flocked Non-Slip U-Shaped Hairpins. 

Our Fabulous Flocked French Hairpins are uniquely created to keep your hairstyles, buns, extensions, and wigs in place.Our innovative design comprises a traditionally U-shaped French hairpin flocked with a velvety fiber coating, which creates a high-friction surface to hold hair in place. It’s great for those with thick hair and for up-dos, buns, braids, twists and more!

We have solved the problem of hairpins not staying in place, sliding out, scratching, damaging and irritating the skin. Unlike other hairpins, Frenchies are made to match all different hair colors.

We recently added Frenchies with Charms as a new product, which has a value of 2 products in 1.  You can have fun and decorate your pin and updo with 

beautiful Pearl and Crystal Charms or take them off and use Frenchies hairpins without them.

– Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

       Elena Nikitina Bick                                                            Elena Talan

       Wellington, FL                                                                  Los Angeles, CA

Meet Elena and Elena – creators of Frenchies.

    Working in film and fashion, it wasn’t uncommon for us to spend 16 hours a day balancing a camera ready updo. What the camera doesn’t see is that some of these styles are held together with 30+ painful metal pins that within a few hours begin to slip out scratching and pulling at your scalp. 

   After another long day balancing a painful updo, Elena Bick was in the closet and felt the surface of a flocked hanger, realizing that was the solution. Elena Talan built the first prototype and once we tried them, we knew this was a product that can make women lives better. Neither of us had experience in manufacturing or running a business, but we were inspired to find a way.

– The challenges the business/market is facing

Lately our business faced few major challenges such as Pandemic, Inflation, Hacking and Motherhood in Covid Times.

The pandemic gave us a challenge when the ports got backed up and we could not receive our inventory for about 3 months while running out of stock. Luckily we managed and lots of customers were very understanding and patient which we are very grateful for.

Inflation is another one concerning lots of people including us these days. Raw material, labor and shipping are becoming more and more expensive. We are still managing to keep our prices the same and not upset our loyal regular customers by raising them but it is becoming more and more challenging. 

Our Instagram account @frenchieshairpins  ( )was recently hacked and that was quite a scary nightmare. It took us a while to get the control of our account back, meanwhile the hacker was contacting our customers, collaborators and friends through our account trying to get their personal information and hack theirs. We created personal accounts as soon as we found out, posted everywhere we could that our account was hacked along with advice on how to secure an account which we learned the hard way, we also wrote individual messages to a lot of our active followers and warned them about what happened.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things Mother Nature has created, but when you run a business, take care of your household and loved ones, juggling few kids and Pandemic hits, we think everybody can relate to this challenge. Video zoom calls with your baby screaming in the background, no space or time to focus on work tasks as well as you’d like to, trying to stay creative and productive while everybody at home is needing your full attention, and so on and so forth… God Bless all the entrepreneurs and everybody trying to make it during pandemic times!

– The opportunities the business/market is facing

Internet and social media made this world into a smaller and more intimate place helping news and word of mouth spread very fast and we are very grateful for that as people share about Frenchies Hairpins with one another. Thanks to that Frenchies are now being sold all over the globe as people discover us in social media posts of supporters of our brand. 

New avenues continue to open and besides our website Frenchies are also sold on platforms such as Amazon and other major stores. We also work with a lot of local beauty supply stores, salons and dance stores.

We are working on growing our line of products. We continue welcoming ideas, suggestions, address needs of our customers and keep in touch through social media  ( ), over e-mail [email protected] )and the phone. We believe in helping one another and always cross promote people and other businesses that mention us.

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