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How Long Does It Take to Do Lip Fillers?

Many patients have been asking how long it takes to do lip fillers. This article explains how long it takes to do lip fillers, things the patients should know before having lip fillers, what to avoid before the lip fillers, what to do after the stuffing and the frequently asked questions.

Many patients have been choosing lip fillers to shape their lips, add volume and make them look young and attractive. Lip fillers are safe if they are conducted by a well-skilled, trained, qualified cosmetic doctor. If thinking of having dermal fillers, the patient should consult a cosmetic doctor to help them decide what filler suits them well.

How Long Does It Take to Do Lip Fillers?

A professional cosmetic doctor conducts the lip filler procedure for about sixty minutes based on the treated region. However, the process can take up to forty-five minutes for a returning patient. The treatment is simple and does not take a lot of time. When the procedure is conducted, the patient may experience discomfort but no pain. Patients also experience swelling and bruising. It should not make them worry since the effects disappear after a short period. During the injections, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin. The lip injections are injected into the lips and then massaged. The treated area appears red, sore and swollen. Patient rush to look for solutions to reduce discomfort. It is not recommended since they can find the things that can increase the pain. It is a good idea to consult a cosmetic doctor to advise you on what to use to reduce discomfort.

Things You Should Know Before Having Lip Fillers

A patient should know before using lip fillers if the cosmetic doctor is medically qualified. When choosing a cosmetic doctor, patients should look for one who is well-skilled, experienced and skilled. Many people have been calling themselves cosmetic doctors and offering cheap services to attract customers. Patients should always remember that not all affordable services provided are good. Some may make patients face serious complications in the future. According to Abelson & Willman (2021),cosmetic procedures always advise customers to look for a professional cosmetic doctor to offer them the best services and make their fillers last long.

Knowing if the treatment hurts before having the lip fillers is important. The pain varies from one person to another, but many patients experience more discomfort than pain. Some cosmetic doctors usevarious numbing methods since the lips are very delicate. After the procedure, it is normal to experience swelling and bruising. If it is your first time getting the fillers, you should not be worried about these side effects since they subside after a short period. Patients should also be aware of how much lip fillers cost. The cost of the filler depends on the location and type of filler used. The prices range from two hundred and five hundred pounds. Look for well-trained, experienced and qualified cosmetic procedures since they will use a safe and reputable lip filler.

Another thing patients should be aware of the fillers is to understand if the fillers are safe. According to Witmanowski & Błochowiak (2020), hyaluronic acid fillers are approved by FSA as long as a professional cosmetic doctor conducts them. Patients should consult their aestheticians if they experience any complications with the lip fillers. Rivkin (2016) explained that cosmetic doctors would give out a solution to a problem. The fillers are not permanent, and the patient can dissolve them when they wish to. The skills of the cosmetic doctors and the training level will influence how safe and effective the treatment is. Lip fillers may be risky in the wrong hands since they can cause vascular occlusions. It is crucial to understand that cosmetic procedures are not controlled in the UK. Always be very careful when selecting who will conduct the process for you. The face can be damaged or repaired depending on your chosen cosmetic doctor.

What to Avoid Before the Lip Fillers

There are some things that patients should avoid before the lip fillers. Cosmetic doctors advise patients to stop taking aspirin a week before the procedure. However, it is a good idea to talk to the cosmetic doctor about your medications, including aspirin, Vitamin E and ibuprofen, since these are blood thinners that may worsen the swelling and bruising. Cosmetic doctors also do not recommend taking alcohol before and after the fillers. It can result in severe bleeding and bruising during the cosmetic procedure.

What to Do After the Fillers

There are some things that patients should avoid after the treatment. It will make the fillers heal faster and settle quickly. Patients should avoid exercises after the procedure. The activities increase the blood flow and may cause swelling to worse. When the swelling persists, the patient should use the prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers. The bruising and swelling should go away after a short period. Patientsare advised to consult a cosmetic doctor to give the solution when this persists.

Patients should ensure they drink a lot of water. Water plays an important role in everyone’s body. Water makes the skin stay moisturized. It enables the injected area to heal faster and keeps the fillers longer. Cosmetic doctors advisepatients to eat hydrating fruits and vegetables. These help the injected area heal fast. Patientsshould stop taking alcohol and smoking after the filler. According to Harrington (2020), smoking irritates the skin making the swelling worse. Alcohol makes the blood vessels open, which may cause bruising and swelling.

FAQs about Lip Fillers

How Long Does It Take to Do Fillers

The treatment process takes sixty minutes. For returning patients, their treatment may take twenty to forty-five minutes. The procedure does not take long.

Will My Lip Fillers Look Natural?

The fillers look natural if the filler procedure is conducted by a well-skilled, experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor. When the filler lands in the wrong hands, it may appear unnatural. The cosmetic doctor advises the patient to take good care of their fillers to retain their natural appearance.

How Long Do the Lip Fillers Last?

The lip fillers take between six to twelve months. It depends on the type of filler used. How the procedure was conducted and how the patient took care of their fillers after it also determines how long the fillers last.


There is not much time needed for the lip fillers to be conducted. It may take up to sixty minutes. For returning patients, their procedure does not take long. It can be performed for twenty to forty-eight minutes after the procedure patient should take care of them. It will help them achieve the desired results and make their fillers last longer.


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