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Food & Drink


Snacks are important since they close the gaps between meals, cause weight gain, and offer a slight mental reset.

Taking healthy snacks during working hours ensures you remain productive and energized. Adding them during mid-morning and afternoon hours balances the blood sugar and inhibits crashes and dreaded spikes. Appropriate snacking maintains your energy by supplying adequate energy throughout the day. Introducing beneficial snacks lowers starvation before main dishes are served, and help you minimize portions of food consumed at ago. Sometimes people at workplaces starve, which reduces their efficiency and hence low productivity. It is important to devise strategies to maintain continual productivity in firms. This article discusses various snacks that boost your productivity and energy while working.

Tuna pouches

Tuna pouches are simple snacks that you can store and consume them while at work. They have omega-3 fatty acids and filling proteins that scientists claim combat inflammation and lower risks to heart disease. Further, many people store them and can be purchased online. Choose types with light skipjack since they have reduced mercury levels than others when buying them.

Dried fruits and nuts

These make a non-perishable and healthy snack combination. Also, they contain macronutrients with protein and healthy fats from nuts, while fruits provide carbohydrates. These two foods are packed with fiber, an important nutrient that maintains fullness between meals.

Avocado and brown rice cakes

The brown rice cakes make a shelf-stable and ideal snack. Nutritionists say that one cake or 19 grams supply 4% of DV (daily value) and 14g of carbohydrates. However, avocados are rich in fiber and healthy fats. Spreading or slicing avocado on a brown rice cake promotes satisfaction. Whenever selecting rice cakes, choose those refined with only salt and rice.

Peanut butter and apples

Sliced apples with peanut butter are excellent, satisfying, and delicious snacks. This butter provides healthy fats and protein, whereas apples contain high water and fiber, causing satiety. Also, 182 grams or one medium apple has over 85 percent water and at least 4g of fiber.

Homemade granola

Granola is an excellent snack with various advantages. Many types of granolas bought in stores have unhealthy vegetable fats and are rich in added sugars that elevate inflammation in the body. Nutritionists recommend a homemade snack instead of purchasing it. Conveniently, mix sunflower seeds, cashews, dried cranberries, and rolled oats in a blend of honey and liquid coconut oil. Then, spread the mixture on a baking sheet and bake for approximately forty minutes at moderate heat. The product is balanced, wholesome, contains high complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber. Additionally, oats have soluble fiber, reducing cholesterol amounts and boosting heart health.


Popcorn is rich in fiber and less calories, making it healthy and promoting fullness during working hours, hence a good snack. Sixteen grams or two cups of ‘air-popped’ popcorns offer 12 g of carbohydrates, 62 calories, 2 g of fiber, multiple minerals, and vitamins. Additionally, they have antioxidants referred to as polyphenols that hinder chronic conditions like heart disease.

Greek yogurt

Unsweetened or plain Greek yogurt is an ideal office snack due to its greater amounts of protein than others. A 170-gram or 6-ounce container of Greek yogurt with low fat contains 17 g of proteins for just 140 calories. Additionally, this snack is packed with calcium which supports bone and teeth strength. Add appropriate nuts and fruit to increase its satiety and taste.

Homemade energy balls

These balls are manufactured using nut butter, sweetener, oats, and various ingredients such as coconut and dried fruits. Although they depend on ingredients, they have high protein, healthy fats, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. When making your energy balls, mix 128 grams or ½ cup of butter (peanut) with 80 grams or one cup of oats (rolled), 45 grams or ¼ cup of chocolate chips (dark), 85 grams or ¼ cup of honey, 14 grams or 2 tablespoons of flax seeds (ground). A rolled spoonful of this combination into average-sized balls is the ideal snack you eat while working. Otherwise, other energy balls can be accessed through specialized books or online.

Guacamole and bell peppers

The snack is made from avocados, onions, and lime. You can improve it by incorporating raw veggies and small pieces of bell pepper. Additionally, scientists claim that avocados have significant monounsaturated fat quantities that promote healthy heart and blood cholesterol amounts.

Roasted chickpeas

They are non-perishable snacks and contain significant amounts of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and protein. Analytically, 125 grams (½ cup) of chickpeas contain 10 and 5 grams of protein and fiber, respectively. Furthermore, these snacks have vital amino acids required by your body. Thus, nutritionists claim that they contain better protein quality than various legumes. Studies concluded that consuming the best-quality protein legumes boosts satiety and promotes weight loss. When preparing this snack, you should drain the chickpeas container and dry it. Then, throw them into sea salt, olive oil, add seasonings and bake them at 180 0 C or 350 0 F on a baking sheet for approximately 40 minutes.


This snack contains high protein and boosts fullness during working hours. Analytically, 28 grams or one ounce of jerky contains 8 g of protein, providing just 70 calories. Further, the snack has a high iron amount, a vital mineral for promoting energy levels and blood health. When searching jerky, select the one with low sodium and prepared from minimal ingredients. Additionally, you can choose chicken, salmon, and turkey jerky in case the red meat is unsuitable.

Hummus and carrots

Hummus is an excellent and sweet snack prepared from tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and chickpea that matches with carrots. The snack is packed with healthy fats, protein, and fiber, whereas carrots have beta carotene. Consumption of foods containing beta carotene improves eye health and body immunity.


Embracing healthy snacks ensures the body is productive and energized throughout the day. Most of the recommended snacks listed here are nutritious, portable, and convenient to prepare. It becomes difficult to work while hungry for lacking energy required. This is a challenge to many offices which schedule eating time. Your health is poised to improve and result in maximum output when you eat snacks at the workplace. Consider picking from one or two of the highlighted snacks herein if you want to try office snacking.