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Dermal Fillers

How Long Fillers Last

Fillers are compounds injected beneath the skin to enhance a plump or smoother look. Dermal fillers do not require any surgery. This article highlights the various types of fillers and their duration on the skin.

Facial fillers, or dermal fillers, are gel-like products injected under the skin that can help restore volume loss. Dermal filling is a cosmetic procedure that does not require any surgery. Cosmetic experts inject minute amounts of dermal fillers beneath the patient’s skin. After the process, the healthcare practitioner cleanses the area and can ease the pain using ice cubes. One may experience discomfort and pain after the procedure, but it subsides after a few days. The various types of fillers have varying lasting periods, as discussed below.

What are Fillers?

Fillers are cosmetic products injected beneath the skin to add volume and enhance appearance. Fillers make the skin plump and voluptuous.

Reasons for Fillers

People go for filler treatments for various reasons. They include:

Enhance Appearance

The skin may lose volume and become saggy and loose. Loss of importance can be caused by ageing and factors such as excessive exposure to UV rays. Patients may opt for fillers to get their skin back to plumpness and radiance.

Add Volume

Some patients may feel insecure about their face and opt to change it. One may have asymmetrical lips and wish to change them. Dermal fillers can come in handy to add volume to the lips and make one contented with their appearance.

Factors That Influence How Long Fillers Last

How long fillers lastdepend on various factors, including;

  • The area treated
  • Body metabolism
  • The material of the filler
  • The consistency of the filler

Types of Filler Treatments

Filler treatments can be performed in various areas. They include:


Lip fillers are injected into the lips to get rid of wrinkles that form on the sides of the mouth and add volume to the lips.One can go for lip fillers to enhance their look, correct their lips, or make them voluptuous, thus boosting their self-esteem. The lip fillers are temporary and can last up to 12 months. However, the duration differs from one person to another due to metabolism, exposure to UV rays, and extreme exercise.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers make the cheeks fuller and clear out fine lines and wrinkles. These fillers add volume to the cheeks. Cheek fillers are temporary and can last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the type used and metabolism rate. However, they should be avoided if you are lactating, breastfeeding, pregnant, or have bleeding disorders.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines run from the sides of the mouth to the chin. They are a result of ageing and are evident from age 30. Marionette lines gradually form as one ages. Collagen loss can lead to marionette lines. The mouth area has thin skin that makes it prone to wrinkles. Dermal fillers can come in handy in handling marionette lines in their infancy times. The marionette fillers can last up to 12 months.

Nasolabial Fold

Also known as smile lines, nasolabial folds are creases or wrinkles that form from either side of the nose and extend to the outer corner of the mouth. One can easily notice nasolabial folds when smiling. Nasolabial fold fillers last for 6 to 18 months.

Jawline Fillers

Akinbiyi et al. (2020)explained that jawline fillers make the jawline fuller, symmetrical, and smooth fine lines. The fillers contain different compounds, such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. These compounds keep the jawline fuller by working with collagen and elastin. One may also undergo jawline fillers treatment to make the jawline sharper. The effects of jawline fillers are not permanent and can last from 12 months.

Chin Fillers

These filters may alter the outline and shape of the chin area. Chin fillers can also impact the jawline by making it more robust and fuller. Chin treatment is a non-surgical process ideal for those who dislike their side profile. It is also  used to;

  • Outline the jawline
  • Define and improve the face symmetry

Chin fillers are temporary and can last up to 12 months.


Temple fillers are safe. Temple fillers resemble facelifts and can help with loose skin on the face by reducing wrinkles, increasing skin firmness, and lifting the eyes. The procedure is short-lasting and can last from 6 months. However, an incorrect injection can affect the nerves and blood vessels, leading to blindness Hu et al., (2016).

Preauricular Filler

The preauricular area is directly in front of the ears. Preauricular fillers are injected into this area of the cheekbone. This filler lifts the jawline and contours the cheeks. They are mostly mistaken for cheek fillers. Pre-auricular fillers last for 18 months.

Smokers Lines with Filler

Smoking can affect an individual’s health and facial appearance. It can also limit the skin’s oxygen, leading to wrinkles. The smoker’s line is evident around the mouth. Hyaluronic-based fillers are thin and can be used for smokers’ line filling and areas with delicate skin. The effects are temporary and can last for 12 months.

Labiodental Crease Filler

Braz & de Paula Eduardo (2020) states that the labiodental crease filler can help an individual maintain a youthful look and an incredible facial structure. The labiodental crease is below the mouth, between the lower lip and chin. The area makes the chin protrude, leading to an older appearance. Labiodental crease fillers last for months.

Full Face Contouring (Liquid Facelift)

The liquid facelift aims at the lower and upper face, on parts such as lips, cheeks, chin crease, marionettes, and nasolabial folds, to replace the lost volume and regain a youthful look. The full face contouring procedure is customized according to the patient’s face. The liquid facelift procedure can cause redness, bruises, and swelling. However, the side effects are countered by applying ice cubes. According to Stein et al. (2015), the liquid facelift gives a natural and refreshed look. The results of the full-face contouring procedure last up to 12 months. However, with successive treatments, the results may last longer since the fillers stimulate collagen production.

FAQs about Fillers

How Long After Having Filler Can You Get More?

Patients can get more than one filler. However, two weeks between fills is recommended to help recover and heal from the previous procedure.

What’s the Longest Filler Can Stay?

There are various filler procedures, each with a varying lasting period. However, the longest fillers can last two years.


Fillers are cosmetic substances injected beneath the skin to make the skin plump, enhancingappearance and boosting self-esteem. A cosmetic practitioner does the procedure. The results of lip filling are temporary, and their duration depends on various factors, such as the type of filler, the area being treated, and body metabolism. There are various filler treatments, each with a different lasting period. Before fillers, patients should check with their aesthetic practitioners for a safe and smooth procedure.


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