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Glocal Jewellery by Priya Kapur

Business Name and what it does

THE GLOCAL TRUNK AKA TGT is a homegrown designer jewellery brand borne out of Co-Founder Priya Kapur’s aesthetic vision. It is a fashion jewellery retail platform, which creates a globally sourced high end bazaar experience for all types of jewellery. 

TGT loves skill, talent and quality. Our vast collection of leading fashion jewellery is sourced from around the globe and brought to you, in one seamless shopping experience. The jewellery collection includes statement necklaces, make-your-own charm jewellery, earrings and bracelets made from high-grade lead and nickel free alloy, natural stones, Swarovski Crystals, enamel, resin and mother of Pearl trinkets.

As a renowned brand TGT strives to discover, care and curate a sought after collection of styles, stones and metals from international jewellery designers and manufacturers from different cities like Paris, London, Greece, Milan & Istanbul to name a few. For a woman that cherishes her own personal style and for the love of tradition with a twist, one arrives at The Glocal Trunk. 

The brands CSR initiative TGT Growth Buys is a special non- profit platform on the The Glocal Trunk website for bringing out the talent and creativity of women artisans and differently-abled individuals by giving them a distinct category online to enjoy sales of their handmade & vocal for local products created by them. 

TGT is proud to be the only global fashion jewelry retailer that offers you a full-spectrum shopping experience online.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Known as The Glocal Entrepreneur donning 

multiple hats is Priya Kapur, a dynamic achiever who is multifaceted and successfully so.

After completing her graduation in Mumbai and further aesthetic training with City and Guilds, UK, she set up her first venture – Priya Kapur – Makeup & Hair in 2005. She authored her coffee table book ‘Bridal Diaries’ (2013), while designing looks for editorials, celebrities and brides.

While grooming lay the foundation for this path, she added another dimension to her business disposition with her jewellery venture. Not content with consolidating her position as business woman with a successful stint of over a decade in the world of grooming, she founded ‘The Glocal Trunk’ (TGT) an online fashion Jewellery retail platform (ecommerce – start-up) under her company Glocal Trunk LLP in 2016.

The Glocal Trunk (TGT) is a home-grown Indian jewellery brand borne out of co-founder Priya Kapur’s aesthetic vision. It is a fashion jewellery retail platform, which creates a globally sourced local high-end bazaar experience for all types of jewellery.

The Glocal Trunk was borne out of a thought to consolidate high fashion, affordable cost -accessory and costume jewellery -platform, that simplified shopping for women from all walks of life. 

We believe that the accessories market along with the fashion industry is forever growing. There’s immense opportunity and potential in the industry and aims to be a pioneer in setting online accessory shopping trends.

On another end, and as a team, customer satisfaction is priority & a return customer our reward. We have been lucky to be a part of the digital market in a time where maximum payments are made online.

Apart from this, it is my mother Minal Kapur, Co-founder of, who is the reason we have been able to imbibe creativity & fresh ideas in an otherwise corporate structure. 

The challenges the business/market is facing

There was a dearth of global jewellery and fashion accessories trends & styles reaching India.

The quality and cost per product were a major setback for various online Indian websites. The demand for online shopping was increasing, but the jewellery and fashion accessories available were mundane and phase based.

There wasn’t one platform that prioritized selling just fashion accessories and jewellery. Thus making the end user confused when shopping for solely this category of products. That’s where we came in as an Omni platform for accessories.

However the challenges didn’t cease, since jewellery is a personal experience people like to try and decide whether a certain style suits them, by touching, feeling and trying on a piece. Sometimes even matching the accessory with an outfit. This issue has been countered by our quality and competitive prices that attract the discerning buyer. 

To add to this we sell globally and are expanding our outreach to many countries worldwide.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

Today fashion accessories and costume jewellery is revered as an enhancement to ones confidence. Our designs and styles cater to a large customer base. Primarily our customers vary from the working professional, media, college students and homemakers. As per our current status our major audience and customer base is in Tier I cities and as the awareness of fashion, ease of purchasing and the affordability of our costume jewellery spreads, we intend to expand our reach to many more remote cities. We aim to be the one stop shop for high quality costume jewellery for all ages, all cities in India & worldwide shortly.

We intend to bring recognition to skilled artisans and women entrepreneurs who do not have the buyer outreach for their goods.

With our logistics team, local and international delivery partners we aim to introduce these homegrown Indian brands to a global market. The accessory’s market is growing triple fold and the demand of unique Indian products has many a discerning buyer abroad. With our warehousing and global market outreach the world is the platform for all brands selling accessories via our channel. 

Advice to others about business

Do not expect miracles

Once you complete college or university, you’ll feel the world is your oyster. And it is if you’re willing to put in the work for it with the right focus and direction. It’s a one step at a time. Do not give up in that wait, be patient, learn as you go and be open to failure and success. 

Choose your path 

Consistency is key, look at long term goals and short term pleasures will fade away. But yes do take a breather because burning out in your 20’s is not something one wants.  The idea is to be holistically consistent. 

Embrace Failure  

Learn from failure, don’t succumb and give up. That’s what great successes are built on. If we were to be successful in one go or throughout we’d never reach our potential. 

Don’t Give Up  

Giving up is not an option. One never knows what wait around the corner. It could just be what you’ve been working towards. Consistently work even when the odds are against you. Veterans, legends and business leaders have been known to see great successes due to their never say die attitude. 

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