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Healthy Foundations in Daily Life Habits which Habits for Health, LLC helps you to build

Habits for Health, LLC  

Integrative Health and Wellness  


Habits for Health, LLC offers  

health and wellness coaching to  

help you build healthy habits so that  

you can thrive and not just survive.  

We can help you prevent or  

overcome chronic lifestyle diseases  

with healthy habits that fit YOU. 

Foundational lifestyle habits  

determine long-term health. The  

most common root causes of chronic dis-ease are Crap Food, Stress, and Toxins. Insufficient  sleep, joy, oxygen, movement, and connection with nature cannot be replaced with drugs or  supplements. No amount of esoteric science and intervention will overcome your need to to  sustain health-promoting, foundational habits. And these healthy habits are most likely  sustained if they are convenient, pleasurable, and affirmed by some type of community. 

Everything in the body is interconnected. The upstream root cause of a symptom and where  it is experienced is often far distant from the root cause. And the collection of dis-ease root  causes is unique for each person.  

Resilient health repels disease. Each unique person has the ability to get well, and stay well  by restoring resilient health. Habits for Health, LLC offers education, inspiration, and  empowerment to help you take back ownership of your health. 

The body is strong and adaptive and has a natural, default state of wellness and vitality. Chronic dis-ease is evidence of a failure to Maximize, Minimize, and Prioritize what each unique  person needs – dynamically – over time. At the root of chronic disease is an evolutionary  mismatch between our lifestyle choices and circumstances and the life experience we wish to  have. This is a disconnect that can be improved and often reversed. 

Dis-ease precedes disease and is evidence of imbalance, blockage, or impairment in natural  functioning. Dis-ease is not defined by lab reference ranges and may not be reflected in lab  values at all. Habits for Health, LLC focuses on identifying underlying dynamics of dis ease on a unique person vs, waiting until a diagnostic label is applied to symptoms once  they hare severe enough by engaging early and proactively as possible to try to reverse  these dis-ease dynamics. 

Habits For Health, LLC 

Lara M. Hedegaard ABOUT US 

There are multiple stages to the healing journey. Rapid relief is important, but is only the  beginning. Dramatic relief requires addressing most or all of the root causes, not just the first  one. Preventing dis-ease recurrence requires establishing and consistently maintaining  Healthy Foundations in Daily Life Habits which Habits for Health, LLC helps you to build. 

My Passion 

Lara is a Health and Wellness Coach and Health Educator,  

certified both through The Institute for Integrative  

Nutrition (IIN) and the Wellness Forum, and is currently  

working on her AFMC (Applied Functional Medicine for  

Coaching) certification from The School of Applied  

Functional Medicine. 

As a stay-at-home Mom preparing dinner every night while  

listening to the national news stations, every commercial  

was a pharmaceutical commercial. Motivated to not not  

fall into the prescription drug and chronic disease trap  

“when diet and exercise is not enough”, she vowed to not  

be one of those suffering people. Having grown up in the  

conventional medicine capital of the world and home of the Mayo Clinic, she never really  agreed with their philosophies. It just didn’t didn’t make sense! Having had her own medical  challenges which Mayo Clinic told her they couldn’t figure out so they “needed to do a study  on her” and she would just need to learn to live with it, she found a functional wellness  practitioner who educated and inspired her to learn and build/change her own what she  thought to be “healthy habits” into true sustainable habits for health. This changed her life!  

Building healthy habits has been Lara’s hobby for more than 15 years, having helped many  friends and acquaintances improve their health and wellbeing through a healthier  lifestyle.Lara has also helped to educate pre-school classes and Cub Scout groups on healthy  eating, and spoke for several groups on health habits. This passion has lead Lara to start  Habits for Health, LLC where she has helped clients of all ages lose weight, address anxiety,  joint pain, headaches, lower blood sugar, manage anxiety, and reverse thyroid dysfunction. 

Lara is also a certified Change Management practitioner and a corporate Well-Being Program  Manager, helping organizations through transformational change and employees with  individual development. Lara has relied on her healthy habits to get her through several life  changing events allowing her to face them head on rather than having to succumb to sickness  and disease and is working to change the mindset of those who are suffering by educating,  inspiring, and empowering them to take control over their own health.  

Lara knows that building healthy habits are the key to real change. With the increase of  disease in this society, Lara has chosen to use her passion in health and wellness to help  people reach and sustain their health and wellness goals.

Habits For Health, LLC 

Lara M. Hedegaard ABOUT US 

The challenges the business/market is facing: Educating and inspiring clients to  make in some cases radical change to their lifestyles, which go against the cultural  norm. And fighting a healthcare and insurance system that doesn’t support an  integrative philosophy where each person is unique. People are used to the  conventional approach of Asses, Diagnose, and Treat with a quick fix, versus the  integrative approach which requires investigation and understanding of each unique  person, supporting them and restoring them back to health over a period of time which  requires dedication, focus, effort, and time – not a quick fix band-aid. “Science” looks  for what works for many or the majority of the population. There are many studies to  support that individual functional approaches, but not the peer reviewed,  

pharmaceutical funded science which is published in the media does not exist.  

The opportunities the business/market is facing: We are in a very interesting time  where people are beginning to see that the conventional medical model is not working  and people are frustrated and looking for other ways. Our culture is finally waking u;  the evolution of change is starting the happen at a faster rate with the help of social  media. Now is the time for people to stop just surviving and take control over their  health so that they can truly thrive and Habits for Health, LLC can help! 

Advice to others about business: Follow your passion and stay the course! Find  advocates who believe in your mission and vision and help them to spread the word.  Be honest and deliver on what you believe in. We all make mistakes and fall but they  are learning opportunities to adjust and keep moving forward. Believe & simplify,  practice and role model what you teach and you will thrive!

Ksenia Sobchak