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How Long for Lips to Heal After the Fillers?

Some individuals ask how long the lips take to heal after the fillers. This article explains how long lip fillers take to heal, howpatients will look after lip procedures and the frequently asked questions.

Patients who wish to undergo a cosmetic procedure should know how long the lips take to heal. The healing process does not take long to heal as long as a professional cosmetic doctor conducts it. How the patients take care of the fillers after the procedure also determines how long the lip filers take to heal.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Take to Heal?

According to Steenen et al. (2022), recovery time for lip fillers varies from patient to patient and the type of filler used during the injection. Patients are advised to go back to their normal routine, but there are some things that cosmetic doctors do not recommend after the procedure. According to Stojanovič & Majdič (2019), patients experience redness, swelling and bruising after the procedure. They should not be worried since these side effects are normal and disappear after a short period. Swelling can last after twenty-four hours if the patients take care of their fillers well. Swelling may worsen if the patients engage in activities that the cosmetic doctor advised them to avoid, like excises. However, the swelling may go away completely after two weeks. It is a good idea for the patient to give the injection site enough time to heal.

What Will I Look Like After Lip Filler Procedure?

It varies from patient to patient, the size and type of the procedure. However, the patient’s lips appear fuller immediately after the procedure. The lips will swell first but decrease to the right size. The bruising and swelling can range from mild to severe, but this varies from patient to patient. If the swelling persists for more days, one should consult the cosmetic doctor who conducted the treatment for them. Some customers experience swelling on the first days after the treatment, especially in the morning, while others experience swelling for several weeks. At this point, the lips may appear uneven. Patients should keep in mind that the first effects after the procedure cannot reflect the outcomes.

What Products to Use with Lip Filler Healing

It is important to consult a cosmetic doctor to help one choose the product that will help them in the healing process. Some cosmetic doctors advise patients to use cold compressors to apply on the injected site. It will help in reducing tenderness, pain and swelling. When applying, it is advised to do it gently to avoid putting pressure on the injection site, which could increase the swelling rather than reduce it. Other cosmetic doctors advise patients to use arnica cream, which is used in reducing bruising.

What to Do to Make the Lips Heal Fast After Fillers

After the procedure, patients are given some guidelines to follow by cosmetic doctors. They are advised to avoid active exercises after the procedure. According to Raziani & Raziani (2021),the exercises are avoided since they increase blood flow and temperature. The increased blood flow increases the swelling, and the high temperatures in the body make patients sweat. The sweat makes bacteria penetrate easily into the injected area, increasing the chances of infection. The infection will make the fillers take a prolonged time to heal. The head movement from yoga may result in the migration of fillers.When patients avoid exercising, it makes the bruising and swelling calm down.

Cosmetic doctors also advise patients to stop applying makeup after the cosmetic procedure. The pressure applied on the injection site after the procedure makes swelling worse. It is a good idea to avoid applying makeup on the treated area for twenty-four hours after the procedure to make the lips heal faster and last for a long.

Patients should avoid exposing themselves to sunny weather. The hot temperatures make patients experience wrinkles and creases, making them look tired and angrier. After the procedure, patients should avoid exposing themselves to the sun rays to help the injection site in the healing process. Instead, they can use sunscreen and protective clothing during harsh weather.

Customers should avoid smoking that can irritate the lip skin after the procedure. Smoking makes the swelling worse. Drinking alcohol is another thing that patients should avoid after having the fillers. The alcohol opens up the blood vessels, which increases swelling. It prolongs the recovery time of the fillers.

Patients should also drink a lot of water. Water plays an important role in the human body. After the cosmetic procedure, patients should take a lot of water to help heal. Lip fillers are hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. It retains and traps the water molecules. According to Jourdan et al. (2019), patients should keep their bodies hydrated to help them heal and make the fillers last longer.

As the body tries its best to heal the treated area, patients should help the body to perform its activities well. Cosmetic doctors advise patients to eat hydrating fruits and vegetables. They help boost the body’s immune system, enabling it to fight infections in the treated area and speed up the healing process.

Patients should avoid oral sex and kissing after the procedure. When kissing, the lips may become tender and swollen due to the pressure applied. Oral sex makes the swelling worse. It is a good idea to explain to your partner that you received the fillers since they are not noticed easily. Kissing may make the patient’s lips look more swollen. Remember, your spouse is not affected in any way, so it is good to avoid kissing until the swelling subsides completely. It gives the lip fillers enough time to heal and makes them last for a long.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fillers

How Long Will It Take for My Fillers to Heal?

Fillers do not take a long period to heal if they are conducted by a well-skilled, experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor. The swelling reduces after a short period but subsides completely after two weeks. It also depends on how patients take care of them.

What Should I Avoid After the Fillers?

There are some things that cosmetic doctors advise patients to make the fillers last longer. They are recommended to avoid taking alcohol, exercising, applying makeup and exposing themselves to sun rays.


Patients who receive the lip fillers experience bruising, swelling, discomfort and mild pain. These are side effects that disappear after a short period. Swelling reduces after twenty-four hours but subsides completely after two weeks. Patients are advised to find a professional cosmetic doctor to conduct their procedure. It is important since it will determine how long the lip fillers will take to heal. Cosmetic doctors also advise patients to take care of their fillers to make them heal quickly.


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