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From A to All is a brand that creates one-of-a-kind home decoration items

From A to All is a brand that creates one-of-a-kind home decoration items. Our brand aims for every item to be timeless, clean, playful, and, most importantly, multipurpose.

From A to All was born sometime after the corona pandemic started; like many others, I lost my Job over this entire thing. It was initially challenging and confusing because, of course, nobody knew how long it would last, So I decided I was not going to stress about something that was entirely out of my power to control and decided to invest that energy instead in creating what today is From A to All.

As a creative person, I’ve always needed to create; it didn’t matter what, I just needed to create something I would be able to see in the real world

As a Former Fashion designer, I started making silver and concrete Jewelry, which at the time didn’t work very well because, of course, the whole world was in lockdown, so there was not a big market at that specific time.

I then started looking into what I liked and what inspired me back when I was still a Fashion Design Student: Kintsugi, Brutalism, and Concrete immediately came to mind. The question was how these three completely different concepts could blend.

It didn’t took me a lot of time to figure it out; it was like my brain had been doing the whole thinking and concept development  in the back of my head, and suddenly I knew, and that’s how the concept of From A to All was born :

“Inspired by brutalism, geometry, minimalism, and the ancient art of Kintsugi, we blend philosophies and concepts that don’t seem to associate.

Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken, and what looks like useless ceramic with gold; with this concept in mind, we took concrete for its rawness, imperfections, unattractiveness and merged it with the teachings of Kintsugi by adding a dash of minimalism and geometry.

Fusing art and functionality, Every piece comes to life not only as a beautifully crafted item but with one of the most inspiring teachings: embracing authenticity, imperfections, and uniqueness; Highlighting instead of hiding flaws as part of the object’s history, creating stronger, stable and more beautiful pieces.”

So I took some of the concrete that I was using to create Jewelry, ordered some silicon Forms from amazon, and that’s how everything started. The first pieces I made were the concrete round coasters with what I call “minimalist Kintsugi” and the Oval Tablets with the same design.

Concrete was my signature material for the first year and a half.

So I had the idea, the concept of the brand prototypes, and even product photography, but I was still missing an image and a name that could express all that!

From A to All as a brand was not always named like that; I went from a couple of names before landing the final one; I still didn’t have a solid idea about the logo; I knew it had to be very minimalist, and for it to have geometric elements to it. So I asked a really good friend of mine, who at the time had moved back to Korea, and she told me that she needed to work on something (she’s an amazing graphic designer). She needed to get her creative mind moving! So I asked her if she wanted to make a new logo for my brand.

She said yes!

So after some calls and email exchanges about the inspiration for the logo (” I want it All” a song from Queen) was also a massive inspiration for me at the time and my name.

Some weeks later, I received her email with the logo and name from “From A to All.”

From A to All, it’s a kind of word game; the A stands for Ana, which is my name, and “All”  means to everyone, so it’s basically from me to everyone.

The challenges I see now in the market are that it got oversaturated very fast, and so many new brands emerge daily, offering the same shapes, styles, and techniques. So one must think thoroughly about new collections and concepts to manage and stand out from an oversaturated market. Also, the most crucial part is that we’re currently going through a recession, and many challenges have arisen. It’s a Domino effect; the prices of the Raw materials increase, or sometimes, which is the case of the concrete I usually use, the stock decreases, and it’s getting harder for the suppliers to get all the raw materials needed to produce this specific kind of concrete. So as a brand, I’m forced to search for alternatives and experiment with new materials like Jesmonite, which has been a great option so far. The essence of my brand is still intact, but then again, the whole economic situation has pushed many small businesses to increase their prices due to this domino effect.

The opportunities are that many people are more eager to buy original stuff, either fashion, Jewelry, or decoration; The handmade and unique pieces are getting the recognition they so much deserve.

I strongly believe that as an effect of the recession the world is going through, people are starting to realize that handmade items last longer, have excellent quality, and are unique,  making them a better investment than mass-produced stuff.

 As well as being more conscious about our environment and surroundings, many of these materials are eco-friendly. As a Brand, we aim to produce less waste, which can certainly be achieved through thorough research of new materials.

For all the creators, material-wise; there are so many excellent ones to experiment with; most of them are available in smaller quantities; See if it works for you and if it is worth the investment in larger amounts.

My Suggestion to all creative people out there who want to start their own business would be to go ahead! Start your brand, get a logo, make it fun, make it minimalist, make it loud, make it goth, make it however you want but make it YOURS.

 It’s nice to follow trends, but don’t let a trend be your whole brand identity. Don’t be scared to experiment with your creations, photos, or brand’s overall image. Don’t get discouraged if your first reel doesn’t go viral on the first try or if your Instagram follower count “isn’t enough” I promise you it will come; projects like this need time, patience, and lots of LOVE. Keep your eyes, heart, and mind open; inspiration comes in so many ways and in the least expected time. Write down your ideas, doodle, create that Pinterest board, have sticky notes everywhere in your home, office, or studio, and write them down on your phone notes; it doesn’t matter, just keep calling on that creativity. 

Follow your inspiration but, most importantly, your passion!  

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Charlotte Cremers