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How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Give Oral?

Some patients ask how long after the lip filler they can give orally. This article explains what lip fillers are, how long the fillers can one given orally, how long after the lip fillers can kiss, how long after the fillers can an individual user with a straw and how long the fillers take to heal.

Many patients have been choosing lip fillers. They prefer taking lip fillers since they help them to add volume to the lips, eliminate creases and wrinkles and give them an attractive appearance. The lip skin is very sensitive, so cosmetic doctors advise patients to take care of their fillers after the procedure. They should avoid oral sex until the fillers heal. Patients are supposed to follow the guidelines the professional cosmetic doctor gives to ensure their fillers last and heal quickly.

What Are Lip Fillers?

According to Risulainen (2019), lip fillers are an easy and quick cosmetic treatment that many patients prefer to add volume to their lips. They are made with hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. According to Fundarò et al. (2022), lips fillers helppatients smoothen wrinkles, correct the lips’ shape and structure and restore the lip size. Lip fillers cannot cease the process of ageing; however, they may help patients obtain a youthful and attractive look. Lip fillers are temporary, so individuals can reverse them anytime they wish.

How Long After Fillers Can I Give Oral?

Many patients ask how long they should wait after the procedure to give oral. After the treatment, cosmetic doctors advise patients to avoid any activity that may pressure the treated area. It is recommended to wait for at least twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. When patients give oral sex immediately after the procedure, the pressure and friction applied to lips during the activity may increase bruising and swelling. Cosmetic doctors advise the patients to stop it and give the injection site time to heal. Oral sex can also cause complications like the migration of the filler. The filler can move from one place to another and settle on unintended places. Patients may be forced to repeat the procedure for corrections. Some may become very anxious when the injected site recovers so they can return to their normal routine. Cosmetic doctors advise patients to give the treated area some time to heal, and if they have to give oral sex, they should do it gently after waiting for at least two days. They should ensure that they do not put any pressure on the injected area. Patients should avoid oral sex to be safe since it may increase infection risk. Patients can avoid oral sex or any other activity that can put pressure on the injection. Giving the injection site time to heal will make the fillers last longer.

How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Kiss?

Cosmetic doctors advise patients to stop kissing after the cosmetic procedure for about twenty-four hours. When kissing, pressure and friction are applied, resulting in swelling and bruising. The patient’s partner cannot realize any effect when kissing after the cosmetic procedure. However, the patients may experience swelling and bruising on their lips due to the friction applied while kissing. Discussing it with your partner to avoid harming yourself is a great idea. It is a good idea to make your partner know that you received lip fillers and need time for them to heal. After two days after the fillers, one can kiss but ensure they do it gently to avoid friction that can worsen the swelling. Kissing makes the lips swollen and a bit tender.Kissing may not be pleasing anyway.

How Long After Fillers Can I Use the Straw?

Some patients prefer using straws for drinking water or any other drink. After the injection, patients experience swelling and bruising, which goes away after a short period. When patients use straws, they may apply pressure on the lips, and the swelling may worsen. Cosmetic doctors always advise patients to stop anything that can put pressure on the fillers. Wait for at least two days for the swelling to subside and for the treated area to heal.

How Long Does Filler Take to Heal?

Most customers claim lip swelling is worse in the first days after the treatment, especially in the morning. Swelling should reduce between two to three days after the cosmetic procedure and completely subside around two weeks after the treatment. The time the filler will take to heal depends on how the patients take care of their fillers. After the procedure, the cosmetic doctor provides the patients with guidelines to help them heal. They should ensure that they adhere to them to achieve better results and to last longer. Some of the factors that patients should adhere to make the recovery time shorter include avoiding exercise, which increases the blood flow and worsens the swelling. Patients are advised to drink lots of water and eat vegetables and fruits. The water will make the skin moisturized and help the body heal. Hydrated fruits will also boost the body’s immune system, enabling it to fight any infection in the treated area and improve the healing process. According to Abebe (2019),patients should also avoid taking blood thinning medications like ibuprofen to reduce the mild pain and discomfort caused during the procedure. However, they are advised to consult the cosmetic doctor on what they should use to reduce the pain and discomfort. They should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. According to Faur et al. (2020), smoking can irritate the skin, whereas alcohol opens up the blood vessels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

How Long After Fillers Can I Give Oral?

Cosmetic doctors do not recommend patients give oral after the lip fillers. However, they advise patients to wait for at leasta day to give the injection site time to heal. To be safe, one should avoid oral sex until the treated area heals.

Should I Kiss After the Lip Fillers?

Cosmetic doctors do not advise patients s to kiss after the lip fillers. Patients should wait for twenty-four hours for the injection site to heal. When kissing, pressure is applied to the lips, making the swelling worse.

What Should I Do After Fillers?

Cosmetic doctors advise patients s to stop exercising, drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits, avoid applying makeup on the face, and avoid kissing and giving oral sex.

Why Should I Not Give Oral Sex After Fillers?

It is not recommended to give oral sex after receiving the lip fillers. The pressure might be applied on the lip during the action, causing the lips to swell.


Cosmetic doctors advise patients s to stop giving oral after the procedure. It is because the pressure applied during the action can worsen the swelling. It may make the fillers take a lot of time to settle and increase the recovery time.


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