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How Long Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are synonymous with pain after the procedure. The pain normally subsides within forty-eight hours. The blog discusses what lip fillers are, their understanding, why clients get lip fillers, how long lip fillers hurt, and how to make them less painful. 

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers are becoming so popular today. Lip fillers can help you achieve fuller and more defined lips without any permanent commitment like other surgical cosmetic procedures. Lip fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance produced by the body. HA attracts water molecules and locks in moisture in your lips. It also enables your body to produce more collagen. Lip fillers made from hyaluronic acid are safe, long-lasting, and maintain fuller yet natural-looking lips. The filler treatments have no downtime. However, your lips may experience swelling, a response to the body’s healing process. You must adhere to the aftercare instructions from your cosmetic doctor for optimum results.

Understanding Lip Fillers   

According to Lockhart & Rhianna (2020), lip fillers are non-invasive cosmetic products that give lips a plumper and fuller appearance. Goel et al.(2021) stated that the most common filler is hyaluronic acid. Cosmetic doctors prefer the HA filler because it rarely causes allergic reactions or severe bruising during the procedure; the body naturally produces HA. Other fillers include; calcium hydroxyapatite and polymethylmethacrylate. 

Lip fillers are advantageous over other surgical options since it takes a short period and is non -invasive. However, it possesses various downfalls. They may include tenderness, swelling, and pain; these side effects are mild and do not last long. 

Why Get Lip Fillers?

Lip Asymmetry Correction

Everybody’s face is a bit asymmetrical. So, uneven lips are not that obvious. However, for some, moderately disproportionate lips may be a big concern. Thankfully, lip fillers may help deal with such conditions. Wollinaet al.(2020) commented that lip filers correct asymmetries such as different volumes and shapes of the lip. 

Alleviates Ageing Signs Such as Fine Lines around the Lip and Mouth Region

Lip thinning is one of the most common signs of aging. The lip fillers provide lip fullness depending on the patient’s goals. Most cosmetic doctors report an increase in the number of clients with fine lines around the lip area, which symbolize aging. Fillers smoothen these lines and reduce them, reversing the aging signs. Ravichandranet al.(2019) suggested that lip fillers are ideal for clients looking to reverse or delay aging signs. 

Defines Lip Shape

Apart from asymmetrical lips, other clients may suffer from weakly defined lips. Here, the lip border flows into the surrounding skin. Lip fillers may help sharpen the lip line, defining the cupid bow. This procedure may be complicated; hence it is vital only to get it for a certified and experienced aesthetic doctor. 

How Long Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Unlike other surgical options, the pain experienced after getting lip filler goes away within twenty-four hours. However, in rare cases, it may take up to a week. 

How to Make Lip Fillers Less Painful

Several strategies are used to ease the pain experienced after getting lip fillers. So far, the most effective one is choosing a qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor since they know what they are doing. In case of anything, they will tackle it instantly. Additionally, it is rare to experience any complications. 

Other aftercare tips include: 

  • Consuming hydrating foods such as fruits and vegetables. 
  • Staying hydrated constantly- Drinking plenty of water fastens the healing process and helps reduce pain. 
  • Avoiding high temperatures such as saunas
  • Applying either arnica cream or aloe vera to the injection site. However, it is worth noting to check up with your aesthetic doctor before using them.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercises- Avoiding difficult exercises for the first two days may help with the pain. Strenuous exercises may elevate your blood pressure and heart rate worsening the pain. 
  • Do not exert pressure on the lips- It is advisable to avoid kissing for the first forty-eight hours or drinking with a straw due to the pressure exerted.  
  • Taking pain medications; – Pain medication may help. However, it would be best to discuss it with your cosmetic injector first. 

You may take pain medications, but it would be best if you first check in with your cosmetic doctors since some may be blood thinners that worsen bruising.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Fillers

Is It Normal to Experience Pain After Getting Lip Fillers?

Like any other non-invasive procedure, it is normal to experience certain side effects, including pain. However, it should be mild. Other effects may include redness and itchiness. If the pain becomes unbearable at the injection site, you should see an aesthetic injector immediately. 

How To Can I Lessen the Pain When Getting Lip Fillers?

Most aesthetic doctors apply a topical numbing cream during the procedure to lessen the pain. If you are worried about pain or discomfort, discuss it with the cosmetic doctor before the procedure. 

Is There Anything I Should Avoid After Getting Lip Fillers?

 Lip filler injections result in some bruising and swelling. Alcohol consumption, heat, and blood thinning medication may worsen the bruising; patients should avoid them for at least 48 hours post-treatment.


Lip fillers are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that makes the lips appear fuller and plumper. Like other medical procedures, the fillers have their downfalls too. For instance, the process has pain. Luckily, the pain subsides within forty-eight hours. Various aftercare tips may fasten the healing process. They include; avoiding alcohol consumption and strenuous exercises, applying arnica creams to the injection area, consuming hydrating foods, and constantly staying hydrated. However, talking to your aesthetic doctor before taking any pain medication would be best. 


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