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How Long After Fillers Can I Exercise?

If you have lip fillers or planning to get them, you might have been surprised to find out some of the don’ts relatedto it. Exercising is one of them. This article explains how long after fillers one can exercise.

One thing about exercising is once it becomes your lifestyle, a day without it will make you feel sick. Anyone who loves working out may find it difficult to skip their workout sessions for a few days. Lip filler treatment is a non-surgical procedureinvolving inserting a needleinto the tissues or muscles of your lips. Most patients seek this aesthetic process to improve their lips’ fullness and overall appearance. Patients who love working out might be concerned about the effect going to the gym, running, or engaging in any sweating activity will have on their newly injected lips. Let’s find out why you may need to break from exercising, how long, and how you can still keep your body active after getting lip fillers.

Is It Safe To Work Out After Lip Fillers?

Individuals used to exercisingdailymight be disappointed when an aesthetician advises themto skip their workout sessions for 48 hours after getting lip fillers. It may sound untrue, and you may ask yourself whya healthy activityworsens a cosmetic procedure. Every general cosmetic doctor and fitness expertalways emphasizes that exercising daily maintainsour wellness, protects us from heartconditions, and keeps us happier and less anxious. Everything said about the benefits of exercising istrue. According to Basta (2015),getting injected into the lip’s tissues will largely affect your exercise habits. Working out increases the blood flow in the liptissues. If that happens, the lips will suffer from extreme swelling.

Too much sweating is also not friendly to freshly injected lips. Exercising involves sweat travelling through tiny ducts on the lip’s surface. The ducts may become clogged or narrowed, allowing the sweat to get trapped on the lip’s skin. as a result, the patient may experience unpleasant reactions like itching, redness, and small blisters. The burning sensation the lip fillers client will experience is due to the rise of body heat, sweat, and increased flow of body fluids. Onedoesn’t have to be scared about all this. Some of these reactions are manageable. Aestheticians prefer avoiding exercise so that their lips can heal, and the first few weeks of theirhealing journey will be easy to deal with without any side effects or complications.

How Long After Fillers Should You Exercise?

By now, you have understood why taking a break from exercising is ideal after you have received lip fillertreatment. Kapoor et al. (2019)explained thatcosmetic doctors advise anyone seeking aesthetic lip injection to waitfor at leasta few daysafter the procedure before working out. Giving the lips enough timeto heal will lead to a faster recovery and more satisfyingoutcomes. Trust the process; wait until your lips lose theirvulnerability and becomesuitable to tolerate the internal flow of fluids after the body’s vigorous activitiesand sweating. Doing so will eventually give you the full effects of the lip fillers and protect you from potential complications.

Is It So Bad to Exercise After Getting Lip Fillers?

Accordingto Landolfi (2013),some people have exercise addiction, which is an unhealthy and unsafe obsession with workouts and physical fitness. Anyone addicted to exercising may find it challenging to take a break from their workout routines despite knowing the consequences. If that’sthe case, you may have to seek assistance from your aesthetician, who will help you follow a safer routine that will keep your body physically active without interfering with the healingof your lip injections. The cosmetic doctor may advise you to avoid the lip fillers treatment if it’s concluded the procedure aftercare is unfit for you due to your lifestyle and exercise routine. Whatever decision you and your aesthetic doctor make, be optimistic about itand ensure you take the best course.

Not every timepatients are willing to follow medical advice. Often, lip fillers patients fail to follow doctors’ instructions like making appointments andfollowing the lip fillers aftercare routine, such as skipping exercises. Following the aesthetic doctor’s advice will help you achieve and maintain good lip health.Intentionally dismissing the aesthetic doctor’s advice concerning exercise habits after getting lip fillers is not worth it. You will experience guilts and regrets, and your lip will not benefit from the procedure optimally.

How Does Exercise Affect Lip Fillers?

Czumbel et al. (2021)statedthat correctly performed lip fillers treatment should last six months before the procedure is repeated. However, fillers will not survive in your lip tissues if the patient is a heavy exerciser. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers fully integratewith the lip skin. The body will treat it as fat. If you engage in extreme exercises and your body metabolism is too fast, the fillers may not last as long as in other patients. Exercisers usually have younger skin than non-exercisers, and their skin naturally looks better and healthier. So, don’t stop exercising if you have lip fillers because you will miss many benefits that workouts offer. You can wear sunscreen if you exercise outside to make the fillers last longer. UV rays devaluehyaluronic acid in the lip’s skin. SoHA lip fillersinjections will be degraded in effectiveness if you are exposed to too much heat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

Are Filler Injections Painful?

Getting fillers is not a painful experience. However, a patient can experience some discomfort. The aesthetic doctor may inject or apply numbing medication on the injection site to ease the pain.

Are Fillers Safe?

Dermal Fillers are safe. A patient may experience mild side effects, including minimal swelling, bruising, redness, and bleeding. These effects occur on rare circumstances and subside after a short period. If you experience adverse side effects, consult your doctor.


After having lip injections, patients should be more cautious about what they do. Usually, it’s not recommended to exercise the day you get lip fillers or the next day after the treatment. Taking a break of 48 hours from your workout routine will help your lips heal faster. That’s becauseexercising may keepyour blood pressure high and make you very flushed, causing a likelihood of bruises, itchiness, or redness on the injected areas in your lips. So, if you want a quick, pain-free recovery time without complications after lip filler treatment, avoid exercising the first two days after the treatment.


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