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How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is an injectable filler that improves facial plumpness. This article highlights more about radiesse, how it works, its benefits, how much it costs, and the frequently asked questions about Radiesse.

Fillers have grown more popular in recent years. You can massively improve your aesthetic appeal by undergoing filler injections. In addition, the process is minimally invasive and can be carried out conveniently by a cosmetic surgeon. Most dermal fillers contain ovine collagen. However, as research progressed, scientists developed more dermal filler substances, including hyaluronic acid fillers, muscle relaxants, and collagen stimulators. Radiesse is a collagen stimulator administered to the skin around the mouth and nose. It works synergically with body tissues and does not have allergic reactions. Radiesse can last up to two years, although frequent touch-ups are necessary to guarantee its efficacy.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a natural protein that ensures skin firmness. It is a structural anchor for various human body parts. It ensures healthier hair and nails and stronger joints.

What Causes Collagen Loss?

Several factors and habits aggravate collagen loss, including smoking, age, drinking, insufficient vitamins, and excessive sugar consumption.


The body’s capacity to produce collagen reduces significantly with age since the rate of cell formation decreases. As collagen production decreases, the bones and tendons become weaker. The skin becomes thinner and develops wrinkles. Fibroblasts are cells that produce new collagen. They are found in the dermis, the inner skin layer. As we age, the efficacy of fibroblasts decreases, and so does collagen production.

Damage from the UV Rays

UV rays severely damage the skin by causing skin dehydration and collagen loss. The rays penetrate the dermis and disrupt collagen production, causing it to break down faster. The disruption leads to the formation of free radicals, which further break down collagen and cause fine lines and wrinkles. UV rays also enhance the formation of enzymes that disintegrate elastin fibres and collagen.

Insufficient Body Vitamins

Gref et al. (2020) claimed that vitamin C is essential for healthier, youthful skin. It enhances collagen and elastin formation, improves facial plumpness, and alleviates wrinkles.


Smoking reduces the presence of vitamin C in the body, which is necessary for collagen production. In addition, tobacco chemicals directly affect elastin and collagen, forming fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is an injectable collagen stimulator. It is made up of calcium hydroxyapatite, which works effectively in the body and enhances elastin formation. Radiesse is also made up of gel microspheres that increase facial plumpness upon injection. The gel microspheres consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which enhance facial plumpness by increasing volume. It also creates a structure representing the connective tissues, strengthening the bones and joints. Calcium hydroxyapatite enhances collagen production and alleviates fine lines and wrinkles.

Before undergoing Radiesse injections, you should stop smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. It is important to stop taking blood thinning medications and supplements, although further consultation from the cosmetic surgeon is necessary.

During the treatment, the skin is cleansed to remove harmful bacteria, oil, and dirt. A topical anaesthetic is applied to numb the skin, making the procedure as comfortable as possible. After the treatment, ensure you avoid applying pressure to the skin for about 48 hours. Also, minimize sun exposure, and do not use cosmetic products on your face for 24-48 hours.

How Long Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse can last for up to two years. However, touch-up procedures can be carried out every six months, depending on the customer’s preferences. Several factors affect the filler’s longevity, including the quality of the filler and the nature of injections.

Radiesse benefits several facial parts, including the cheeks, chin, jawline, nose, and nasolabial folds. It relaxes the muscles and reduces facial wrinkles.

Benefits of Radiesse

Radiesse is an effective collagen stimulator since it works immediately after injection.

  • De Menezes Penedo & de Melo Carvalho (2022) suggested that Radiesse enhances facial plumpness.
  • De Almeida et al. (2019) claimed that Radiesse reduces wrinkles and fine lines caused by free radicals.
  • Angelo-Khattar (2021) stated that Radiesse is a non-allergic treatment since the filler ingredients are naturally produced in the body. In addition, the treatment is non-toxic, guaranteeing safety and efficacy.
  • Radiesse provides natural results by replenishing collagen and elastin production. Although the effects are noticed immediately, collagen production happens slowly and effectively.
  • Radiesse can also be combined with other services, including laser skin resurfacing and Botox injections.

How to Maintain Your Skin after Radiesse Injections

Stay Hydrated

Hydrating your skin externally and internally is essential in ensuring your skin remains healthier. Ensure you drink enough water to reduce skin dryness. Furthermore, moisturize your skin twice daily to remove bacteria and improve skin hydration.

Use Sunscreen

UV rays penetrate the dermis and adversely affect the formation of elastin and collagen. It is important to apply sunscreen to reduce the effects of UV rays on the skin. Sunscreen also reduces sunburns and maintains skin moisture.

Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine and other chemical compounds that severely damage collagen production and enhance the formation of free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Other Self-care Techniques You Should Employ

Avoid increasing your blood pressure, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Strenuous activities and exercises increase your blood pressure, so avoiding them for a few days after the procedure is important. Furthermore, do not eat extremely spicy foods, and reduce caffeine consumption.

Ensure you consume hydrating fruits and vegetables to enhance further collagen production. Collagen is also made up of protein, so consuming more proteins would enhance its production.

Frequently Asked Questions on Radiesse

Does Radiesse Work With Complementary Treatments?

Radiesse works conveniently with other complementary treatments to enhance collagen formation and reduce wrinkles on the skin. Such treatments include chemical peels, HydraFacials, and medium peels. These complementary treatments help improve skin hydration, texture, and wrinkles and make the skin firmer. They also reduce skin inflammation, redness, and facial scars.

How Much Do Radiesse Injections Cost?

Radiesse injections cost vary. The number of injections and the cosmetic surgeon’s location plays a huge role in determining the cost of the injections. Moreover, the dosage required per injection influences the cost of the procedure. Most insurance covers do not provide for such injections. Therefore, you must consult your doctor on the estimated price and treatment financing options.

Does Radiesse Have Any Side Effects?

Possible side effects of Radiesse include redness, pain, inflammation, itching, and bruising. However, these side effects subside with time.


Radiesse injections have grown more popular since they are minimally invasive and work immediately after the procedure. They enhance collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles formed on the skin. Radiesse is also made up of gel microspheres that increase facial volume. The gel microspheres consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, creating a structure that strengthens the bones and joints. Radiesse can last up to two years, although touch-up injections can be administered every six months. After the injections, the patient should avoid smoking and drinking. Furthermore, avoid using cosmetic products and consuming inflammatory foods, and ensure you stay hydrated and use sunscreen.


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