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Dermal Fillers

How Long After Lip Fillers Can You Smoke?

Smoking is not recommended after getting lip fillers since it may increase the risk of infection. This article highlights what lip fillers are, the benefits of lip fillers, how long a patient can wait to smoke after getting lip fillers, what to avoid after getting lip fillers, and aftercare tips.

One of the latest beauty trends is having plumper lips. Thanks to lip fillers, most patients can get their desired lip shape. This non-surgical cosmetic procedure has various benefits, including reducing aging signs and enhancing a patient’s appearance. However, it also has various side effects though rare. They include bruising, redness, tenderness, and swelling. To reduce side effects, a patient should avoid several things for a while, such as smoking, alcohol, strenuous exercises, and high-temperature places.

Understanding Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a type of facial filler that involves injecting various substances into the lips for enhanced volume and reduced aging skin. Goel et al.(2021) noted thatmost lip fillers use hyaluronic acid since it rarely causes bruising during the procedure. Other substances that may be used include collagen and fats.

Heydenrych et al. (2013) suggested that lip fillers last between six to twelve months, depending on various factors such as age and body metabolism. In terms of their pricing, the price of lip fillers is determined by the location of a cosmetic doctor, among other factors. They include factors such as the type of filler used, the type of clinic, and where a patient resides.

Why Are People Choosing Lip Fillers?

There are several benefits patients are reaping from lip filler. They include:

For an Improved Appearance

Lip fillers give patients an enhanced appearance.

For Fuller and Plumper Natural Lips

Since plumper lips are one of the latest trends, more clients are obsessed with them hence the invention of lip fillers. Lip fillers are preferred over lip implantation since they offer natural-looking results. Sahan&Funmda (2018)[Ma1]  suggested that lip fillers enhance lips volume. It would be hard to know whether any changes are made to the lips.

Alleviates Aging Signs

According to Ogilvie et al. (2020), most patients in their mid-fifties are turning to lip fillers to help reduce aging signs, such as wrinkles around their mouths. Barati et al. (2020) showed that lip fillers help tighten the lip skin, creating a more youthful look.

They Are Reversible

Lip fillers are advantageous over most surgical options since a patient can change the look if displeased with the final result.  A patient must visit a cosmetic doctor to help reverse lips to their original look.

How Long After Lip Fillers Can You Smoke

Ghasemi& Akbari et al. (2022) stated that smoking after getting a lip filler is not advisable. The study above also advised that a patient should wait for around twenty-four to forty-eight hours of lip filler treatment to start smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of infections, so it is strongly advised against it; it can make lips pucker since pressure is exerted.

WhatElse to Avoid After Getting Lip Fillers


It is recommended to avoid alcohol consumption after getting lip fillers. Christen &Vercesi(2020) suggested that patients probably wait for one to two days after lip filler treatment to drink alcohol. Since alcohol acts as a blood thinner, it increases the chances of swelling and bruising. Additionally, toomuch alcohol causes dehydration, slowing the healing process.


Exerting pressure on your lips after getting lip fillers is not recommended. Chirico et al. (2021) showed that since kissing exerts much pressure, a patient should wait for at leastforty-eight hours after lip filler treatment. It may increase thechances of an infection. A patient should also avoid massaging the lips.

Strenuous Exercises

Avoid strenuousexercise immediately after getting a lip filler. A patient waits until the lips heal to embark on strenuous work.Heavy exercises cause an increase in bodytemperature, which worsens swelling and bruising. Sweat may drip to the lips during exercise, increasingthe risks of infection. A patient should try light exercises such as walking if need be. However, it would be best if a patient does not walk when the sun is scorching.


Applying lip makeup such as lip balm or lipstick may cause an adverse reaction after lip fillers. Before putting anything on your lips, you must first consult with a cosmetic doctor. Additionally, avoid using harsh cleaning products around the lip area.Avoid laser facial procedures since the heat may cause the disintegration of the fillers.

How to Take Care of Your Lips After Getting a Lip Filler

Eating Hydrating Fruits

Consuming hydrating fruits and vegetables will fasten the healing process of the lips. Some of these foods include; blueberries, tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers.

Keep Your Head Elevated

It is recommended not to sleep on your face after getting lip fillers since it may cause bruising. Instead, use an elevated pillow to keep your head up since it helps to reduce contact with the lips.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Brush My Teeth After Getting Lip Fillers?

Using any harsh exfoliating agent or brush immediately after getting a lip filler is not advisable.

How Long Do Lips Stay Swollen after Getting a Filler?

Hamdan &Khalifee (2019) suggested that it takes around two to three days for the swelling to subside after getting a lip filler. A patient can try various aftercare tips that may lessen the swelling, such as avoiding high temperatures and alcohol consumption, eating hydrating foods, and staying hydrated.

Will Lip Fillers Show More of My Teeth?

Lip fillers hide your teeth and augment the lip shape.


Lip fillers are a type of facial filler that helps enhance the lip’s volume making them plumper and sumptuous. After getting a lip filler, it is normal to experience side effects such as swelling and bruising.Hence, a patient should avoid some things after getting a lip filler; smoking. Smoking may worsen the swelling since a lot of pressure is exerted on the lips. Additionally, it increases the chances of infections. Other things to avoid include kissing, makeup, strenuous exercise, and alcohol. A patient can try various aftercare tips, such as staying hydrated, eating hydrating fruits, and avoiding too much heat to fasten the healing process.


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