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Guest Post: Serosoft – Transforming Education in the Best Way


Academia by Serosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading-edge education ERP solution that brings automation to the academic and non-academic tasks of education institutes. With an intent to digitally transform the education industry at its core, Academia is being used by 300+ education institutes. It is feature-rich, secure, and highly focused on delivering quality solutions to meet the unique challenges of education institutes based on their needs, size, and nature. 

Serosoft is a dream & determination of Mr. Arpit Badjatya to ensure victory in all senses. It is a product for advanced education institutions that eliminates the need for repetitive resource-intensive activities and brings seamless automation helping institutions in academic & non-academic activities.

A Brief about CEO & founder of Serosoft

He is a change maker, a savvy innovator, a visionary, a perfectionist, and a successful entrepreneur. He left a dream job to start his venture that has today established itself as a leading EdTech company and one of the fastest-growing companies in India.

After his schooling, Arpit wanted to pursue his higher studies in the US. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University, USA. However, when he came back to India to pursue MBA from IIM Calcutta, Arpit was struck with an idea that led to the creation of Serosoft later on. Studying in India, he encountered a problem of extensive use of paper, contradictory to what he had experienced in the US and Belgium. 

“There was a perceived need for advancement in education technology those days. The education sector in India was lagging behind other countries when it came to education technology. The absence of good technology in Indian classrooms led to the inception of my company,” – Arpit Badjatya (In an interview with Economic Times

Mr. Arpit Badjatya CEO & founder of Serosoft

The Foundation of Serosoft

Coming from an established business family dealing in chemicals, joining his parents was not Arpit’s call of passion. He had a desire to start afresh on an altogether new canvas.

After completing his studies, he interned with JP Morgan, London, and later joined Accenture Strategy, India, as a business consultant for two years. “While working with Accenture, I had made up my mind that I wanted to stay in India and start my venture. I came back to Indore and started Serosoft in 2008 intending to do something in the Edutech sector for Indian institutions in the beginning, and expand to other countries later on,” recollects Arpit.

Being in the industry for more than 14 years now, Serosoft provides automation solutions for the rapidly evolving education sector. Its flagship product ‘Academia ERP/SIS’ is assisting institutions with automation & digital transformation from across the globe. With so much ebb  and flow, the company is now a winner and is now deep-rooted in the industry domain with more than 300 clients.

Serosoft is one of the best companies in central India, having a dynamic team of 200+ professionals with its mission to digitally transform the education ecosystem globally. It is running on a goal to become the world’s no.1 education ERP company, bringing digital transformation to the education world. Check the achievements, recognitions, and accolades that are helping it to enhance and grow more.

The Challenges the Business Faced in the Market

The journey to the top is adventurous and challenging. Serosoft is no exception to that fact. It also faced various challenges in the beginning. Stepping into the EdTech sector in its early phase in 2008 was not an easy task. Stakeholders then were satisfied managing their institutional tasks manually. It needed a lot of effort to help institutional authorities understand the value of automation and digital transformation, but with the steady boom of EdTech, they got to realize the importance of automation and its benefits that can entail growth in all aspects. 

So, it is the constant efforts made by the Serosoft team to achieve a worthy place in the education sector. 

The Opportunities the Business is Facing

The adoption of technologies is improving with pace in the education sector. More and more institutions are now understanding the importance and impact of technologies on business. With the advent of technologies and solutions like AI & VI institutions need to adopt a good technology that can embrace productivity and growth in all aspects. In addition, it facilitates the top management’s ability to make effective managerial decisions, resulting in better resource management.

To this, Serosoft is the core of multiple institutions helping institutions bring overall efficiency and effectiveness.

A Peak into Serosoft’s Flagship Product ‘Academia ERP/SIS’

Academia ERP/SIS is an award-winning education ERP/SIS for universities, colleges, schools & training institutes. It is a robust, feature-rich, analytics-equipped, user-friendly platform, built on a cutting-edge and flexible architecture. It enables institutions to automate & streamline their functions and processes for both learning and administration, from prospecting to the alumni of the student.

In addition, it facilitates the top management’s ability to make effective managerial decisions, resulting in better resource management.

Other Solutions Provided by Serosoft (Academia)

  • Academia SIS

Academia Student Information System is a leading-edge Student Information System for institutions

  • Academia ERP

Academia provides a powerful ERP for higher education institutions

  • Academia SMS

Academia School Management System is a customized solution for schools, groups of schools, Academies, and trusts

  • Academia CMS

Academia college management system is a solution for modern universities and colleges

  • Academia TMS

It is a robust training management system for training institutes & coaching centers.

Benefits of Using Academia ERP/SIS for institutions

  • Unified:

Being the core of educational institutions, it provides integrations with a structure that reduces data redundancy and ensures process standardization.

  • Comprehensive

Academia ERP/SIS provides a comprehensive interface to get it converted with all the departments and functions.

  • User Friendly

It has a simple and attractive user interface, comprising all modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use components.

  • Compatibility

It provides a similar experience across all devices as it is mobile and tablet friendly.

  • Security

It focuses on providing data security at the user level, module level, form level & database level.

  • Decision-Making

Academia leads to a complete decision support system for the management with multiple report generation capabilities.

What do Customers have to say about Academia ERP/SIS?

Earning clients’ trust and respect is a key part of every business engagement at Serosoft. It values clients with the policy of open communication & long-term partnership reflected in its products and service offerings. 

Here are some of the case studies that include solutions to major challenges faced by institutions and achievements that have occurred after using Academia.

Why is it high time for institutions to adopt Academia ERP/SIS?

Education technology is expanding its ways, institutions must adopt solutions that can help in overall management. Implementing systems like ERP/SIS is helping automate all the tasks and operations.

According to Research and Markets, the global education ERP market will reach $22.2 billion by 2026. Recent enhancements in information technology have equipped educational institutions with new innovative solutions for handling operations.

Why only Academia ERP/SIS?

Academia ERP is benefitting various institutions across the globe, it is providing automation and digital transformation to multiple institutions and helping them bring more productivity, growth, and efficiency in the best possible ways.

It is providing robust academic & administrative management to all the operations available in the institution with exceptional features like multicentre capabilities, interoperability, and many other features that can render customizable benefits to institutions according to the needs. 

Watch an Overview for Academia ERP/SIS

Have a look to know why Academia is a preferred choice for educational institutions worldwide for their automation needs. It is an award-winning product that provides robust dashboards to manage, streamline, and store all the operations of an institution through automation. 


When a business starts it needs passion, hard work, and most importantly patience. Serosoft is the name of all these, it includes the hard work of its talented team and the determination of its CEO & MD. Arpit Badjatya with a continuous path of growth. 

Success is not always achieved with luck and destiny, it also depends on the willingness to accomplish the dreams. 

Now at this stage, globally, the institutions are moving towards digitalization and digital transformation, and Academia by Serosoft is proudly being a part of this journey for multiple institutions.