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FT-KARATE by Fiore Tartaglia is a brand and an online shop all about Karate:

In the FT-KARATE online shop you can discover Karate reference books and other literature as printed and digital version, as well as posters, calendars, booklets, courses and more. The aim is to inspire Karateka and beyond. With the books of Fiore, all Karateka of all graduations and ages are able to learn and optimize Karate techniques and Kata with detailed illustrations and in-depth explanations. Furthermore, the books teach about the values and philosophy of Karate and how to integrate it into everyday life for a sustainable, holistic well-being.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Fiore Tartaglia practices Karate since 1974, for +48 years and today holds the 7th Dan.

He trains daily with body and soul and describes Karate as an integral part of his way of life and at the same time as his great passion and attitude to life. His interest in Zen has existed almost as long as his love for Karate.

Fiore Tartaglia was born in Eboli, Southern Italy in 1958 and started Karate at the age of 16. Over the years he participated in various competitions in the disciplines of Kata and Kumite, individually and in teams. In 1979 he passed his 1st Dan exam in Sicily, Italy. In the same year, together with two friends, he founded his first Judo and Karate Dōjō. He gained his experience in the martial arts of Jūjutsu, Judo, Taijiquan, Aikidō and Iaidō. He later integrated various elements of these into his own Karate-dō. In 2000, he published his first work as a Karate book author. In 2001, together with Klaus Späth, he founded the Karate dōjō Taikikan in Germany. Their Karate school practices Shōtōkan Karate and belongs to the German Karate association (DKV) and at the same time to the world Karate federation (WKF). In 2014, he was named millennium coach at the world Karate championships in Bremen, Germany.

In 2021 he passed the examination for the 7th Dan at the DKV.

About this, he says:

“This fills me with pride and I feel gratitude towards all those who have accompanied me on my personal journey, standing by my side and always supporting me. This has allowed me to deepen my Karate knowledge and develop myself further. Now, through this graduation, I want to live up to my next level of responsibility and also want to use this knowledge to accompany as many Karateka as possible on their very own Karate journey and help them achieve their personal goals.”

Over the years, he published 9 Karate reference books in 5 different languages and other Karate products to pass on his knowledge, experience and values to Karateka of all graduations. The Shōtōkan Kata series, also known as “the black books”, are considered the standard works for all Shōtōkan Karateka in the field of Kata in German-speaking countries. Several decades of experience as a Karateka as well as his work as the owner of an agency with a publishing house, photographer and graphic designer form the basis for the realization of his works. His books are characterized by his attention to detail and passion for the discipline, which are reflected in the content and detailed illustrations. He is considered the best-selling Karate book author in Europe. As a guest lecturer, he has led courses on “teaching values through Karate.” Throughout Germany he regularly gives karate courses and from 2023 onwards also in other European countries. In addition, he offers online Karate sessions and individual online coaching for Karateka who want to optimize their Karate, deepen or specifically deal with the philosophy behind it.

“Karate is a philosophy of life – a discipline of daily life and thus a piece of lived worldview.”

Fiore Tartaglia is convinced that certain values can be conveyed through Karate and can also be applied more easily in everyday life. In addition to discipline, these include values such as respect, modesty, helpfulness, dealing with criticism and politeness.

Fiore lives his karate every day, even if some days succeed better than others. His wish for all Karateka is that they also learn to live their very personal Karate intensively in their everyday life and thereby sustainably increase their daily life.

Each Karateka decides for himself what Karate means to him. The own limits, but also the own potential is set in the own thoughts. This philosophy is also lived in their Karate school – the Karate dōjō Taikikan. “Taikikan” means as much as “school of the body and the inner energy”. This underlines their attitude towards Karate:

Karate for us is a martial art that shapes people in all aspects and is equally a way of life, because the experiences gained in the dōjō shape us for everyday life.

Fiore Tartaglia’s social media community regularly receives new inspiration from him on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. The thought of helping other Karateka improve their Karate through social media gives him a lot of joy.

This lived philosophy in Fiore’s actions and his works should be expressed in a guiding principle. In this sense: FT-KARATE | LEVEL UP YOUR KARATE & LIFE

This is the whole idea behind FT-KARATE.

The challenges the business/market is facing

One big challenge is to be able to offer the Karate reference books in all desired languages.

We have released our new online shop in November 2022, through which it is easier to offer worldwide our versatile assortment in different languages. This was and is still a challenge that we will continue to work on, to get better day by day.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

One chance is to make our Karate books more known internationally, so that Karateka outside Europe can get to know us. And of course, we also want to expand our product range and already have various ideas in the pipeline such as our own FT-KARATE collection. We never run out of ideas and therefore work, which we are very grateful for, even if every opportunity always brings new risks and responsibilities. Overall, we are very grateful and happy about our great readers, followers and customers in general – all in all very warm and nice people.

Advice to others about business

Discipline, perseverance and patience are always needed. Never give up and believe in yourself.

There will always be critics and also people who support you and believe in you. In the end, it’s what you make of it that counts.

Ieva Kubiliute