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Guided Leadership Solutions: a human resource consulting firm.

Business Name and what it does-

Guided Leadership Solutions is a human resource consulting firm. We work with professional service organizations with 5-50 employees.  Compliance risk assessments, handbook policy formulation, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership development programs are just a few of the services we offer.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

In 2019, Robin and Dawn began working together at a professional employer organization and quickly realized that we shared a desire to provide proactive value to the organizations we worked with rather than reactionary transactions based upon client requests. We recognized that we had the knowledge and ability to save clients time, money, and pain, but we were unable to do so based on the volume of demands generated by our client load at the time. 

Guided Leadership Solutions was born out of that passion to help business owners rediscover why they started their company in the first place and create a foundation that would allow them to enjoy what they do rather than being caught up in the day-to-day. We are committed to delivering peace of mind to owners and leaders by serving as trusted consultants and providing the systems and processes required to stay in compliance with federal, state, and local employment law.

Robin, a previous business owner herself, discovered that the success of her restaurant rested primarily in the hands of her employees. She found that by empowering her team and developing them to their full potential improved her bottom line and reduced her stress. Her business acumen and human resource experience provide her with a unique understanding of our clients’ genuine needs.

Dawn previously worked in hospitality as an executive level human resource professional before becoming a consultant. Since then, she has worked with countless employers that have been threatened with legal action because of a misalignment of culture and compliance. Dawn developed a simple system – CYA2™ for her clients to follow to achieve balance and avoid getting into difficult situations. In addition to consulting, she is a public speaker and an adjunct instructor for the Human Resource Certificate Program at San Diego State University Global Campus.

Robin and Dawn understand that being a business owner can be isolating and overwhelming but add in California employment laws and it becomes daunting. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, more than half of new employer businesses fail within the first five years. We are out to crush that percentage!

The challenges the business/market is facing

In the early phases of a business, there are numerous obstacles and roadblocks to overcome. Mastering our own psychological barriers has proven to be a challenge. Pricing, service offerings, and what is required to grow to the level necessary to create the impact we envision for small business owners in San Diego can trigger imposter syndrome. On some days, we question whether we have what it takes to make it to our goal. All our doubts are swiftly removed when the next call comes in from a struggling employer, and we are reminded of why we started Guided Leadership Solutions in the first place.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

In the last decade, the business community has grown to appreciate the value that human resource consultants provide. In California, where employment laws are particularly complicated, demand for HR consulting services is continuing to rise. As a result of these factors, as well as the expanding labor force, more businesses are seeking guidance on recruitment and retention, employee relations and communication, managing employees and remote work, as well as compensation and benefits. The fact that the future seems so promising confirms that we launched Guided Leadership Solutions at the perfect time.

 Advice to others about business

The best advice we can give is to seek assistance; running a business is difficult enough on its own. As entrepreneurs, we have a wide range of abilities. However, just because we can do something does not mean we should. While Robin and I have no problem assisting our clients in understanding their businesses at a high level and can see what is needed to meet their objectives, we have trouble seeing it in our own company. We are too emotionally invested to see what steps needed to be taken next or where our priorities should be set. Because of that we hired a business coach for a few months to help us get started, and then enrolled in a group coaching program with other female entrepreneurs. Having an outside sounding board has been key to our success in staying focused on the most important areas of our organization. Since then, we’ve hired a business operations expert to help us get our systems and processes in shape so that we can scale and help as many people as possible.