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Dermal Fillers

How Long After Fillers Can You Get a Facial

There are many reasons why people are opting to find the right cosmetic option because as people age, their skin might be affected by several things over the years.This article explains how long after fillers, an individual can get a facial.

With thehelp of science and new technologythat is coming up, cosmetic doctors are finding more ways of helping one stay beautiful and young again. Such procedures, such as dermal fillers, help oneget the look they wish; however, some patients might want to add up by getting more beauty procedures, such as facials.

What Are the Types of Fillers?

These filler procedures take about 30 minutes to about an hour to be completed, so one issure it won’t take up much of their time. They can find several fillers in the market today; the best thing is that most of the materials used to perform these procedures, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, are easily found naturally in the body. Yan et al.(2019)  explained that hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid are the most common materials used for fillers; hyaluronic acid is usually favourable and used because it attracts water particles, therefore, hydrating your skin in the process.

Because the cosmetic doctor has various materials in fillers, the lip fillers might last anywhere from three months to about two years, depending on the type of materials used to do the procedure. Therefore, one must knowwhat they are looking for;choosing the rightcosmetic doctor to work on the filler procedure is important. One can look for a certified cosmetic doctor to work on theirprocedure; this might reduce the risk of complications arising from the procedure.

How Long After Fillers Can You Get a Facial?

Complications are rare; however, just like any other procedure, there is the need to be careful. There might be cases where the dermal filler migrates within the skin if too much pressure is constantly applied to the treated area. However, there is no cause for alarm because this is usually rare; for this reason, it might be reasonable to avoid anything that can put a lot of pressure on the filler, such as getting a facial, massage and microdermabrasion. One should wait about one or at least two weeks before trying out any cosmetic procedure, such as a facial. They should also avoid rubbing the filler right after theprocedure;there are several things one can do to help with the healing process. First, look at things one should avoid doing right after the filler procedure.

What You Should Avoid Doing Right After Your Procedure

The sun is an amazing source of vitamin D absorption through our skin; however, when exposed for too long in the sun without the right protection, it can cause it to look old. Kimet al. (2014)  explained that the high temperatures could cause further swelling and bruising, negatively affecting the healing process. Therefore, avoiding going out in the sun without the right protection after the filler procedures is more advisable. Because the area of treatment is usually very delicate right after the filler procedure, one must keep off anything that can cause infections, such as tap water, touching one’s hands or wiping with dirty clothing. Usually, after 24 hours, the skin’s pores and puncture holes from the procedure heal, and a person can return to normal life. If a person normally works heavily or is usually involved in strenuous work, theymight consider pausing for about a day or two to avoid bruising. The same case applies to swimming or any other experience that might cause too much heat or might be risking the process of healing. Although some might want to look at their best right after the procedure, one must remember that it might take a few days before they are fully settled. Thereforea person can keep off creams or makeup to avoid infections or apply pressure on the treated area.

What Is the Right Dosage for Fillers?

Ciancio et al. (2018) explained that an aesthetician might know exactly how much filler needs to be applied in the right area to achieve the right look according to one’s demands. These filers usually have different dosages depending on what type of material is being used. For example, if a personwishes to increase the volume of the lips or make them more symmetrical, the amount of filler used might be higher. Everybody might receive different dosages according to their preferences and needs.

What Complications or Side Effects Can Arise from Fillers?

Just like any other procedure, it’s normal that complications might arise, such as vascular occlusion or asymmetry might occur. Vascular complications might happen in the chair, and the cosmetic doctor might not be able to notice it during the procedure; however, a person can correct these complications with several techniques, while others will go away on their own. If one sees any area in the treated area going white or discolouring, one might need to inform the aesthetic practitioner quickly to find the right way to deal with the problem. Side effects such as rednessor bleeding on the treated area might occur depending on how the procedure went. Lafaille & Benedetto (2010)explained that the mostimportant thing to remember is that because this procedure usually includes needles, side effects such as swelling or bleeding are prone. It might be caused by external factors such as heat, pain and pus that might cause infection in the treated area; it’s important that you, therefore, take care of the treated area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Fillers

What Does Lip Fillers Injection Feel Like?

Some patients usually compare them to a prick, so one might expect to feel something like that. However, the lips may feel slightly tender after the procedure because of the possible bruising or swelling.

Are Lip Fillers Painful?

No.The cosmetic doctor might apply a numbing cream before or after the lip filler injection so the procedurehas mild pain.

Can I Get Lip Filler In One Lip?

Yes. In the case of asymmetry of the lips after the lip filler injection, the cosmetic doctor might touch one of the lips; furthermore, it might depend on what one may want the end look to be.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Lumps Take to Settle?

Lip filler lumps are caused by bruising or swelling after the needle injection; therefore, one can expect lumps to settle in about the first week after the procedure. Taking into consideration that everybody might react differently.


Lip fillers might include a procedure that doesn’t take more than onehour, depending on one’s choice. However, as with any other process, the patients must be careful and take precautions to avoid any complications or side effects that are common but dangerous practices might cause. Therefore, one must wait for at least a day or two before doing strenuous or hard weight lifting to avoid bruising; it’s also important to keep off things that might cause infections, such as tap water or makeup. Better, there are several things that you can do, such as hydrating or using ice to help with the process of healing.


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