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How Do Lip Fillers Dissolve?

Some patients ask how the fillers dissolve. There are two ways to dissolve the fillers, one is waiting for six to twelve months to dissolve naturally, and the other is by injecting hyaluronidase. This article explains how to dissolve lip fillers, what to expect during the dissolving process, how long it will take to dissolve the stuffing and the frequently asked questions.

Lip fillers are dermal fillers that many patients choose to add volume to their lips. These fillers are temporary and can last six to twelve months, based on the type of filler used. Since the fillers are not permanent, patients can dissolve them anytime. Some patients decide to wait up to twelve months for the filler to dissolve naturally—some instances in which patients may be forced to dissolve the fillers. For example, if patients observe they are pregnant after having the fillers, they should see the cosmetic doctor to dissolve them.

How to Dissolve Lip Fillers

There are two ways to dissolve the fillers. One waits six to twelve months for fillers to dissolve naturally. According to Buhren et al. (2016), the other way is dissolving the fillers by injecting the protein enzyme called hyaluronidase, which occurs naturally in the body. Most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid. This component occurs naturally in the body and contributes to keeping the skin hydrated and the plumpness of the lips. According to Barani (2020), fillers are not permanent. Hyaluronidase has the potential of dissolving fillers injected anywhere, like under the eyes, cheeks, lips and any other region, as they degrade over time. It is why many patients keep repeating the procedure to maintain their appearance. Hyaluronic acid cannot be broken down by itself. According to Murray et al. (2023), hyaluronidase is injected into the treated area to break down the hyaluronic acid bonds, making the fillers dissolve. Some patients decide to dissolve the fillers when they encounter complications with their fillers or when they realise they are pregnant after receiving the dermal fillers. When patients dissolve their lip fillers, they must consult a cosmetic doctor first. Ensure one discusses with the cosmetic doctor why they want to dissolve the fillers.

What to Expect During Dissolving Process

It is essential to look for a well-skilled and professional cosmetic doctor. First, the cosmetic doctor does a patch test on the arm by applying a little hyaluronidase to check for sensitivity or allergic reactions. If the cosmetic doctor does not observe any bad reactions, they then make the lips clean and smear numbing cream to the region to reduce discomfort and mild pain from the needle used in the injection. These are the things patients should expect when the fillers are being dissolved. Some patients do not want to dissolve their fillers completely. It is essential to explain to the cosmetic doctor that they don’t dissolve the whole lip filler. A professional cosmetic doctor dilutes hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers partially. The hyaluronidase is injected into the intended region to dissolve the fillers and obtain optimal results. Once this process is done, cosmetic doctors end ups cleaning the injected area and applying aftercare cream or balm.

After the procedure, patients may experience some side effects. These include swelling, redness, bruising, discomfort and mild pain. Theyshould not be worried about them since they dissolve quickly. When the node does not reduce, patients are advised to take immediate action to see a cosmetic doctor. There may be a complication when a nonprofessional cosmetic doctor conducts the procedure. The complications may include vascular occlusions and blockage of veins and arteries. Looking for a professional cosmetic doctor to complete the process is a great idea.

How Long Will It Take Fillers to Dissolve?

Although hyaluronidase has an instant result, it varies from patient to patient. Some patientsobserve their results after a few days, while others may notice outcomes after a week or more. Hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve at different rates. It also depends on how much of the filler patients wish to dissolve. Some patients repeat the procedure more than once to achieve the desired results. After the system, the lips may look fuller due to the additional volume of the fluid used in the dissolving process and swelling after the injections. It is temporary, and patients should not be worried since they disappear shortly. When the fillers take too long to dissolve, patients are advised to consult a professional cosmetic doctor to find a solution.

Is It Safe to Dissolve Lip Fillers?

It is safe to dissolve the lip fillers when a professional cosmetic doctor conducts it. Even when an experienced cosmetic doctor performs the procedure, there may be some risks. According to Jung (2020), hyaluronidase causes allergic reactions. Some cosmetic doctors test the hyaluronidase with a small patch on the arm to check whether the body responds well. When the procedure is done without testing, it may raise complications for allergic patients. Patients may experience swelling and itching as a result of allergic reactions. When patients are under other medications, they should make the cosmetic doctor know before starting the dissolving process. It is because hyaluronidase interacts with some medicines like antihistamines and anxiety medication. Another risk is that the hyaluronidase could dissolve a large amount of filler and the hyaluronic acid in the body. Therefore, patients may experience more volume loss, and their lips may become uneven. The body can produce more hyaluronic acid even though it takes some time. It is always recommendable to choose a professional cosmetic doctor to conduct the process for you. It will help you in avoiding complications in the future.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the treatment depends on the experience level, location and how much hyaluronidase will be required. Some patients ask how much it costs to dissolve the fillers, which varies from clinic to clinic. When patients go where their treatment is conducted, some cosmetic doctors do not charge them. They perform the process free of charge. However, when the patients choose a different cosmetic doctor to dissolve their fillers due to unsatisfied results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

Is Dissolving Fillers Painful?

Dissolving fillers is not painful. However,patients experience discomfort, swelling and bruising after the procedure. Luckily, they disappear after a short period.

Can I Dissolve My Fillers at Home?

There is noway patients can dissolve their fillers on their own rather than waiting for six to twelve months for fillers to dissolve naturally. A professional cosmetic doctorcan only do the dissolving of the stuffing.


Professional cosmetic doctors use hyaluronidase to dissolve the fillers. It is a protein enzyme that occurs naturally in the body. When injected into the body, it breaks down the bonds of hyaluronic acid found in the body. Patients unsatisfied with their results after the treatment or face complications after the fillers can dissolve them without waiting for fillers to dissolve naturally after six to twelve months. Patients should look for a professional cosmetic doctor to conduct the procedure.


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