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Dermal Fillers

How Long After Fillers Can I Wear Makeup?

Do you know how long after the filler treatment one can wear makeup? This article explains how long after the fillers one can wear makeup, what makeup do to the stuffing, how long after the fillers can help one exercise, how long after the fillers one can smoke and take alcohol, how long after the fillers can you sleep normally, how long do fillers last and the frequent asked questions.

Lip filler procedures have become very popular in the world today. Many clients are looking for a solution to reduce creases and wrinkles, add volume to the lips and cheeks, remove fine lines and give them a youthful appearance. The cheeks start to lose volume at the age of thirties to forties. Many clients are not interested in the outcomes of the lost volume in their cheeks, so they look for a solution. The cosmetic procedure offers the answer to these problems. Their results last longer, and the clients become more attractive when they appear youthful—however, some things customers should avoid after receiving the dermal fillers, like avoiding applying makeup.

How Long After Fillers Can I Wear Makeup?

According to Philipp-Dormston et al. (2020), it is not recommended to apply makeup immediately after the injection. Clients are advised to avoid applying makeup before the treatment since the makeup is removed during the procedure. Some clients are used to makeup and cannot do away with them. They can wait for a day after they receive the fillers. It will give the injection site enough time to heal.

What Makeup Do to the Fillers

When customers apply makeup on their face after fillers, they may put pressure and friction on the facial fillers. This pressure may make the swelling and bruising worse. When applying makeup, clients may find themselves touching the injected site with their dirty fingers. It is not recommended since it may increase infection chances in the treated area. The injection site may take a long time to heal and may not stay for long. Customers can wait for one day after the injection to go back to their normal routine of applying makeup. The swelling and bruising are side effects that arise after the procedure, although they go away after a short period. Giving the injection site enough time to recover is a great idea. It may also help your fillers to stay longer.

How Long After Fillers Can I Exercise

It is not advised at all to exercise after the cosmetic procedure. The exercises and the active activities increase the client’s temperature and blood flow. The high temperatures in the body may raise the chances of infection at the injection site. The increased blood flow makes the swelling worse in the treated area. In addition, the exercises lead to increased movements of the head. The fillers may move from one place to another and settle on the unintended site. It may cause complications, and one may be forced to undergo another procedure for correction. The results look bad, and the fillers do not last long. It is advised to wait for at least forty-eight hours before returning to the normal routine of yoga and active activities to give the filler enough time to heal.

How Long After Fillers Can I Smoke and Take Alcohol

Many clients smoke and drink alcohol almost every day. It has become their lifestyle, and they cannot do without them. It is recommended to stop smoking and taking alcohol after the cosmetic procedure. According to Farber et al. (2020), smoking irritates the treated area making the fillers swell and bruise. It may cause the fillers to take a long period to heal. Alcohol is another thing that clients should avoid after the treatment. The alcohol opens up the blood vessels that make the swelling worse. Though some customers are addicted to alcohol, they should try as much as possible to give the injection site time to heal. One can take a lot of water to help the body heal if one wants to drink. When the skin is moisturized, it becomes more attractive. Practise consuming things that will make the injection site heal faster and those that will not irritate the skin. According to Kim et al. (2022), the fillers contain hyaluronic acid that retains and traps the water molecules. For this process to be effective, there must be enough water in the body. Clients should ensure they keep their bodies hydrated at every time.

How Long After Fillers Can I Sleep Normally

After the procedure, clients should be careful about their sleeping positions. It is recommended when sleeping to ensure you place your head in an elevated position. One can do this by putting more pillows together than usual when sleeping customers should also avoid sleeping on their faces. This pressure applied when sleeping on their face may make the fillers swell and make them move from one place to another and settle at the unintended area.

How Long Do Fillers Last

According to Czumbel et al. (2021), fillers can last from six to twelve months, depending on the type of fillers injected. Some fillers can take up to eighteen months. The stuffing will last longer if one takes good care of them and a professional cosmetic doctor conducts them. Some cosmetic doctor gives poor services to the clients, which may make their fillers not last for long. When looking for a cosmetic doctor, clients should look for one who is well-skilled, experienced and certified. Some cheap fillers may also last for a long.

FAQs about Fillers

Can I Apply Lipstick After My Fillers?

It is not recommended at all to apply lipstick on your filers immediately after the cosmetic procedure. The pressure applied makes the injection site swell. It is recommended to give the fillers enough time to heal and last longer.

What Should Apply on My Lips After the Fillers

After the procedure, some clients notice redness, bruising, mild discomfort and swelling. These are side effects that occur after the process. Clients should not worry about them since they disappear after a short period. Clients can apply arnica creams on the injection site, but they should ensure that they do it gently. It is recommended to consult a doctor on what one should apply on the treated area to reduce swelling since creams can irritate your skin.


Clients can wait for a day to apply makeup on their faces. If they have to do it, they should use them very gently to avoid putting pressure on the treated area, which can worsen swelling. However, it is always recommended to avoid applying makeup to give the injection site enough time to heal. When avoiding makeup, you should consider what the cosmetic doctor instructed you to follow.


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