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Honey PlayBox is a brand for lovely adult toys and accessories that I founded in the U.S.A in 2016.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

My name is Shirley, I am the owner and also a designer of the Honey Play Box brand. I am very interested in a healthy adult lifestyle.

Honey Play Box was created as a place for everyone to understand, express and invest in their pleasure. I tried to put the latest designed product in a box as a gift to her friends. I found that my friends were so sweet and surprised when receiving a box containing sex toys. They said that opening the box means opening the sweetness. The gift in the box can bring great surprises to them, whether they are happy or sad, making them find another themselves.

I saw that such kinds of sex toys helped the relationship they had with themselves and their partners. I wanted this to be a place where everyone could celebrate their pleasure and could have access to affordable and quality products.

With Honey Play Box, I’ve also created a space for sexual education and have given a platform for sex educators to provide educational content about everything sexual wellness.

Today Honey play box has more philosophies like sweet, mind-blowing, and inclusive, combining innovative technology with beautiful design.

So, we designed Honey PlayBox for sweet&surprise.

Also, we set up the Honeyland for sex educators as our blog. Honey Play Box takes pride in bringing customers high-quality sexual wellness devices with unique sex toys. Honey Play Box is the premier brand in adult novelty toys and wellness devices. We believe pleasure is perfect and fun. Our team is made up of people who all share the belief that prioritizing pleasure, play, health, positive experiences of sexuality, and accessibility is necessary.

And we make sure our key targets work well from the beginning of our business:


At Honey Play Box, we believe that each person’s authentic desires should define their sex experience. What does it feel like? How would you like to give this pleasure to others? These are the questions we centre on when thinking about our products and sexual education for our community.


We believe pleasure should be fun and fabulous for everyone. Our belief centres on how pleasure, play, health, and accessibility are necessary for positive sexual experiences. We hope more people feel inspired to explore desires without shame, and that is why we keep our toys affordable to let more people access sexual pleasure.


Pleasure is different for everybody, and there is more than one way to experience it. We are committed to creating toys that satisfy many different sexual desires. Our unique toys inspire and delight the particular wants of all different kinds of people. Our toys are versatile and varied, and they are created with body-safe materials, so you can really explore safely!


All products are privately packaged with unmarked packaging to provide the ultimate discreteness. We put in the time and effort to test each model rigorously. Each product we carry comes with a one-year warranty! If a product is defective or you are experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The challenges the business/market is facing

When we first started our business, Honey Adult Play became our logo and brand. We reach some goals during the first year, and the business works well on Amazon. However, Instagram changed its rules, and Amazon made some special improvements as well. These changes have brought us many problems during the following year in 2018. So we decided to start our new brand, Honey Play Box, on Shopify in 2019.

Challenges are everywhere in the sex toy industry. However, we believe the good things speak for themselves.

So we design the core products that provide the best experiences for our friends and customers.

Honey Play Box offers unique and versatile toys that are affordable, accessible and made from body-safe materials. Each product we carry comes with a one-year warranty! We put in the time and tested each model rigorously. If it does not meet the expectations of any of our customers, they can. All products are privately packaged with unmarked packaging to provide the ultimate discreteness.

The opportunities the business/market is facing

We are always thinking what sets the core product apart from the competition.

Our toys are unique! Pleasure is different, and there is no single way to experience it. We are committed to creating toys that satisfy many different sexual desires. Our unique toys inspire and delight the special desires of all different kinds of people. Our toys are versatile, varied and body-safe materials, so you can really explore safely.

During our business, there are some important words/phrases to use for our products: body safe, high quality, affordable, unique, interesting, pleasurable, non-porous, affirming, pleasurable, and passionate.

And what is more, we get the award from XBIZ, Honey Play Box took home our very first XBIZ award last week as we celebrated the 19th annual XBIZ Awards presented by premier cam network MyFreeCams. As well, winners of the 2023 XBIZ Awards were revealed in Jan during a ceremony hosted by Joanna Angel and Small Hands at the world-famous Hollywood Palladium. Honey Play Box, renowned for bringing innovative and inclusive products to the adult industry, has won an XBIZ Award for “Male Pleasure Product/Line of the Year” with our male sex product “Warrior”. This is not the company’s first recognition from XBIZ, as they previously won “Sex Toy of the Year 2021” for their unique suction product “Seduction”.

Advice to others about online business

You gotta dream? You gotta protect it.

Before the business of Honey Play Box, we have tried and failed in B2C business areas with my family since 2012. Will Smith inspires me all the time: “Don’t ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something, not even me. You gotta dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it.“

Each one of us has a choice, a choice to be stuck where we are today and keep complaining or to take control of our life in our hands, decide where we want to be and no matter what is happening here and now, keep moving towards our goal. I have made my choice, and now you need to decide on which side of the coin you want to be.

Lessons learned from running Honey Play Box

Someone ask me about what are the beliefs that the company stands for. Honey Play Box is passionate about bringing inclusive values to the adult industry.

Shirley R.W





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